Wednesday, March 31, 2010


they're finished! jupiee! heres a photo from the gallery in which i'll defend my diploma work. i love them so much! i'm glad! i didn't think that they will look so beautiful! over 300 elements, 3 months of technical work, lots of blood and pain in my neck and here they are! 100x50cm stained glass work "Sunflowers' by Agnieszka Pietras! ah now wish me good luck with the defending and with the exam of history of art (which i hate). xxxx

100x50cm stained glass work 'Sunflowers' by Agnieszka Pietras!! joupiiee;p

Photo found on my school's website :)

Monday, March 29, 2010


now this weekend wasn't a very happy time.. but there was some good things like spending good time with my family from Poznań, my parents and my boyfriend.. :) and i got a pretty package with the candy i won here. i was slowly learning how to sew also, thanks to freckled nest tutorial and the candy i won (materials!!) i did a super small pin cushion - just for excersize (nothing artistic o.O). and thanks to a book about sewing I bought last weekend, sewing on my sewing machine is easier o.O

candy i won :)

pin cushion i sewed :)

oh and i got back my computer from the service! i'm so happy! and now i'll be installing programmes all day.. :):)

i hav to go tho school now.. get over my diploma work!! joupiee!! wish you (and myself;p) a good start of this week! good luck!

Friday, March 26, 2010

good news and bad news

lets start with bad news.. whilst i was soldering (lutować) my stained glass work today my dad phoned. he told me bad news. my grandfather died.. you know, he was ill, week etc.., and i knew that this day will come.. but it still was an enormous shock. but thanks to ania and kamila this shock passed away quite quick, and i was able to get back to work. funeral on Saturday.. ehh.. :(
now better news.. i'm finishing my stained glass work.. and i love it so much! i really really didn't think that they will be so beautiful!
and in the end of this sad post i want to thank ann for 'helping' me with writing the inspiration.. i couldn't write it good. i was scared that i won't do it before Monday.. thank you once again!
Now this situation confirms that 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'.
On Monday we have to give over our diploma works.. that is all projects, a written work about our stained glass diploma work, board with our diploma work and our annexe works (the kaligraphy room in my case). I hope everything will be ok.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

birthday card

simple birthday card. i tried to do something for a man.. but i have only bright colorful papers! anyway, it doesn't matter. what does matter is that he liked his present very very much! once again.. i wish that his dreams will come true!

1 week of school left. 1 week of seeing some of the most unpleasant and and not very wise teachers. 1 week of seeing some of the faces from my class i don't want to see. 1 week of hard work doing my stained glass work. 1 week.. and maybe a super nice weekend with my A. ;*

and after that.. super stresfull oral exam from history of art (i'm so fucked with this one. i do not know anything..), defence of my diploma work, lots and lots of extra lessons from english, polish and mathematics.. and finally high school finals..
and after all this stress.. i'm gonna relax.. and sew, scrapbook, read books, go on holidays.. and omg i'm gonna drink if i'll pass everything! i'm gonna dring and fly above this city under the influence of alcohol!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

self-portraits part 2

well here they are.. self-portraits from yeasterday.. i told you that they aren't that good.. some of them aren't sharp, but i think that it gives some weird.. interesting effect..
here you can see them bigger (something happened, and i can't do it on them o.O):
i hope you like at least one or two of them.. (from all yesterday's 181 photos, there are about 18 quite good ones..). it's hard to do photos without needed equipment.. isn't it?

Monday, March 15, 2010


semestral work from photography.. i'm disappointed a bit. it's not in 100% what I wanted! but you have to believe, that self-portraits with simple desk light are really difficult to do! I hope that my teacher will pick at least one! please!you won't probably see it, but it's a bit inspired by the new 3D film - Alice in Wonderland (by the way - i really liked it :))
i was doing nothing for school all weekend!! but i spent this 2 days with my A. and it was really nice.. I missed him ;*
and now, back to reality - i forgot about tomorrow's 2 tests! but.. my sleep is more important.. so.. goodnight!

edit {26th September 2011}
this photo is participating in Art Piaskownica's lovely photo game here

Friday, March 12, 2010


except learning HISTORY OF ART (o.O), polish, english and mathematics.. today's lame excuse: learning how to sew by my sewing machine - Kornelia ;p, and making a new cover for my calendar - Noname.
a dice. in reality it is very croocked! it's the first thing i sewed by my sewing machine!!!! it isn't artistic etc. i just wanted to sew on quick something 3D. for a try.. and it's not finished, i didn't do all the dots;p well i have to say, that me and Kornelia are getting closer and closer! slowly.. but closer;d
and the cover of my mini calendar, not complicated, small amount of work and very quick.
oh and i forgot to write, what i have heared on the last episode of Grey's Anatomy (sezon 6th, episode 16th - woohoo tomorrow 17th!), if you know and lovelovelovelove this serial (like meeee) it must be funny for you..
Meredith and Cristina to Little Grey: 'Your heart lives in your vagina!!' (she is sleeping with Carev!!)
ok, enough of my stupidoooo writing..
and if i'll disappear suddenly from the internet.. don't be suprised, my computer hates me.. or at least it's gettin revenge on me beacuse of it's 18h a day work;p forgive me! and don't leave me before the exam of history of art!! i need you!!
can't wait ttyl Saturday..

Saturday, March 06, 2010


the Word Wide Pin Cushion Swap? i can show my (all)handmade pillow, cuz from few days it's in Kami's house :)

hope you like it, i'm quite glad i did it. it was the first thing like this i have made.. and it was fun doing it. hope someone will organise a similar Word Wide swap soon.. :):)


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