Monday, September 28, 2009

i'm baack!

hi hi hello! i'm back. i will only write that this last 10 days were awful! AWFUL!
i'll maybe load more photos tomorrow, now i'm too tired after the 6h drive to write anything.
an up side down photo
lovely flowers
and us. us 4. me, kamila, kasia and ania :) in the most beautiful, the most delicious and the most real CHOCOLATE SHOP! love it!

good night :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


hello, i introduce you to foxy!
ahh and thank you foxy for this beautiful orange nail polish and mini nutella!

today's mini session. 90 photos, 5 quite good. my head is empty actually.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

beautiful ann

today was THE day i said sorry to my digital camera. ania visited me and we had a little photo session. we're quite satisfacted of the photos. well, see yourself: :)

enjoy. comment. criticize.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


you know what? i hate, i just hate having internet from my housing estate network - for about 3 days now i have internet only for ten minutes every hour, or i don't have it for 5h! my scanner works if it has a good mood - yes my scanner is a typical woman.people from my school are annoying me.. do you imagine a prom WITHOUT a camera? well i can't! i don't really like seeing myself on a video, but hello! people! you have to have a video with memories from this unusual day! even if i have to kill some LADIES from my class, the camera will be! and shut the fuck up! ok enough complaining. im to nervous today.

new school year, fourth class. yay! yay! joupie! fucking thesis (is it right? - praca dyplomowa), fucking annexe, fuckin egzam of history of art and finally fuckin high school finals (with math!). fuck. im complaining again.

the thesis of stained glass - i have no idea what to do, i hope i'll think of something soon.
annexe - one good thing (i think). i'm doing it of caligraphy. we will paint mr. M.'s class.

i was trying to do something from caligraphy today, i didn't do it for a longlong time. and this way (look below) i have never done before. i have to start thinking what to do soon, i hope my partner Aga will also start doing something soon - we have 3 big walls to do.

i should practice types, cuz i'm only good in UNCJAŁA type. omg! so much work this year!
have you ever sniff an quince (pigwa)? my boy got me some yesterday, they smell soooo sweet! i'm in love with their's smell! like candy! they are on my chest of drawers, and when you came into my room, you can sniff this extremely sweet fruits.. the other THING is a decorative pumpkin! next fruit i like, but this one i like cuz it looks nicely weird. ahh i had once a beautiful decorative pumpkin.. it was so unique.. and what? i put it into a box, forgot about it and one day i opened THE box..and the pumpkin was rotten..:(
oh and you know what? im addicted to kitkat bars (mm the new caramel one is delicious) and papers from!

ok enough for today. byebye nice dreams!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

and here they are

my parents are back. they are soooo happy, so relaxed. i'm also happy, because at last they had some time for relaxation.. oh and like always they got me a present! its beautiful! i love it :):)

and.. NOT made in china. HAND MADE IN GREECE! ;d

i love it. thank you;*

here's my painted wallpaper i wrote about earlier. i think it looks nice:) you?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

i'm baaaack!

hello there! im back. umm i was here all d time, but me and my A. had a beautiful 2 week holiday in my flat. why it was so beautiful? cuz we did nothing. and doing nothing together is super fun! here are some photos from this period of time:)
i wrote we did nothing? well almost nothing! we painted my room, at last! i was waiting for it a longlong time. we didn't tear the wallpaper, because it has a texture, so it looks nice. i'll put a photo of this texture later:):)

bye bye my sign.
i know it didn't look very good on this wallpaper, but i liked it so much..

and me to

and its finished! yay!
the whole painting, placing and cleaning last about 3days. long, because we worked only when we felt like doing it. one day till 5a.m. other day 2h..
oh and i forgot to write, that i'm in love with this colour!

dinners, dinners. he cooked. why? because i can only do pancakes;p

hello delicious!

and hello the most tasty sauce (?) i've ever ate!
thank you my cook;*

love sandwiches

lovely cups

and in free time (when he was watching tv or something) i was doing this leaf. dunno why. dunno why on this red paper. just because:) now it's finished (on the photo it isn't)this kind of works are soooo relaxing

agrr! (shh! you didn't see this pic)

and at last i've finished reading this book (Serafine's Diary). i think it's a good book. i usually read fantasy, it was the first book this kind. and now it's time for the Gaiman's Gravery Book! hope i'll find time for it;p

candles lovelove

aaaand.. school! i thought that in 4th class it will be less subjects. but umm, i forgot about one thing. less subjects more art classes. help!
hello school.. bye bye idyll.
wish you an easy school year.


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