Thursday, March 31, 2011

camera and.. owl?

 i made 5 covers.. uff.. i will finish few new notebooks today evening  (i hope)

old camera notebook
 as usually old pages
 two short stripes
 flowery interior

 owl (nerds notebook)
 you will have a chance to win this owly notebook at one blog from tomorrow.. but i will give you a link to it the day when it will be posted! :)
 it was an experiment.. something different than usually..
 do you like it?

and two sneak-peaks!

 we had a photo session this weekend with my A. ;* (thank you so much for your help!)
we were trying to make some nice photos of my notebooks! i didn't finish them yet. they will be posted here after I will finish.
for today, just one photo:)

ahh almost forgot about my new patchwork pillow-case
 i sewed a sister for my old one
it looks 'almost' the same


hope you like it! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

not a good day fro creating

a sneak-peak of today's work.. i finished 3 covers today, but i have t threw away two of them.. they are crooked.. very crooked! i'm so angry on myself because of that! i don't have time for sewing, and when i had today a bit of time for it.. i wasted it for making two awful things! agr!

but now the sneak-peak of the only nice today's cover..

hope you had a good weekend..
i had a beautiful weekend with my A. ;*


Monday, March 21, 2011

camera, anchor & a red patchwork

 three new notebooks! i have to hurry up with making them, i have to have in my shop about 15 in the end of the month!

A5 - 200 pages
 it was a lot of work with this one..
 grey linen interior :)

A5 - 200 pages
 sailor's notebook :)
 black interior

red patchwork
A6 - 200 pages
 this one is really cute :)
 i didn't make patchworks for a looong time now! it was nice to get back to it :)
 red&white stiped fabric as the interior :)

hope you like them! omg i have to go to school soon, that was a lazy weekend.. ahh i sometimes really hate these studies..

hope you had a splendid weekend!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

a cupcake and two balloons! :)

 i finished two notebooks yesterday evening! they are a bit smaller, well they still are A6, but they are thinner - 200pages instead of 400. maybe not everyone needs so thick journals/notebooks? :)

 the first one cupcake!
 it can be used as a recipe notebook or just a custom journal
 black cover with polka dot and red patterns
 interior made of green and white stripes :)
 experiments with colouring edges, as in the previous thick a'la leather journal

second one balloons!
 pink and blue polka dot fabrics
 black cover
 the same white and green stipe fabric as in the cupcake notebook
 experiments with colouring too

oh and i forgot to mention about new turquoise pages!
but i don't know which fabric pick for the cover? hm..

hope you like it!
please tell me what you think of them!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sneak-peak vol. 2

inspiration board
at last i put myself together and i made something like a notice-board.. for my inspirations etc.
under this flowery fabric.. you can find my old painting.. 
size of this board: 100x70cm
it's perfect! big and i can pin all my new inspirations. i have already two biards in my room, but two small ones, and they are always full!
[kiddo picture is made by me about 2 years ago, and it's my old friend's child]

!if someone wants one - i can make some, cuz i have lots of useless canvas here :)!

sneak-peak vol. 2
two new covers are finihed, i just have to finish making pages to them..
they will be a bit smaller journals than usually

this day is under a big headache :( so probably no sewing..
just eating sweets and watching films..
 <3 jelly beans!
especially those sour and colorful ones. i had to take a photo of them!


Monday, March 14, 2011


new notebook, finished today morning!
this time it's a bigger one, size A5
this feather was really a hard work.. but i'm happy i managed to sew it.
pages creamy, as usually
200 pages
my camera didn't cooperate with me today..
grey linen interior :)
and here a comparison to those smaller notebooks (A6)

ahh my digital camera is sooo annoying today! bad photos, really bad photos!

ahh this was a wonderful weekend for me :) first meeting with my friend ann on Saturday.. 3h talking about films? that's sick;d but we love it!
[ann's new hair colour is gorgeous!]

and on Sunday date with my A.;*
[we watched the most stupid film ever -> 'Bruno' - if you have weak nerves, don't watch it]

how was your weekend?


Saturday, March 12, 2011

thursday's notebooks and a sneak-peak

i finished two journals on Thrusday, and i'm really glad of them! they look amazing - in reality better than on photos.. i am not able to make good pics of them :(

notebook no. 1 - dream big <3
clouds are made from grey linen, the sky is made of turquoise corduroy

magnetic closure (at last!)

notebook no. 2 - sold!
very thick one (7,5cm)! the front cover is made of a fabric similar to eco leather..
its mat black - i adore mat colours.. mat fabrics..

corners of the pages are brown, but only on the first 2/3 pages they are so visible

as you can see te rest of the pages arent that much colored :)

and a sneak-peak of my two new covers, i finished sewing them a minute ago!
i love them.. love love! they were very laborious!

hope you are having a nice weekend.. 
i have a lovely weekend.. at last (well, friday and saturday were lovely, hope tomorrow will be the same)


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