Friday, November 26, 2010

nothing interesting..

i'm just writing something to show you that i'm still alive :)
i had few tests this week.. and can you imagine, that i passed only one? and it was a test from french! now that was quite a shock. i need some kind of a kick to start learning.. it's not secondary school.. i need to learn if i want to pass everything!

but my lazyness does not help me. the picture below.. you can see what i was doing during literatury classes. oh how i will regret my lazyness when the test will come in january! grr..

ohhhha and here a picture advertising the film julie&julia
i recomend this film to all of you! it's about cooking, blogging.. but the main topic is.. passion.. doing what you seriously love to do.. so that why all of you bloggin people should watch it!
and of course the original english version! english jokes.. meryl streep.. ahh;d

now i'm going straight to bed. have a nice weekend :)


edit: 1:15
another journal page.. i made it very fast.. thats probably why it is so NOT beautiful.

Monday, November 22, 2010

a shortrelation from our weekend trip to wroclaw!

we travelled by train.. 3h.. and we had very comfortable sits!
we got out of the train (are they renovating every railway station in Poland?! it's getting annoying! everything looks ugly actually, even wroclaw's station!!)
and we were looking for the market-place to see those popular old tenement houses.. which you can find on photos below :)

 in half of the way we found some funny sculptures.. and we couldn't keep ourselves from taking some funny photos.. ;p

 i really like this photo below..

 and of course, when i finished my first lomo film in the middle of our little tour.. we immediately found a place where i could develope those photos and see how my lomo fisheye is working! 40 minutes and we had photos in our hands.. but.. suprising.. instead of 36/37 photos.. we got only 20.. why? well.. i didn't suspect that the ISO was to low on the film!! shooyyy! but when i'll get some money (and i have no idea how i can get it) i'll buy few 400ISO films.. cuz i don't want to have a similar situation in the future;d

 of course, when i got home i put one of those lovely photos into my one empty frame.. which i won few months ago in a candy organised by Juunka. and i didn't know how to decorate it.. so.. the simplest thing i could do was use a black pen and draw a line around the photo.. love those simple decorative solutions..
oh and above, another journal page.. of course it relates to wroclaw and lomography;d it was a really good weekend spent with my boy and friends which i didn't see for a while..
there were lots of .. everything;p if you know what i mean;p
and i was in the cinema with ann, kasia and kasia's boyfriend on the new Harry Potter. i really really liked it. can't wait to see the second part of this film..

ah.. and of course everything in nature has to be equalized.. like i said when wewere travelling to wroclaw, we had very comfortable and warm sits.. but when we were comming back to katowice.. we were sitting on the flor between two passanger carriages.. and it was windy and cold and awfull!! but thanks to my boy i could sleep a bit.. i could rest my head on his arms.. ahh thank you;* and thank you for the wonderfull weekend!!;*
oh and of course i'm thankfull few other people from the flat number 13!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my new 'gold fish' and nerds ;d

Look what i got today! Few days ago, my lovely A.;* bought me a Lomo Fisheye! I'm sooooo happy! It's so pretty (small&cute)! I can't wait to develope the film and see what those photos! 
and you can also see some glasses on the photo, my new nerds;d we bought few colours (we=me+ann). i have red, black and.. black with dark glass.. i really can't wait to make some selfportraits with them on my nose, or some photos of ann wearing them!
 here you can see fisheyes goldfish logo;d
 and here me.. a quick photo.. i had to took one in those glasses, unfortunately you can't see here colour of my hair.. well you can, but my colour is much more red! :)
and the last photo shows you another page from my little journal.. nothing artistic.. just some cute clouds and a rainbow. this ilustration is cheering.. isn't it? when i'm staring at it, i have the word hope in my head :)


something.. different than usually

mon petit rêve:
visite Paris!

and this is whatone of my journal pages are about.. photo i used in it is Ann's :)

here another page.. with one ofmy favourite sentences from E. Gilbert's book 'Eat Pray Love'. read this book. it can really change you.. well.. in my opinion.. it can help you.. it's very interesting..
oh, and here the photo is by meeee :)

and third page.. nothing speciall.. it doesn't really look good, so i don't want to make you suffer;p

and another page.. created yesterday.. nothing interesting..
just trying to motivate myself.. to start learning.. o.O

life is short.. do something.. you really want to do..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

preare yourself for a long post!

at last i took out a keyboard from my parent's room.. and i can write.. it isn't very comfortable, but i can write normal words!!!!
please don't laugh;d

my little current dream:
Lomo Fisheye One Black
and this dream is probably comming true..thanks to my A. ;*
thank you ;*

nails.. still painting my nails.. in a different way almost every day..

unfortunately i'm too lazy to photograph them every day;p

now little learning.. don't worry, not stu-dy-ing at the universitet but learning how to stitch bind:
it wasn't very difficult.. lots of time it took but now, it's my french bible. i'll try to write all grammar etc. we learn on our french classes. it's a really difficult language for a lazy person like me..;p

some photos of my quite old notebook, which is my calendar and organiser:)
 i really like those simple photos of those simple stamps.. :):)

few fabrics which i am in love with.. from here

this Michael Miller's collection looks really great..

and here another stitch binding something. i think it should be my scrapbooking crapsorganiser.. like this on the last photo.this 'album' is quite big.. don't remember dimenions.. to lazy to get up and check it..
oh, why am i so lazy?

and now.. please applaud!
a new.. really beautiful.. believe me.. it it beautiful in reality..
my new handmade, stitch binded, 'recycled' fabric (second-hand) and recycled some of the sheets of paper.. stylized to old-looking.. notebook!
the tape on the cover is coloured by strong, dark tea..
 the same is with the string :)

 Every page is stylized toold-looking.. of course i used also tea to do it :)
first and last page with big tea stains
 every page opens great, without annoying curves
 all other pages are coloured only on the corners
 i used some pages with super old (first year of art school) drawings.. i know that they aren't good;d ahaha;d
 another recycled page with drawing..
 and.. the back. simple as you can see..
you can't imagine how proud i am of it! you really can't imagine. and the best thing is that i have no idea what to do with it! first it was ment to be a calendar, but i have one all the time, the one which i sewed few months ago.. then some kind of journal.. then.. something with quotations which i like to write up from books i'm reading.. but now.. i think it will be a 'wszystko i nic' ('everything and nothing'-like in my blog tittle) book.
everything and nothing
it really looks better in reality.. i like it so much..:)

now, i should go to bed.. i have a big test on Monday, and (again) i'm too lazy to prepare for it;d
but i hope i'll get down to business tomorrow.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

olivia ruiz

i don't understand a word from this song.. but i really like the video and i believe that the text is nice too;p

Monday, November 01, 2010

finished pillow-case and..

here is the finished pillow-case which i started at midday :)

 it looks better in reality;p

and.. fred perry's new collection! i love this polo shirt!!
 and this jacket!!
why the hell are they soooo expensive?!?!



i started doing a new pillow-case. i already cut everything, as you can see on photos below.. but i'll start sewing it togother later, after i will get back from the graveyard :)

i'm thinking about organising a candy soon.. because it's already my 191st post!


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