Sunday, August 29, 2010

bags.. bags.. bags.. bags..

hearty coaster for ann. quite 'fat' cuz it has a batting inside :)

coaster for my tea-pot, also with batting

muffins we cooked with ann yesterday. they look and taste good;d we should cook&bake more often;d am i right ann?? ;d

two coaster matching the tea-pot coaster (the main reason why i made them was drinking yerba-mate. it always makes a lot of mess;d)

bag for grubcio. for the bag-exchange :) hope she will like it :) it's big and it has a deep pocket inside for a phone or keys :)

SOLD!! and here is my first sold bag!! ann bought it from me :) an i have to admit i really like it :) two pockets inside, big and it looks nice. better in reality - seriously :)

and a bag i got from the bag-exchange few days ago from mada. it's HUGE!!

all things in this post, which i sewed are from recycled materials;d

hope you like it :) more photos when i'll get them from ann :)


a note from yesterday later :)
now i can tell you that i sewed a bag, a coaster for my teapot, a spaciall coaster for ann and i started sewing another bag :) and ann visited my.. and we were playing Little Big Planet.. and we had lots and lots of laugh!! and we baked muffins;d but a photo-relation later;d

photo above was made last week;d


Thursday, August 26, 2010

dreams come true :)

one of my 'electronic' dreams came true 2 days ago :) i bought a PlayStation 3!! well.. i won't have any money for the nearest 30 months but it was worht it;d i can't wait to invite my friends for a little game visit;d

i bought to it 2 games:
- little big planet (i always wanted this game cuz i thought it could be really funny.. and it is :) those little monsters are super cute and funny.. can't wait to play this game with ann!!:)
- killzone 2 (i played this game, an older version with my boy at his flat, on an older playstation.. it was really fun i love those type of games :), we can't wait to play and kill each other haha;d)

and AT LAST i came back to sewing :) slowly.. but i'm so happy that i sewed something today!! :)
i started sewing with a thought that this bag will be for someone.. but in the end.. i liked it so much that i'm keeping it for myself;p i know i'm AWFUL!! the interior is made from a fanric i really liked but i didn't know what to do from it.. in reality it really looks nice.. i have about 20 bags in my closet.. and about 10 of them lies there for a year or two!! someone wants a bag?;p
and like always, a little pocket inside and a (key?)tape :)

i started to paint the little girl's room on modnay.. it looks easy but it really takes time to paint something like this.. and here is a little sneak peak :) but things from this sneak peak aren't finished yet.. i just wanted to show you how colorfull it is.. :)

oh! and i forgot to tell you about my new favourite tea!
yerba mate
me and my boy bought a set of yerba mate for each other.. it is really tasty (except the first gulp!!) and healthy :) and i love those speciall cups from tykwa fruits :)

ok now i'm going to think about the new bag which i have to sew for someone;p


Sunday, August 22, 2010

short photo relation from..


góry stołowe

park zdrojowy
szczeliniec wielki

the czech republic - nachod / czechy - nachod
poland/the czech republic - błędne skały
the czech republic / czechy - adrspach
herbaciarnia - tea shop :) and some yummy things :)

only few photos from woodstock cuz we lost a card with a lot of funny photos.. now i have only few..
and not much photos from our trip to kudowa zdrój also cuz i have them over 1000.. and i'm too lazy to pic the best ones;p


Monday, August 16, 2010


i sewed two blind folds today.. they are pretty croocked.. but who cares :)
on the photos you can also see my two new (vintage?) lamps i bought in a second hand;p (it was a big suprise to see a second hand with a lot of things - not just clothes in the place where i was spending my holidays with my boyfriend :)) and a brand new alarm clock;d haha i was in love when i saw it. first i saw the same one but about 10 times bigger but it was too expensive.. and too big;p so i bought this one. cute, isn't it?;p

later i'll try to write a relation from our holidays in Kudowa Zdrój and from Woodstock :):)



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