Wednesday, February 24, 2010

stained glass

winter holidays.. and i'm in school! doing my diploma work from stained glass, here are some photos i did today during cutting the glass! on the right, part of my stained glass work. sunflowers - i love you! glass i sooo sooo beautiful.

ok. and now i'm going to relax watching 'according to jim' at comedy central. one of the best serial films ever (second place after Grey's Anatomy on my list!). i'm going to relax.. and relax.. after an unpleasant situation with a cry-baby girl from my class.. who raises such people..?!

wish you a nice day (yay! spring is almost here!) without foolish cry-babies!

dreaming about a sewing machine.. aggr no money and such an occasion!!
someone has 300zł to borrow? yeah.. sure.

Friday, February 19, 2010


When i came back home after school today.. i saw a package on my desk.. and what was in it?! Pin cushion from Kami, from the PIN CUSHION WORDWIDE SWAP which FRECKLEDNEST organised! It's really beautiful, and quite big! The robot killed me - soooo sweet! And the back of it also gorgeus - colorful and springy (?). Beautiful!! Hope my pin cushion will arrive soon at her's house! It was nice to meet you and thank you!

help -> enormous headache lasting now third day..
have a nice weekend and winter holidays - unfortunately my class has to be in school..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

i won

in malflu's candy. when i got back today from my private lessons of Polish i was suprised seeing so soon a small, misterious package. i checked from who, opened and wow! beautiful things malfu sewed and cute buttons! i love buttons, unfortunately i've had just few, now i can do something from them.. colorful and loads of shapes. notice the teddy bead shape! so pretty! thank you malflu so much!!

p.s. oh and i forgot to mention, that i sent a package with the pin cushion to Kami yesterday! hope she'll have it in her hands very soon. and i hope her's pin cushion will arrive here any day!


Monday, February 15, 2010

prom album

17 pages left. when i'll finish it i'll show some pages. it's my first album so you can find a mix of everything i have in my drawers;p i'm still learning;p!

Monday, February 08, 2010


sneakpeak of the pin cushion i'm doing for Kami :) i started it on Sunday, hope i'll finish it this week!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

warm up!

i'm participating in a WORDWIDE SWAP PIN CUSHION. i'm terrified and excited! terrified cuz i never did a pin cushion, and that my partner will create something beautiful and i'll do a crap! but i'll try! i tried to sew it from a material i have left from my curtains. well as you see it isn't that bad for the first time. i need a sewing machine! sewing material by hands is difficult. thats why i'll do it from.. felt! now i need a good idea!
my partner Kami, seem to be a very nice and inspiring person.. from CANDA! wow! :)and now in response to FreckledNest post, here are my favourite nail polishes. number 1 - violet from Inglot. Love it because of the colour and because it doesnt bright, it's matt/dull (?)! lo-ve-ly!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

old stained glass works

this one from 3rd class

below, works from 2nd class

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


here are my two not finished drawings from our drawing classes. 100cm x 70cm. they're not so bad, i didn't draw from september, and i'm not very good in drawing people so i'm glad of them.. or maybe i'll be when i'll finish them up! on the first one Sybilla (similar here) and on the second Ann (less similar..) have to finish them really fast, cuz we hav to do 6 like this one's!!
and here is my (at least!!!!) beautiful! new! red! perfum sample case with 160 perfums! ah now i feel like a buissnes woman! haa! joking. hope my little buissnes will grow up!
nice Tuesday! few hours of relaxing and after that learning hated mathematics..


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