Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Project!

 Ladies and Gentleman!
I'm happy to introduce our (yes! our - mine and my boyfriend's!) project!
What is it? Well.. as you know.. I love notebooks.. and I am constantly creating new
and new ones! One day, my A. told me an idea to try to make real books.
And.. after few weeks he started making special bookbinding installations.
You can imagine how proud I was when I saw all these instruments this weekend!
We were learning to make real books all weekend.. And we made a few of them!
But today I can show you only this prototype which I made on Friday.
As you can see it's not perfect - on the back of the cover there is some glue..
Of course it is there by accident, I can't forgive myself this clumsyness!
 It has a very stiff cover, 400 pages A6 and a dotty paper on the inside of the cover.
 Everything is very stiff actually. It's mostly because the headband -
it is the fabric/tape on the two edges where the paper ends.
 On the first photo you can see a close-up of the headband.
I'm so happy it opens like a real book!
Photos aren't very good - my camera is too old for making photos with realistic colours.

We wan't to sell books like this, but we have no idea if there will be a demand for them.
And here is my little question: Would you buy notebooks like this one? Do you like how it looks? Do you like the way how stiff they would be? Usually I'm selling soft, floppy covers.. this is a quite big change. Is it a good idea?

In my opinion it looks quite good (believe me, it looks better in reality;p)
And  didn't see anyone making notebooks like this one before - well yes, bookbinding is an old specialization, but usually everything is made of leather etc. Not with colorful fabrics :)

I really need your opinions about this project!

Somewhere in the future I'll make a giveaway with one of these books so I could hear a very specific opinion from one of you :)

I will show you a lot more later in February! Can't wait to hear your opinions!
Thank you!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Marine Blue Dots Planner

Hello! I made 4 planners last week. The covers are very simple -
created just from one piece of fabric. These fabrics are soo beautiful!
his planner has 5 very colorful separating cards and a black elastic band.
I love these scrapbooking papers I used for this project. Especially the one with clouds and the flowery one. Just beautiful! I wish I could find fabrics with these patterns!
Oh! Almost forgot about my third favourite paper - with a polaroid pattern. Perfect!
Good thing that these papers have the pattern on both sides.
In most of my planners it is just one one side. 
I hope the new owner will like it! Can't wait to hear your opinions my lovely readers!
And don't forget about the giveaway (right sidebar) in which you can win one of these A6 planners!

Ohh! A minute ago I received a lovely package from one of my blog friends.. Ahh so many beautiful handmade things! Can't wait to show you my new treasuries! ;d

Have a nice beginning of the week! I have to go to the post office and make a complain.. Uhh.. even the post office has to make problems.. grr..

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dotty Patchwork

 Just finished a special notebook for Ola.
We had a lot of problem with the decision how it should look! Haha :D but eventually
Ola decided she wanted a patchwork with dots.. Great choice! I really like how it came out!
I have used all my dotty fabrics, as you can see I don't have a lot of them.
It's so hard to find a nice and cheap dotty fabric here..
 The edges are rough, but just a little bit. And as you can see on the photo below,
there are some colorful pages inside. Just a few, but quite an interesting effect! :)
 400 pages - size as usually A6
 Can't wait to hear Ola's opinion about it! I really hope she will like it in reality!
Do you like it? I'm a the countryside with my A. now.
We are working on a big project.. together  

Have a nice weekend! I'll be back on Sunday.. I have a lot of things to show you!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Small Journals

Remember Handy Notebooks? I decided to make something like that but a bit bigger :) I have sewed 6 Handy Small Journals. Not everyone likes thick notebooks.. (I can't understand these people!! haha) so maybe these A6 40 pages journals will be perfect for some of you :)?
They are super simple. Just one fabric for the interior and one for the exterior.
Nothing complicated.. but looks quite cute in reality! :))
Love this owly fabric! I have just a few centimetres lef.. What a shame!
This mint fabric below is amazing in reality. Stripes + mint = 
I couldn't make a good photo of this pink fabric.. it is very.. like VERY intensive.
If you are interested in buying one of these.. I re-opened my etsy shop!
And you can find them there! Every single one :)
I really wanted to make them super simple, I hope the effect looks like super
simple notebooks from school! :) But except paper there is a lovely fabrics.. :))
Do you like them? They are a better idea from the Handy Notebooks?
Or maybe the other way? Need your opinions guys! ;d


And now for something completely different.. I created a garland!!
 Art Piaskownica's game inspired me.. But I really thought It will be easier, and that I will make it nicer! This one doesn't really look good o.O And i't is very wide, I couldn't make a photo of it! It has about 2 metres! ;o As you can see I wanted to make a rainbow effect, but I haven't enough plain fabrics.. I used every signle plain fabric I have at home! Haha ;d
What do you think? It looks that bad or I'm just oversensitive and too severe for myself?
If someone can't read what is the sign.. It says: 'This is a good day'. You know, a nice accent for the beginning of the day! :))

This garland is participating in Art Piaskownica's game here! :) Tak a peek!
Ok.. uhh.. I'm going to bed now.. goodnight!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Planner Giveaway!

I know you liked my previous planners. I had a lot of comments about them.. 
So.. I thought it would be nice if one of you could win one..
 I created a special planner with a simple pastel pink cover and five separating cards :)
 It has white pages because when I was creating it, I ran out of creamy paper..
 This pastel pink fabric is beautiful, I bought it in Ikea few days ago :)
In reality the colour is waaaay more beautiful! I can asure you :)
 It has 400 pages, the size is A6 (as usually). It's just perfect for your bags and purses!
Why do I want to give it away? Well, I want to say THANK YOU for your comments and support! And the second reason is that I'm re-opening my etsy shop this week. It's a little thank you & hello again giveaway.. I really hope you like it!

I will add some stamps, and other little stuff of course. 
But I'm showing you just the planner. The rest will be a little surprise! :)

 How to enter?
- you have to be my follower; you can do it by google friend connect or bloglovin,
- put one of the images which are below on one of your sidebars (with a link to my blog),
- leave a comment that you did so and..
- wait patiently for the winner annoucment on the 29th February!

Two versions of the image for your sidebars. Thank you again for your support.
I hope your week will be marvellous!

P.S. Forgot to mention that it's open wordwide!! :))

Sunday, January 22, 2012

the 30 day journal challenge part 3

 Yay! At least! My favourite prompts! :)

Journal Prompt 11: 
What is your heart full of?  What are the things that are consuming your heart these days.  This could be things that are hurting your heart, breaking your heart, or making your heart so full of love.
As you can see I made it a bit literally haha!

Journal Prompt 12: 
Completely fill your page with line design!  Line design and geometrics have complete consumed my inspiration boards for awhile now.  The simple, yet complex designs are so aesthetically pleasing for me.  Have fun trying out line design, patterns, and geometric shapes on your page today.

Journal Prompt 13
Create a simple family tree.  Do this in a way that works best for you.  You can write names, doodle portraits, place actual photos, whatever!! It's up to you :)  Use this prompt to document your family; as small or as large as it may be!!
Had a little problem with this one.. o.O

Journal Prompt 14:
Today...  Think of a creative way to document your day and then do it!

Journal Prompt 15: 
Who or what inspires you?  What gets your creative juices flowing. Is there a person that just oozes inspiration and makes you want to be more creative?  This is your time to document that!!
I hope you like these pages as much as I did.. a lot of doodling, and a lot of colours!
15 more to go!

I finished sewing two pillow covers for my mom's birthday.. and I don't know why but I'm extremely sleepy.. I didn't see my sewing machine for so long.. ah! Missed my lovely Janome can't wait to get up tomorrow and make some notebook covers! :))

Have a nice Sunday!

Friday, January 20, 2012

the 30 day journal challenge part 2

It's time for another 5 prompts from:

Journal Prompt 6:
Write a love letter to YOURSELF! This one is pretty self-explanatory. You are amazing, now tell yourself you are :)

Journal Prompt 7:
Write a love letter to someone special! This letter can be to anyone. Share your love with someone today and let them know that you care :) As bonus, share this letter with the person it's directed too.

Journal Prompt 8:
Time Capsule! If you were to make a time capsule today, that wouldn't be opened for at least another 100 years, what would you put in it?? You can be as outlandish with this as you want because it's pretend. What are some things that make you, you!

Journal Prompt 9:
Completely fill your page with something random.  Leave your pen in your desk today and find beauty in the every day random things around you. 

Journal Prompt 10:
Illustrate your all time favorite song :)
I have to admit these 5 pages are the worst of the whole project.. I don't know why..
The one with the favourite song for e.g. I have no idea which song is my favourite (I have lots of them!). When I eventually picked one I had no clue how to ilustrate it so I just wrote the title o.O

Maybe this is the worst part of this challenge, but the next five prompts are one of my favourites!
I just started my 3 off school weeks.. Can't wait to start sewing!
And I have so many things to create that I have no idea what I will make first!
Beautiful feeling! ;d

P.S. Look what an AMAZING car I found on the internet!!
I want it badly!! Haha ;d

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the 30 day journal challenge

Few months ago Janel from Run With Scrissors created:
But of course I didn't feel like doing it that time.. I was just admiring Jaszmurka's and Antilight's works from this project. They are amazing! And thanks to these two and some new scrapbooking accesories I had a little 'kick' and started this challenge few days ago!

I will show you five prompts in one post.. below.. front cover!

Journal Prompt 1:
Create an introduction page.  This can be an introduction of yourself or of your journal.  This is kind of like the title page for your journal. 

Journal Prompt 2: 
Create 3 to 5 simple, accomplishable goals for your 30 day journal challenge.  What are some things that you hope to accomplish through this adventure?

Journal Prompt 3: 
What are at least 5 things that you want to do in June January?  It's the beginning of the month, and of the summer season.  This list is for things that you either want to do in June or that you MUST do in June.

Journal Prompt 4:
What I Wish I Wore...  I wish I had the money to be super cute and wear all of the clothes that I see in catalogs and online, but I don't :)  Plus, it's summer break so my wardrobe mostly consists of my swimsuit and my cover-up and flip-flops :)  So, today's prompt is all about what you wish you would have worn!!  This prompt gives you the freedom to describe your perfect outfit for today.

Journal Prompt 5: 
What are your summer traditions.  We all have different traditions for each and every season right?  What are some things that you do as a tradition each summer?  If you don't have any traditions, maybe you can create some this summer!!
And? How do you like them? I know they aren't the best.. but I promise that next 5 will be better! My favourite is prompt 11.. but you will see it in the 3rd post!

Oh! I forgot to tell you that I'm a cheater! Yes! Why?
The title is 'the 30 day journal challenge' but I made 14 pages in 2 days!! Well, it's not my fault.. I just had to make them!

I always hated the way I journal, it was always so crappy!
But now, I have to admit I'm proud of these journal pages.. I'm starting to journal in the way I always dreamed! :) 


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