Monday, October 29, 2012


 Wooo.. long time without my old looking journals! I missed making them! :)
I'm very happy I decided to make a notebook for the new Art-Piaskownica's Challenge!
The main topic was to create something with an ampersand or a special quotation. I picked the ampersand as you can see.. it's a very interesting mark with a unique and very weird shape.
This journal has 200 rough pages with light brown edges, size A6.
 The interior fabric is red with white dots. Creamy pages (at last!).
Closed with a clap with a long brown leather stripe.
Did you miss my old journals? I have to admit I did and I'm planning to make a lot of them in November (or December). I just need time.. ahh.. :)

Have a non-snowing day,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Typewriter Weird Planner

Another Typewriter Planner, but this time it's A6 - and not for me!
400 pages, but I used really a lot of different materials to make the inside.. blank, checked, colored, rough etc. pages.. something for a very creative and colorful soul :)
As you can see it's extremely thick even though it doesn't have rough pages - it's because of some very thick fabrics, like colorful cardboads etc.
And of course.. one of the most beautiful fabrics of all time..! :)
I'm in love with this little planner, I think I'll make a similar one for myself soon.. so inspiring!
The separating cards are made of SODAlicious papers, and as you probably noticed the interior is made of two different fabrics - that's something you havent seen here earlier! :)
A lot of pages are recycled, took from some of my old notebooks or sketchbooks.
I hope that the lady who will receive it soon will like it!
Can't wait to hear your opinion about it! :)

Have a wonderful day,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tutorial: Dreamcatcher

You liked my previous little tutorial.. so I decided to make another one! I made it about two months ago but I didn't want to show it before our new Challenge at Art-Piaskownica won't be published! This time I would like to show you how to make an easy dreamcatcher! :)

Like earlier it a very easy DIY. I hope everything will be clear for you! :)

First collect needed stuff:
- cardboard / embroidery hoop / thick wire
- string / twine / yarn / cotton tape
- feathers, colorful fabric stripes, metal or other kind of colorful accessories

Everything is explained on the photos, but if something is not really clear please contact me and I will add more information or something like that to make it easier for you :)
STEP 1: take something perfectly round and redraw it on a very thick cardboard. Then cut out the circle - carefully! Or just take an embroidery hoop if you have a needless one :)
STEP 2: take some kind of string / twine / yarn and tie a small knot. I used a pastel green one because I didn't have what to do with it for a long time!
STEP 3: Wrap the string round the cardboard (tightly!)
Now you have a nice looking carboard circle!
STEP 4: tie a new knot wherever you want.
STEP 5: make a loop.
STEP 6: continue making loops.
Don't stop! :) You can make it as densely as you wish..
Et voila!
You have created the main dreamcatcher element! You can also put some breads etc. to make this element more colorful. I wanted to have a quite simple one :)
STEP 7: make / buy / find some feathers and join them to some fabric stripes. You can also add some other elements like the metal one I used.
STEP 8: now the most pleasant part - join fabric stripes to the main element of the dream catcher.
You decide how many stripes and other things you want :)
That was easy, wasn't it?

Tell me what you think about it ) If you like it I will make more tutorials in the future! :)

I hope your weekend was incredible! My sure was - I visited Cracow for the Crafshow, and it was really amazing! I'm so happy I met some many new bloggers who I always wanted to see in reality :) And talk with some amazing girls I already know from the show in June! One thing that I regret is that I (as always) forgot to take a camera with me..!!

Have a nice day,

Monday, October 15, 2012

Crafting for Cordis Hospice

Remember when I made a plush elephant for sick children? I really liked the whole action and helping the little ones.. Few weeks ago I came across a new charity action on Makolina's blog. And of course I decided to participate without any doubts.. :)

Yesterday I created something, but I'm not sure if it is a good gift..
Two houses (the one in the middle is quite old, you can see it here - click - ).
 The are very simple to make! Back is made of lovely fabric with a perfect pattern for kids, right?
I added this cotton tape so you can hang the house on the wall :)
 Used some quite bright, colorful and intense colors :)
 As you can see the old house has a button. In the new ones I didn't sew any buttons because I have no idea how old are these children and buttons aren't very safe for kids under the age of 3.
I hope someone will like them.. I don't have time for sewing new plush toys so I'll just send these two houses.. What do you think about them? Are you participating in charity projects often?

Have a wonderful wonderful day,

Friday, October 12, 2012

New Life for an Old Shirt

Girls from Art-Piaskownica thought of another very interesting project! This time we have to recycle an old shirt for the Recycle Challenge! And it's not that easy as it sounds!

I bought a nice old shirt in a second hand, size 46 so it was a bit too big as you can see below.
I decided to cut off the sleeves :)
And I left the shirt without them because I have no idea how to sew them back after narrowing!
Then from the cut sleeves I sewed a long stripe, which you cas see below the collar :)
The best thing about this shirt is that you can wear it in many ways. Sorry for the bad photos below but it was too cold to stand outside longer and make photos.. brrr!!
I still have to improve it a little because it's a bit too tight at the top and a bit too wide in the middle..
I don't really know how to sew nor narrow clothes, but I think this project was quite interesting! I'm very thankful for Art-Piaskownica's girls for taking me to the design team.. they are such a great inspiration and motivation for me! I would never remake a shirt without this Recycle Challenge!!

I hope you like this project too!

Have a wonderful and inspiring day,

Photos (almost all) by Beata Machowicz

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Classic One

Remember the Countryside Bag?
I sewed from this pattern another bag! But this time a more elegant and classic one :)
 But I didn't have time to make good photos of it :( I hope you don't mind these ones!
As the previous bag it also had a pocket in the front - for my tissue holder mostly.
 One pocket inside for my phone and one pocket at the back for a book.
I couldn't find a black big button in the house so I painted a colorful one with black acrylic paint.
I really love this pattern and I can't believe it's my own one. I know there are thousands of similar bags in the internet but you know, if you draw a pattern by yourself and then sew few bags from it feels amazing. I'm thinking of showing you this pattern but I'm not sure how to do it yet!
Which one you like better? The Countryside Bag or this Classic Bag?
I love both. They fit various clothes.. and I think I'll be doing more of them in the future!

Have a nice week,

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Peeper the Owl

Hello - I'm Peeper the Owl and I love to spy on everybody!
 I was created for Art-Piaskownica's Color Challenge with amazing vivid colours.
It's hard to be a peeper when I have so bright colors - but I'm really clever!
 I'm about 20cm tall and I have really really big eyes. My maker also gave my a nice lace outfit!
 I should take care of little children, but my owner is like a little kid so I will stay with her until she will grow up.. which may never happen.. yes, it's a serious case.
I hope you like how I came out and that you will also participate in this Color Challenge!

Have an owly day,
Peeper the Owl


Hoot! Hoot!
And above with a bigger version I made two days ago for my 2 year old cousin!


Thursday, October 04, 2012

Firmoo Glasses

The time has come for my first review! Few weeks ago I have received a lovely pair of glasses from Firmoo. When I read that they wanted to send me something I was in a quite big shock! 
I picked a pair of nerdy glasses.. You will probably ask why not something more practical like sunglasses.. Well, I don't really wear sunglasses, only when I have to. Something different with nerds. I love making/seeing and having photos with nerds! !
 What is magical about these glasses is that they are matt black!
  And fit almost every type of clothes! 
I was very suprised by the service of Firmoo (seriously!). Glasses were packed very safe. I received some free, useful things too. Two tiny screwdrivers, a fabric case and a plastic one too.
I compared these glasses to my other ones from various marks and I really have to admit that Firmoo has great quality. Frames are very solid - I have a talent for destroying frames, but these ones are still alive and in perfect shape! :)

Here some photos of the glasses alone :)
Lovely pastel pink plastic box, isn't it?

If you need new glasses or thinking of buying sunglasses hop on to and check their offer! They have an amazing choice and the customer service writes back very quickly if you have some questions or doubts :)
Now they also give you a nice opportunity of buying your first pair of glasses for free!
But for more information you have to check their website :)

I am very happy I could make this little review and I hope some of you will consider Firmoo as your next shop for buying glasses. Yes - they have worldwide free shipping too! :)

Glasses from Firmoo
Photos by Beata Machowicz
Clothes from.. who cares?!


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