Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Art Journal Pages

I am so glad you liked the previous post! Some of you said I should show paper-works more often.. well.. ok! Here are some art-journal pages I haven't shown you yet!

These are pages made for SODAlicious challenges! :)

no10 'chaos'
usually my pages express a lot of feelings and actual thoughts.. as you can see
I had a bit rough time when I was making this page

no11 'idea'

no12 'tell me'
page on the left.. still not very optimistic page but a bit more colorful :)

no13 'shelter'
the one on the right.. here nice colours and first days when it was snowing! fortunately that snow disappeared quickly.. I like winter.. but not that much!

no14 'this is it'
page about the Craftshow in Cracow, where I met wonderful girls in person!

no15 'point of view'
and last but not least, in fact - one of my favourite pages..

I have no time at all for sewing lately and I really hate it. I need to sew so many things! I have to sew so many gifts for Christmas, I hope I will manage to finish everything on time!

I hope you have more time for pleasant things right now than I have..

Have a nice evening,

P.S. Materials used for art-journal pages from here:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

December Daily Project

Christmas is comming! And it's time to start magical preparations! Two amazingly creative bloggers (Kasia worQshop and Antiligt) invited me to participate in their December Daily Project! How could I say no? It's my first time with december daily but as every person - I love new challenges!
My December Daily is very small (11,5cm x 9cm) but as you can see it's very thick (about 5cm) and it's empty! Can't imagine how thick it will be after I will add some christmas plans and ideas!
 To make the main body I used some old cardboards and painted them with white acrylic paint and turquoise ink. Then added some washi tape, scrapbooking papers, numbers etc.
 There is notmuch space for writing and stiking things, but it's not a problem. I can always add some new pages instead of sticking them on the cardboards - and it will be thicker!
 I used a cotton twine to keep the cards together because I couldn't find any rings in an appropriate size!
 I know it's not a super complicated and beautiful December Daily, but I' glad I did it! Now I can start planning everything and start feeling the Christmas Magic!

This is our December Daily Prompt {check}List!
We would be so happy to see your works inspired by this project!
Feel free to join our little project and show your creativeness! :)

And don't forget to see Kasias' works:
> > > > Antilight < < < <
> > > >Kasia worQshop < < < <

Have a wonderful weekend,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Animal Pattern Planner

Hello all! Uhh I had such a rough week! I'm so happy I have today's evening just to myself.. as soon as I will finish this post I'm going to bed with some hot chocolate and a book! :)
I made this planner some time ago but completely forgot about it! The cover is made from a lovely fabric with an animal pattern. The inside is from a fine canvas.
 It has 400 pages with 5 separating cards, and an elastic band for closure and a pen.
 Cards have patterns on both sides as you can see :)
It's still available if someone's interested!

Outside the blog world news:
- my and my lovely friend Bee bought tickets for the upcomming concert of Brodka (great Polish artist)! Yay! Can't wait to hear her live! Sooo excited!
- i visited the oculist yesterday.. and guess what.. I'll be wearing glasses! No all time, just when I'm driving and when I'm at school but still it's kinda weird cuz I had a really great vision always (until now!)
- I'm so broke I even don't have fuel for my car!!

Hope you have a nicer week than I,

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Unsatisfying Journal

The latest Craft Challenge at Art Piaskownica I decided to make about notebooks.. I was surprised that I haven't thought about it earlier! I'm obsessed with all kinds of journals and notebooks. Girls from the design team also liked this idea so we started creating.. and what? I made one of the worst journals! Well it's not that it is super ugly or something.. I'm just horrified how I mixed styles and patterns.. and it really didn't came out as I thought it would.. ehh.. just take a look!
The cover is made of thick cardboard covered with a lovely, delicate fabric.
I tried to make a closure by an elastic band but forgot that it will be visible at the back too, so I used a dotty fabric to cover it.. (as you can see these two fabrics don't really match together).
I made rough pages and painted them with brown ink (it looks like red.. but nevermind) and the pages are now too rough and don't match the delicate cover!
I also forgot how to make notebooks with hardcover and I ruined the inside too! :(
This notebook already has a new owner, but I really don't understand why she wanted it!
I hope I won't make similar mistakes in the future.. how could I use so many different patterns and styles in one thing? It's like I have never sewed earlier! Uhh.. I'm really unsatisfied with this journal.. but maybe you have a different opinion about it.. I will be glad to hear it! Even if it will be similar as mine! :)

Keep your fingers crossed for all my tests this week.. it'll be a nightmare!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Monday, November 12, 2012

Film Camera Journal

About a month ago I made a special journal for my friend's birthday.. he is obsessed with films and wanted to go to a film school, but unfortunately he didn't pass the exams.. I hope that this notebook will inspire him all the time, and that he won't give up with writing his own screenplays!
 This notebook is quite big - it has 300 pages size A5 - a lot space for screenplays! :)
 The cover is made of thick black cotton with a film camrea application.
 As you can see it also has rough pages.. Oh I love making photos of this texture!
 I used my last scrap of this black and white fabric.. I liked it so so much!
Ahh these pages are incredibly photogenic, right?

I sewed some simple things lately but it's too dark to make quite good photos.. so I can't show you anything yet.. But I promise as soon as there will be some sun I'll make photos!

Have a productive week,

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Typewriter Journal

Wow! I didn't add any notebooks to my etsy shop for a long time! But as Christmas is close, I decided to add some listings. Not much, but maybe I'll put more at the beginning of December.
This time I added a simple journal with a typewriter application.
 The main fabric is fine canvas and in the interior light purple cotton.
This notebook has 300 white pages size A6.
 And it's closed by a white elastic band, so you can put in it some loose notes.
Do you like it? I decided to make some simple notebooks without separating cards and rough pages.. not everyone likes weird journals, right? :)

Have a wonderful day,

P.S. If you are interested, you can find it here:

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Wallet with Initials

Long time without wallets! If you missed them - here is a xxl dotty one!
Remember this wonderful button? Unfortunately I used the last one, but I really hope I'll find more of them soon! This flowery/wooden pattern fits every single fabric I have!
You can see initials at the back of the wallet. I had no idea how to make them but eventually I made only a contour so the initials wouldn't be too visible, but delicate.
It has a lot of pockets. For cards, some bigger stuff.. and one zipered one for coins.
As you can see the interior of the wallet has also the dotty fabric, I just mad a little mixture.
I really hope that the lovely girl who received it likes it! And that it will be used for a long time!
You won't see as many posts as usually in upcomming months because I need more time for my studies.. goooooshhh.. I'm so bad at french that I'm really afraid I won't pass this year!

Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)
And have a nice evening,

Saturday, November 03, 2012

and the winner is..

Random Number Generator picked number 5 to be the lucky one!

GOGA - congratulations! Please contact me by e-mail! :)

A new giveaway soon! So stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Mini Hexagon Coasters

I was sewing some mini hexagons from fabric scraps lately. Mostly during films.
It's a really nice way to keep your hands busy when you are watching movies.
First I had no idea what to do with them, but later I decided to try making coasters!
As you can see I made just two, but I'm planning to make more!
The first one was for my Color Challenge art Art-Piaskownica. The second one finished yesterday, and I have to admit I like it way more than the first one..
I never thought that hexagon coasters will be so easy to create! You need some time to sew them together but it's really easy and has a nice effect!

And here a little peek to my little craft-space on my desk. Of course I have a lot of shelfs and drawers with sewing/scrapbooking tools but here are the one I use very often..
Hate making photos of my room! I need to practice with photography, right?!

Ooooh and see these lovely bicycle paper-clips? I got them from Lejdi with a lot of different useful stuff for my birthday.. ah! I will show you everything I received from my blog friends as soon as I will make some quite good photos! :)

Have a nice day (without a cold and sore sinus!!),


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