Wednesday, July 06, 2011

special order

At last! I'm back to sewing! Slowly but I am sooo happy that I sewed few hours on Monday and Tuesday!! I have some special orders to do. I started from the first one, from a very creative lady :)

I love making special orders, it's always a bit stressful (but it's good) because you never know if you created something even a bit similar to the client's imagined thing :) This time, my lovely client wanted an A5 notebook, with 200 pages and a camera on the front cover.
The camera had to have a lace like a camera belt, inside of the camrea had to be with dots and with a lace too :) Oh and a strap closing the notebook.
It is based on my first camera notebook which you can see here.
 My client didn't determine how should the interior look like. Well I thought it should be the same fabric as in the interior of the camera. It's is a cute&romantic dotty fabric :) And I think it looks good inside!
 I had a problem with the lace, because I couldn't find a perfect lace.. but I am quite glad how it looks like :)
 Oh and pages as usually are olden :)
Do you like it? I hope you do :) I looove making special orders, and big big thanks for my 'camera' client! Thank you again! I hope you will love it and write/draw A LOT in it!

I made few other notebooks lately, but I'll show you another one tomorrow or maybe on Friday!

Have a nice evening! Thank you for your comments and support!


  1. I love it!!!Już uwielbiam ten notes, mam masę pomysłów na jego wykorzystanie, ale chyba posłuży mi za źródło, a raczej odzwierciedlenie moich pomysłów, które siedzą mi w głowie. Marysza dziękuję, dziękuję raz jeszcze za Twoje zaangażowanie!

  2. koronka jest dopelnieniem calosci, swietnie sie komponuje!


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