Friday, July 29, 2011

wedding guest book - special order

About a week ago one lovely lady contacted with me on etsy, and asked if I can make a wedding guest book. I was a bit suprised, I never made a guest book before! But of course I said yes - that was a new challenge! First she wanted big pages - 30x25cm. I never made a 'notebook' so big! Thenk she said she wanted the guest book with burgundy and something natural. I thought I will have a problem with the idea of the cover.. but somehow it came to me the minute I opened my notebook, where I draw my projects!
I is a quick drawing/sketching.. I try to do it always before I start to sew  to show the client my idea :) Fortunately my client Margot liked it! So I put myself together and started making it.

And here is the finished product!
 I had a little problem with making photos because this gust book is really big. It's my first book which is that big!
 I really like the idea of these two leafs together with the rings inside.. :)
It has 40 pages with a bit olden edges. The pages are white.
 It was a lot of work, but it was worth it! I am realy happy it looks how it looks :)
Do you like it? I think it is quite good as it is my first wedding guest book! :D


p.s. I am actually in Zakopane! I hope it won't rain all weekend!!! I will be back on Monday, so I will write back on every message then :) Are you going somewhere for this weekend?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a charming vanity bag

 From time to time I make a vanity bag for myself because the old one was too long or was just too boring or ugly. This time, I decided to make it a bit more careful. I have to admit I was doing it quite long! ABout and hour or even more. It's tiny but so time-consuming!
 But I really love it! It fits all my important things which I carry with me every day in my purse: lipstick, mirror, pills, pendrive and keys. And I hate when those things just dissappeare somewhere in my bag, that is why from few years I always have a vanity bag with me.
 I found in one of my boxes an old, broken bow headband.. and this is where the bow for it came from! :)
Finally, a vanity bag I really really like! :D

Ohh I forgot to make a photo of the interior! It is in navy blue and white stripes, and it has a special pocket for my pills.. Imagine please :D

Monday, July 25, 2011

small patchwork

 Few weeks ago I won a wonderful giveaway at Jednoiglec. The candy consisted of a bunch of fabric squares and pieces of beautiful, colorful fabrics. I was in love with those squares from the moment I opened the package! And few days after I received the suprise, I started sewing a quilt (tiny picnic/trip blanket!) from the squares I got.
After I finished I decided it could not be a tiny picnic/trip blanket because these fabrics are too beautiful! So I thought it could be a table cloth
 It has a perfect size for one of my shelfs, and it looks good there under a bunch of magazines, my sewing machine and a stained glass lantern. It fits really well!
And I'm glad because it's the most straight patchwork I have ever sewed! Yay!

Thank you so much Julianna
P.S. Go and visit her blog! She is really.. really.. really a patchwork genius!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

laptop bag

 At the beginning I would like to say sorry for bed photos! My camera makes quite nice photos only in daylight! But I usually finish my projects in the evening.. and I try to post them here as soon as I finish.. so please try to imagine, that everything looks a bit better in reality;p

Today, after I came back from my University (everything is ok, and yes - I'm officially a daily student! yay!) I was thinking what to make.. I checked my 'to do' list and I remembered that I wanted to sew a laptop bag, because my earlier one was black.. boring.. and not very safe too. So I started cutting fabric, and decided to use batting to make the bag stiff and safe. After I finished (a lot of nerves during the sewing caused by the ... batting!) I wasn't really glad of what I created. But you should check it personally:
 It's quite big - I have a normal size laptop.
 It has a enormous button for closure - I didn't want to use magnets because..? I don't really know why?!
 One simple, big pocket in the back of the bag :)
 And a little suprise under the main lapel (is it a good word?)! A USB computer mouse hehe :) I thought it would be funny if I sewed something like this.. so.. I did! Of course there is a little mistake.. it is upside down!!! I noticed it when I sewed everything together.. but I have a little hope.. that it doesn't look very bad because of it..
 The interior is flowery.. but it is incredibly crooked! I almost cried because of the batting, because it destroyed everything (now I know I am a beginner in sewing batting - super beginner)
 The handle is made of two fabrics as you can see :)
 I'm a quite skinny person, so this bag looks sooooooo big on me!!
And here you can see it hanging on my 'flowery' wall :d

This bag is seriously very crooked for me.. I hate making crooked things! But it is safe for my laptop, so I will probably wear it sometimes. Do you like it? I'm not fully convinced that it looks good;p

I need your genuine opinion!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

plush house

Bad photos.. veeeeeeeeeery bad photos but you have to forgive me.. it was a very stressful day for me :) But you can read about it at the end of this post :)
At the end of this awfully stressful day.. I decided to sew something for a kidd :) Some kind of a plush toy! And here it is.. a plush, flowery house!
 30cm tall and 13cm wide
fabrics that I used were bought on Grunwald :) except the flowery one.
I planned to make a chimney too, but something went wrong and it was crooked so I got rid of it!
It really looks cute in reality, I just need one of my friends to get pregnant.. ladies - I'm counting on you! Haha

And now something for people interested in my life: remember when I mentioned that I tried to get on daily studies, instead of afternoom? And that I wasn't admitted? Well, it turned out I am admitted! I am soo happy right now. But it was a really stresfull day because when I got home after I carried all documents and signed the document confirming my admittion.. I noticed that all my personal information on the document were wrong.. my address, my PESEL etc. so I have serached my University's website and found out.. That there is a candidate with the same name and surname!!!!!! My surname isn't really popular.. i heared it mayby two times in my life except my family.. but the same name and surname?! I thought I will die of stress!!!! They confused my personal information with her's and I was afraid that in reality that other girl passed, and was admitted. I was trying to phone my university for an hour, and finally someone answered.. I talked a bit with the nice woman.. and she said that it was just a silly mistake.. I signed two documents, one for the University and other was for me.. And only the one for me was confused! Oh my.. I was so happy.. It turned out I was admitted, and that other Agnes wasn't.. she had less points.. but OMG you can't believe how much stress it was for me! I am actually unbeliveable happy because I'm officially a daily student. I am starting everything from the beginning.. but who cares.. I don't have to pay enormous money for studying and I will have all days through the week (afters school) for myself! Yay!

Thank you for 'listening' and for every comment you leave. I am really really thankful!

edit: 21st July 2011
new photo of my plush house made today (daylight )

Monday, July 18, 2011

guest post at Crafted Love

A week ago I had a guest post at Crafted Love! A wonderful blog which is written by Allison! I just wanted to show you what I have wrote about sooo.. I have copied that post here :) every word like at Allison's blog :)


Hello! My name is Agnes, but in our enormous blog word I'm known as Marysza :) from this blog or this shop.
When Allison asked me if I could make a guest post I was really in a deep shock! I was just a reader of her blog so I didn't think she would really notice me :) But I'm very thankful for this gesture!

Of course, I had no idea what could I wirte about.. Eventually I thought I could show you my room.. It's nothing special really, most things are handmade or really really cheap hehe :) The worst thing about my room is that it has to be a craft room, a bedroom, a study and a living room in the same time. It is hard if your room has only 3x4 metres.
I would like to show you few photos :)
 I have 'separated' my room by two shelfs..
  When you come in my room, first thing you see is my enourmous, soft chair with lots of pillows. It is a perfect place for reading books or studying, especially during winter when I drink my hot Yerba Mate on this little table next to the chair.. :)
 I love pictures, photos, paintings etc. so as you will see they are on every wall in my room :) Below you can see some photos, my painting, marathon1981 painting and two embroidery hoops with colorful fabrics :)
On this wall you can see four A4 paintings on canvas which I made about 4-2 years ago.. My photo selfportrait and one of my favourite painter Egon Schiele's 'Seated woman with bent knee'
 On the top of one of the shelfs there is a big canvas inspiration board. I destroyed my old painting 70x100cm and nailed a fabric to the frame :) An easy way of making a cute board to your room! :)
On the right, there is a painting of an unknown author.. I found it in the garbage of my art school when I was cleaning the class after my classes.. Isn't it beautiful? I can't believe someone just threw it out!
 Oh, and here one of my most favourite things in the room (except my sewing machine of course!). Two typewriters! I love their colours and the way you write on them.. it is so loud but so pleasant and fun!
 And the wall which I finished remaking today.. It consists of a little gallery of my old photos, two inspiration boards, chest of drawers with cosmetics and jewellery on top and my big desk with a little mess :) 
This little gallery is a very simple and interesting way to fill a blank space on your wall. Just hammer two pegs, find a quite still wire and paint your wooden clips in different colours.. isn't it like super easy?
 Ohhh and of course! There is a special place under my desk, for a wicker suitcase.. which is a space only for my handmade notebooks..
 Thank you for a chance to show myself (eeek.. my room exactly!) here :) I hope you will like this little post and come visit my blog to see some of my sewing, scrapbooking, photography, calligraphy and drawing :)

Have super nice holidays! And don't forget to post about them! :)
Hugs for all blogaholics!




I hope it was a good idea to write about my room.. which I have never showed before here :) Do you like it?

ps. look here! there is a wonderful, colorful giveaway!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

another special order

 Another special order for one of my blog friends! Few weeks ago I created this notebook. Curiously was in love with it. I sold it quite fast so she asked me to make another one, which looked just the same as the elegance&romance notebook :) And here it is!
 I was happy that I had all materials needed for it left! Uff!
 It is as thick as the previous one :)
 Creamy pages, size A6.
 Creamy leather strap for closure.
 And an embroidered fabric for the interior.
 400 pages.
 Flowers, flowers, flowers!
 Olden pages as usually :)
 And a lace on the front cover :)
I hope she will like it when she will receive it :) As she asked, it looks just identic like the previous one! :) I really enjoyed making a copy, it's not that easy to make it.. I usually don't know how thick a notebook will be.. So happy I managed! :)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

flowery beauty

 New notebook!
And it's not a special order :) It is available in my shop!
I used my new recycled fabric.. I love the pattern, I hope you will like it too!
It's a vintage fabric.. I think..?
 400 creamy pages A6..
 Leather brown strap for closure - 48cm long.
 And a beautiful vintage fabric for the interior!
 Edges olden by me of course :)
 As you can see it is very thick - 8cm at it's widest point, 4cm at the narrowest.
I'm really in love with this one :) Probably because the flowery and vintage pattern :)
I hope you like it as much as I do!

Ps. Yesterday was not a good day.. I received some bad informations.. the post office makes problems.. I received an information than I'm leaving to work (Grunwald) a day earlier than I supposed I will go.. It ruined plans with my lovely A. (I'm so sorry) and everything sucks. Seriously. I hope everything will get better very very soon! Well, I'm going to Grunwald today and I hope everything will be just fine - like last year.

I want to start my studies again - I'm trying to be admitted to my university again but this time on daily studies. Keep your fingers crossed, it is very important for me because my evening studies are too expensive. Wish me luck!

I hope your Tuesday was better than mine!


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