Saturday, August 22, 2009

you are soooo beautifuuuul..
glasses for wine I bought today.
thank you ania for helping me choose them, if not you, i'd be standing in that shop to now probably! and i love them already;d

lovely afternoon

a really lovely afternoon. i've met with my friend Ania (she was on holidays so we didn't saw eachother for a month).

empik cafe. Ania and her coffee.. (i couldn't publish her face, dunno why she was threatening me that if i'll show it on this blog she will kill me.. i want to live, so.. here's a mocha coffee and ania's boobs;p)

and here's Ania and her biggest love.. filmsfilmsfilmsfilms. you won't believe it, but she was hugging, and hugging a film which cover was with Andy Garcia.. (one of her beloved actors - shes really mad about few actors, it's not a hobby. it's an illnes!) in our beloved shop EMPIK (the only shop we can be about 2h without buying anything!)

and here I am. with a film that has bizzare cover and title - PUPENDO (i have no idea how to translate it to english, something like.. arsendo? bumendo?)

she wanted to hav a photo with this turtle. this perverted lady said that this turtle's eyes are full of sex appeal (she is sick!) ;p

oh and my love. one of my biggest love loves - NEIL GAIMAN's books.. love this writer.. the genious of fantasy. and AT LEAST (!!) i bought his (quite) new book - The Graveyard Book. love his books. all of them!

and here is an order: READ HIS BOOKS!

Monday, August 10, 2009


i've developed a film from June or July, i don't remember. and i'm very disappointed because of those photos. from 37pics 4 are quite good. but not good good, just funny or something.. ahh i'm getting worse and worse in photography. here are some photos from this film:
ania and desperados :)

railway station in olkusz

and A., photo from a little trip to pazurek :)

bigger photo of the railway in olkusz here:


today evening i went with karolina and her naughty dog (he doesn't really like me) for a walk at the clearing, which is 5 minutes from our blocks of flats. it's the last green space (next to our tiny forest) near our housing estate! we hope they won't destroy it for another useless market or something. people say they don't have money, but every shopping center i visit is full of people with full baskets. weird, isn't it?



and my mobile phone camera!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

krynica zdrój

some photos from this little trip:)
waiting for the bus.. asia's legs

enormous and delicious ice creams!

asia on a cute dog made of metal

weird swan

my new friend

and a nice looking building
i'm going to pogoria lake now, i'll finish it later.. maybe;p


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