Sunday, October 31, 2010

sunny & windy

it's cold outside, because of the wind.. but it's so sunny! i'm going out with my A. ;*

j'adore mois calendrier(?);p
 and.. today's nails :) croocked! but who cares;p


well, this was a happy day! few minutes before my bus, my employer called me that i don't have to be in the restaurant today! so i wanted to relax, drink yerba mate and create some calligraphy..
but, we decided to meet (that is me and A.)
we met, and we had a great day! oh i missed him soooo much! ;*
everythin is back now to normal.. and i really like it this way! :)

afer i got back home, i started some calligraphy exercises and i started making projects of my tattoo. the first one is in my mind for a long time, but the second one is a sign.. and i want it to be done by mois! so for this moment, i have 2 little projects of it, the second one is nice, but its a decision forthe rest of my life, so i need more projects;d

i just want to finish that restauration and get money for it! agrr!

oh, and here are those today's exercies :)
i wont show you the tattoo sign.. not yet :)

have a nice weekend!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

save the nature..

i'm gathering signatures for green peace about saving the virgin forest of Puszcza Białowieska. And after one day i have like 12 signatures. i think it's a good start! :) if you are interested in this action just click HERE, or click the green info in my toolbar :)

now another photo of my nails haha;d

and now, i have to get ready to work..


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

backlogs.. AGAIN

I didn't write for a loooong time! Well, I'm sorry but i really don't have time to use my fathers' computer (writing posts on my broken keyboard isn't really pleasant)

Those past two weeks were full of.. everything? Yes.. everything. Even teras and broke ups. But about those unpleasant things later.. maybe..

First thing I want to mention is the Autumn Exchange! Well i got this beautiful teapot cover. And it fits my pot! Its really suprising because my pot has a really bizzare shape.. and I didn't know how to sew a cover for it;p
Of course, with a teapot cover.. i got loads and loads of fruity teas! I love them. Their taste is very intensive and sweet (i don't use sugar, and even wothout it they are sweet) oh and i love the box also! it has a romantic/flowery pattern and it has a nice closing..
the photo on the left is 'stolen' from my partners' blog - Ishin (i hope you don't mind! thank you)
the photo on the left also Ishins' [and on this upper photo you can see what i have sent to Ishin]

now something about my work in the restaurant. i work there just one day a week.. so it isn't going very fast.. but i'm not going to cry because of it ;) i'll work threw this long weekend, and i hope i'll finish it, or just be very close to finishing..
i finished this wall 2 weeks ago.. and i really like it :)

like i wrote in the post 2 weeks ago, one big advantage of having classes in the evenings is that I have time to drink my lovely yerba mate every day..

i love my hair colour more every day..

oh and like i mentioned earlier, i had few unpleasant situations.. of course every unpleasant situation is beacuse of me.. it's my fault.. but id doesn't make me feel better..
after those not very good things.. (caused by my emotional problems.. meeting new people.. and awaking my asleeped desires..) there were also few suprising (in the good meaning) and romantic situations..

thank you.. i know 
you are reading this post..
and i want you to know,
that i really appreciate those things..

ok, now lets get back to more arty thing;d like expressing myself! i don't have time for sewing, calligraphy or other things.. but i recalled one little easy activity, which i was doing few years ago.. namely..
nail painting! i always had a lot of nail polishes (not 40, but for me 5 in my favourite colours was really A LOT)
now i have them 11. 10 - my favourite colours, and only 1 that i don'r really use. now I paint my nails every day.. and you can't imagine how happy it makes me! it's the way i express myself now.. (i think?) except my hair colour.. and sometimes my clothes.. but.. it can sound stupid.. but expressing myself helps me with everything. even with my stupid emotional problems.

i sewed a t-shirt on Sunday, it isn't super beautiful but i sewed it properly. as you know, you have to have a lot of fabric to make a t-shirt, and i had only one fabric in this quantaties.. even if it doesnt look great, i'm glad of myself and i will wear it soon.. after that day with my little passions everything looked better.. even my emotional problems o.O

thats why every person needs a passion.. every person..

oh and i was on a student party in Katowice with few of my friends from my group. my legs hurt two days after that night. i was so tired. but it was worth it. i had the best time tyll Woodstock. dancing and dancing all night.. and it was the second time (after woodstock) when i didn't gave a FUCK about everything and everyone!

oh and here are some photos from todays' morning.. i eved did a wallpaper for my phone from this photo as you can see;d i love my short but colourful nails;d

and now i'm going to bed.. cuz tomorrow i have to visit the doctor and then learn french for this big test! omg i hate french xd hahaha


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


quite big backlogs in bloggin.. but i really don't have much time. usually i'm 1h using my fathers' computer (and olny o IT i can write). i use my own computer (with the broken keybord) just for printing somethin or just looking threw your blogs..
my days look like this: from monday to friday i wake up, drink yerba mate, eat breakfast, eat dinner and go to the university.. after that i usually go to bed cuz i'm fighting with a flu. next day.. i wake up, drink yerba mate.. etc.
weekends? if i paint walls of the italian restauration.. (except this weekend, cuz i visited cracov with my A. ;* - so only sunday was a work day)

is there something artistic? no
is there anything interesting to write about? no
is there any thing which i really like to do? yes. drink yerba mate..

but there are some advantages.. i'm starting to like my group.. and i'm less terrified maybe? maybe it's because i'm talkin with people from my group all the time? dunno.. but i like it :)

oh! and i got mail yesterday! it was a suprise from england! Ishin sent me some really beautiful stuff from the autumn exchange! i took some photos, but i will add them when i'll have a day off everything.. just for me.. :)


Monday, October 04, 2010

last week

here are some photos etc. from this past week. see this purple pen? remember THIS post? well i forgot about this pen.. cuz it was a bit too expensive for a pen, and i couldn't find this beautiful purple colour anywhere!! and my lovely A. suprised my, and the day after my birthday he gave me it!! i was so suprised!! and soooo happy! it's very heavy, but i like the way it writes already.. thank you!! ;*

and here, a cover for few of my pens and pencils.. earlier i had THIS one, but when it was up-side down i was loosing everything!! so, i had to sew a new one, cuz i really didn't want to lose my new purple pen!

last Monday, we changed our old windows.. into plastic ones.. and during cleaning the mess.. i found few of my not finished old paintings..

oh my gosh.. very old..

and.. on Friday.. i started painting the restaurant!! yay! at last! yesterday i finished the first wall. and omgoooosh people i'm in love with Italian food!! why? this restaurant, Italian of course.. has a very kind chef and boss.. and they cook fo me everything anytime from the MENU i want. i already put on weight!! haha;d pizza! spaghetti! rissotto! and many many more delicious dishes!! yumm.. but there is a lot off walls left.. i hope i'll finish it in October.. cuz i want to go shopping and i need that money!! haha;d

oh! and something about today. we had a student (I year) meeting.. and i'm a starost/senior (starosta?) i'm a bit stressed.. but i'm really happy with it :) hope i'll be good in it! :)

oh and i don't know why.. but most of the people i met today.. (i think) they think.. i'm crazy/insane and dum. hahahaha;d but i'm just overexcitable!! ;d



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