Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my relax for today :)
a tissue cover to my bag. earlier i was doing just for learning how to make them or for my friend :) now i have my own.. and those fabrics are beautiful..

and a vanity-bag! first one self-sewed;p
i took a picture of it when i'm holding it to show you how big it is (i have quite long hands;p)
the first intend was to sew a small cover for my calligraphy stuff.. but when i finished it i was so glad that it looks so good (except the croocked moments;p) that i'm thinking that i could put there my vanity-bag stuff (like lipgloss, pendrive, mirror, pain killers.. etc..). now i have a dilemma!!;d

hope you like it :)


i have passed! everything;d and i have quite good results! i'm actually so happy that i don't know what to do;p now just one thing left.. will they take me to my uniwersity? but i'm not thinking about it now, i'm too happy!

Monday, June 28, 2010


i went hunting today.. for fabrics.. and even some clothes with one of my favourite readers - foxy!;p and omg we visited about.. 10 second-hands? but 2 were clothes (maybe fortunately..). we bought a lot of things;d foxy had an obsession about blouses today;d she bought 6? or even more;p and i bought some fabrics and two lovely clothes! :) we spent so much money.. but we would never buy some many beautiful things in normal shops.. spending the same amount of money. so it was a super good investment! and omg you won't believe how tired we were after 5 second-hands! the weather was awful! so stuffy..

a lovely jumper! i was looking for one, and it was 50% off so i caught it quickly! and a super cute little bolero (bolerko?). i cant imagine how much money i would spent for this two things in the shops where they came from (ESPIRIT and ONLY).
and lots of lovely materials (few of them are from my earlier hunting with my boy on the beginning of the week (the striped blue one, blue, polka dots, with hearts and the white one with a small pattern)
the rest is from today. the stiped purple-orange-red-white one is so so so so big! and the one with blue flowers also. i wanted few more but they were a little bit too expensive for my wallet today.. but anyway i'm very happy we went on a spontanious trip over our town! ha;d

oh and now stresfull news.. my final exams results will be announced on wednesday!! aa!!

now REST! i'm very tired after today :) can't wait when i'll cut my new fabrics.. oh but they will wait.. now work is more important.. :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


a week ago my teacher phoned me.. and told me to contact with a goy from a super famous firm PERGAMENA. So i did like she said. During the phone conversation he invited me and two other girls from my class to the pergamena premises (siedziba?). One friend, the one who i was doing the annexe with after her wedding forgot about the whole world (in the bad meaning) and she doesn't care about anyone or anythin now. And i thought she was a good and really nice girl.. Anyway, I visited this firm with Sybilla (interesting name, isn't it?) and.. quess what.. Did you hear about a super famous event of 600th ANNIVERSARY OF THE BATTLE OF GRUNWALD? An event known in the whole Europe? Well i'll be working there as a girl writting name and maybe some dedication on certificates from pergamena! It's isn't a super simple job, i hope that my wrist won't fell off! I'll be dressed in a Middle Ages dress;d. The job has two faults: the first one - small earnings and the place where the battle will be is far far away from my hometown. It's about 6-8h of driving. But it will be an interesting adventure :) we will be sleeping in a big Middle Ages tent, there will be a lot of performances and it is a chance for me.. a little chance.. i would love to work in this firm. I know i'm just an amateur comparing to the people who work there.. but it woul'd be a dream come true if i could work there!! That's why i'm exercising my hand writting, i hope i'll exercise it every day for few hours. Five days of writting names on certificates, 8-12hours a day.. it could be very tiring.. But it is a chance i couldn't miss!! My sewing machine has to wait  bit for me now. I have to paint a little girl's room and then i'm going on 15th July to this event :). Ok.. now some photos :)

These are the certificate i'll be writting on
and my exercises.. uncjal and gothic handwritting fonts.. :)

hope you like it.. all the handwritting is super croocked for speciallist.. but i'll get better!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

notebook part 2

my all handmade notebook is a calendar now:) i love to have calendars.. i usually change them very often.. but when i'm in super love with one.. i keep it and use it all year. i hope that this one will be the super loved one aswell! cuz i spent a lot of time doing the cover and i really like the effect. it looks much more better in reality :)
i need to practise a lot of caligraphy nadwritting.. but i am soooo tired!!!!

i'll try to do some tomorrow.. hope they will take me to this job..


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hello beautiful

scrapbooking from fabrics;p
my own handmade notebook! i made earlier some small or medium notebooks (one i'm using as a 'craftbook' with all ideas) but they had covers from paper. and this one i sewed today. and omg so much cutting! 214 pages! i wanted to do just a cover for my old notebook, but later i decided that i need a new one for my new school (pleeease please please please admit me!!) ;p oh and the papers are from my old exercise books with remainding pages from old schools.. :)
hope you like it.. it looks a lot cutter and better in reality than in those photos :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


i wanted to excercise my handwritting in caligraphy, and a card for father's day was perfect. my caligraphy is gettin worse and worse, but i hope that from today i'll write something.. just because i don't want to forget everything.. and maybe i'll have a little job with caligraphy soon.. if i'll write good!

and i have to start the project for a little girl's room.. i have holidays! why i'm doing it to myself;o (hmm maybe beacuse i'm broke? eeeek;d mayyyybeeeee;d)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

finished patchwork

i finished the patchwork tablecloth in the morning today. i want to try to sew a twill tape to it but i don't have 2m of it. i ordered yesterday some twill tapes etc. so on monday i'll probably have them. anyway i like it. it is croocked just a little on maybe two or three elements so i'm happy and glad;p it looks a lot better in reality, and i forgot to press it before putting on the chest of drawers (thats why it looks croocked on the photo). my mom wants a similar one for a table in the kitchen;o but it is so much work.. i dunno when i'll start doing it.. :)
oh and i bought paper flowers for scrapbooking at last! now i can start doing some cards (i always wanted flowers like those!)

hope you have a good weekend :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

and again

2 coasters to my room, this fabric is super beautiful but i only have a bit of it left, and it is very narrow..

i'm working on a tablecloth for my chest of drawers, first patchwork thing i'm doing except a simple pillow with a heart. it's really difficult and it's already croocked! and during sewing something happened and my sewing machine got crazy (she is sewing wrong now:( ). so i'll have to wait to finish it.. hope that not very long..

ok i'll try to fix my kornelia now.. 2 weeks ago i had the same situation and i fixed it, hope this time it will work too!

morning sewing

5 coasters for my mom (they look more cute in reality!)
and a matching mousepad to my computer :) and (a noticed it a moment ago) matching to my mouse! ;d
hope you like it :) now a break and maybe i'll sew something later, i just want to sew, sew, sew, sew!

i wish i had more fabric with the heart pattern and the blue with flowers one. i have from each about 20cm left! and they are so easy to sew and they areso beautiful!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

kornelia's dress

my sewing machine (Kornelia) has a cover (dress)! i was sick of the plastick cover which  she had from the day i bought her, now she has a colorful and usefull cover. it has 2 pockets: one for the instruction book (it always lays on the desk, and i really don't like mess on my desk - one the contrary my room. i have always a big mess in my room but not on my desk! ;d) ad the second one for the scissors (usually i have them hidden in a tin but sometimes i have to use them not for fabrics so i have to keep them close).

the plastic cover i wrote about earlier

and the new cover (dress) from fabrics i bought yesterday;d

hope you like it! cuz i do;p at last something colorful!

edit: 22:17
and a pot holder fo my mom, patchwork is so so so so difficult to do! and it was only 3 elements and still it was difficult;o ;d


and here they are! today's treasures!
first part :) the forth one is gorgeus, i wish i had more of it;o

second part :) the fabrics on the second photo are big big big big!

bigger picture of the main treasure here

and the biggest treasure! i'm in love with it from the first moment! my table is a bit too small for it but who cares! it's the most beautiful thing i saw for a loooong time! and omg so cheap! i was so lucky that we visited the second-hand early! beautiful colous and pattern. per-fect!
hope you like them as much as i do! ;d

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

we're baack!

we are back from our little weekend trip from Wisła! it was a super great time! and omg i need some excercises! after few hours of walking up the hills my legs and back on the next day were in pain!! it hurts a bit tyll now!! haha;d
here are some photos from this weekend trip :) short post, cuz i'm tired :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

little trip

we are going to Wisła today! we are leaving from Katowice about 6p.m (why so late? cuz my boy is in work today) and we will be back on Monday morning;d ha i'm so happy. we are going somewhere together for the first time;p hope he will like me when we will come back haha;p oh and we are going by train so i can't take a lot of stuff.. but i don't know how to do that;p i have a small backpack and i can't imagine how i will fit everything there!! ;o
and i finished writting a letter to my friend Asia, hope she will be happy cuz she has what to read;p (8pages of A4 ;o). i started writting in March haha but then i stopped and started yesterday;p sorry;p

hope i will have a good time..


Tuesday, June 08, 2010


a pencil-case i sewed today:) i saw it in Lotta's boog but i was to lasy to translate how to sew it so i did it my way, probably the same way she describet it :) it has place for things i always had in my old always it isn't perfect. space for the rubber is a bit too small.. :)
now.. book.. and bed :)


i love writting by hand using a pen, i have a simple Parker for few years and i use it all the time. few days ago i visite a shopping centre in Będzin and I saw a new dreamed pen. well i think it's time for a change! ha :) but i don't know which colour i want. i have a big dilemma!
pink, black or white?
the pink one looks better in reality but i'm not shure if it's a colour for me, i never liked pink (because when i saw it i usually saw sweet=superstupid girls). now i see it in a different way..
black? my present pen colour, i think it's a little too boring or maybe i have this colour too long.
and white? white? white? white? i dunno why white. it looks nice :)
there are a lot of different colours like orange, blue etc. but in reality they don't look very interesting..
please tell me which would you pick :)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

new bag

my dad thinks i'm obssesed with bags, am I? i don't think so;p i'm just learning how to sew, i know some basic stuff now, but my abilities aren't good for sewing clothes or something like that, it's a long sewing journey for me :) but at least i started to sew bags without any tutorials :) it's the second one, similar to the one my friend Kamila has, i never had a envelope bag cuz i love enormous bag where i can put everything i need. but now, when i started to sew, i don't have to spend a lot of money to have something like that :) and i think that a small bag like this is sometimes really good (it has place for my wallet, vanity-bag and maybe a book will fit?). i had problems with sewing the handle but eventually it worked quite good.. oh except the fact that it's turned!! i have to fix it somehow tomorrow!!

and here is the same bag but with a pin up bow, i have to make a similar one but matt and smaller and then sew it on the front (but i'm not shure if i really want the bow yet;p)
hope you like it :) i wanted to sew a wallet today but i couldn't ignore my desire for a try sewing a new bag!! haha;d
now i have to go to bed cuz i'm really tired;p i woke up too early!!



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