Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Little Leaves Quilt

 I finished making an enormous quilt a almost a week ago.. oh it was such a hard work! I spent on sewing this project 5/7 days!! And I'm really happy I managed to finish it :)
I wasn't able to make a good photo at home because this quilt is too big. I couldn't go outside to make better photos because I have an angina and I feel really bad right now :(
 I really hope you can imagine this bedcover/quilt better than shown on these photos!
 Back is made of a hexagon pattern fabric - the only fabric I had at home which was big enough!
 SIze is about 140cm x 240cm - the biggest project I have ever made!
 And I quilted for the first time in my life! Well I tried earlier but I never really made it quite good!
I'm incredibly proud of this bedcover and just can't wait to hear your opinions! I hope you like it as much as I do :)) Now.. I have to take a nap because I feel awful.. it's so hot outside and I'm sick! :(

This bedcover is inspired by a project in this great book:
'The Practical Guide to Patchwork' by Elizabeth Hartman
I recommend this book for every lady who wants to start making quilts! :)

This project is made also for 12/12 Challenge on Art-Piaskownica!

Have a wonderful day,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Art Journal Stuff Cosy!

I just can stop using this typewriter fabric! It's just amazing! Few days ago I made a little cosy for all travel art journal stuff - glue, scissors, pens and of course the art-journal itself!
 I just used a small part of the typewriter fabric and sewed it onto canvas :)
 The interior is made from a colorful rhombus fabric - I totally forgot that I had it!
Simple but not that bad looking, isn't it?

I made this cosy for Art Piaskownica's Recycling Challenge!

I think I forgot to mention earlier that now I'm in the design team there! I am so happy that they picked me.. it's a big challenge for me! I hope I'll manage it :)

We have an english weather today..
Have a wodnerful and sunny day,

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Small Notebooks

 I made some Small Notebooks with fabric covers a while ago and I forgot to show you..
They all have 40 creamy pages size A6, closed by colorful paper clips.
 If someone is interested they are for sale - numbers from 1 - 9!
 Just write an e-mail (marysza.fotolog@vp.pl) or send a msg on facebook!
 Oh, and I started sewing something really really big! Can't wait to finish it and show it here!
 I really hope this big project will come out as I want it to.. it's my first that big something! ;p
 Forgot to mention - these small notebooks are perfect for a purse address&phone book!
I carry one like this always in my car 'just in case'! :)

Have a wonderful week,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Romantic Blue and Birdy Pillow Cases

 I'm almost out of this lovely flowery fabric but still I couldn't resist and I made another planner from it. I know you guys like this pattern! If someone is interested this planner is for sale :)
It has 400 creamy pages with 5 separating cards, elastic band for closure and for a pen.
 Separating cards are colorful on both sides :))
 Interior made of a 'fresh' fabric with various shapes :)
 As always everything is sewed by hand together.
 And here something I made few weeks ago and I still  have no idea what to do with them.
 Two small Birdy Pillow Cases.. They are really small (half size of a regular pillow).
They just lay on my shelf.. I really have no idea what to do with them!

Oh and I started making a new quilt, I started yesterday but maybe somehow I will finish it next week! Can't wait to see it finished - I really hope it will look as I imagined it..!

Have a wonderful day,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kitchen Apron and the Huggy Monster

 Finally I made a kitchen apron.. we had a very ugly and old one before than noone wanted to wear.. Inspired by Lotta Jansdotter's Kitchen Apron I made a similar one :)
Crappy photos but it's not about photos here;p I used just half of the pattern, I didn't sew back of this apron because I don't really need it :) And I modified the applications a bit. And see this cute black lace? It's from Nulka's skirt haha;d which she gave me at the Scrapbooking Meeting! :)
And here something I made a while ago for my friend who was a bid sad that moment.. I know it's nothing really but I'm sure that it was a nice surprice for her when she got this unexpected package!
 It's made from this pattern. Cute&Easy! As you can see it's small, so it could fit her backpack for summer holidays! A little smile always with her! :)
 And if she losts it, everyone will know who it belonged to, because it's signed!
What do you think about the kitchen apron and the huggy monster?

Oh! And I'm reminding you about my little challenge (with a prize!) I have already received few histories! Thank you so so much ladies! :))

Have a wonderful & sunny week!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tell Your Story Challenge!

I'm tired of making the same kind of giveaways all the time, it's really getting boring! So I decided to make something different this time.. a special challenge with a nice prize! :)
As you can see the challenge's title is TELL YOUR STORY.

Every person who wants to participate has to:
- follow my blog (or at least my fanpage)
- put the banner and link of this challenge on your blog (or your facebook page)
- and the most important thing.. write a short story (at least 500 words) from your life and send it to my e-mail address: marysza.fotolog@vp.pl with the e-mail's title 'tell your story' - it can be a simple e-mail message, or a scan of your handwritted story!

I don't care about what kind of story it will be and if you are a professional writer or not. I really don't care about your writing style - I'm not a teacher :) I just want to know you all better and want to feel while something reading your stories :)

After I will receive all stories I will make a nice book from them, so you have to be aware that your story will be on my bookshelf! I won't sell them or anything, I just want to have a nice blog keepsake. Every story from this book will be signed with your name, blog address and e-mail. I won't show these stories on my blog, except the 3 ones that will win.

Like I mentioned before there will be 3 prizes. One big prize - a dreamed notebook (value up to $50). The winner will choose if he/she wants an old journal, a planner or just a simple notebook and will choose how it will look like! :) There will also be two consolation prizes, small notebooks (value $10) for the second and third place.

I hope there will be some participants! I would love to have a thick book filled with stories from the blog world. You can write your story in polish or in english, it's up to you :)

You can send your stories to the 3rd August, I will pick the winners on the 13th August (I need to have some time to read everything!)


What inspired me to make this kind of challenge? Well.. I make notebooks.. a lot of them, and every time I make one I imagine it filled with my client's thoughts, adventures and dreams. I would really love to see these things in one of my journals in reality :)

I hope it is a good idea to make challenges like this.. If this edition will be successful I will make similar challenges in the future for sure! :)

P.S. If you are more into traditional writing and sending things, no problem :) You can send me your story to my home address, just ask me about it by e-mail first :)

Is this a good idea? Or I'm just being lame?!
Have a wonderful summer!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chevron Blue Planner

 I sewed few planners last week, and now it's time to show them here.. one by one :)
This one is one of my favourites, maybe because I'm out of this lovely chevron fabric?
 It has 400 white pages size A6, 5 separating cards and an elastic band for a pen and closure.
 The interior fabric as you can see is grey with white dots :)
 Dots will never get boring, won't they?! In every single thing they will always look good!
I also sewed 10 tissue holders :) If you are interested you can buy one of them.
Every tissue holder contains 10 regular tissues :) Here is the list which ones are still available:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

If you are interested please contact me by e-mail: marysza.fotolog@vp.pl

I hope you like this Chevron Blue Simple Planner! :)
I would also want to thank everyone for lovely comments on the previous Typewriter Messenger Bag post! I'm really happy that you like it so so much! :))

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Typewriter Messenger Bag

OMG! Few hours of sewing.. few metres of amazing fabrics.. and here she is! The most beautiful bag I have ever sewn! You can't imagine how happy and proud I am because of this bag!
I love the colour combination.. At first I was a bit afraid to use this pink fabric with the turquoise typewriter one.. but at the end (in my opinion) it came out perfect!
It's quite big - perfect for my academic year - it has about 34 x 26 x 5 cm
Closed with a flap and a zipper (never too much safety!). One big pocket inside for a phone or something like that :) I don't need many pockets, just a special one for my phone - because rest of my things are organised in a vanity bag and my enormouse wallet;p
Oooh and I forgot about these two pockets at the front! Perfect for my tissue holders!
And here is a photo of me holding this bag (now you can see more or less how big it is)
And as always a special - big - back pocket for a book! :)
I am really in love with this bag! Can't wait to use it!

How about you? Do you like it? Is this colour combination good?
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Typewriter Planner

 I've received my dreamed fabric yesterday! I was so excited that I had to make a planenr for myself! Isn't this typewriter just perfect? It was so freaking expensive but as you can see.. it's worth it!
I was thinking of selling this planner, but eventually I think I will use it for my second academic year (if I will pass the first one in September!) - perfect notebook for five subjects.
 It's quite big - A5 with 300 pages and 5 separating cards.
 I just can't stop staring at this amazingly beautiful turquoise fabric 
 Separating cards are from SODAlicious and ILS :)
 Interior fabric is a very thick canvas, the exterior fabric is from Melody Miller's collection :)
 And like always - elastic band for closure and a special place for a pen(cil).
Do you like it? I'm in love with this planner!! I wish I had more than just one metre of this fabric!

Now a bit of relax and later making orders! :)
Have a wonderful day!


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