Friday, September 30, 2011

The time has come to announce the winner of the giveaway!
Well yes, I know that the drawing was planned for the 31st September.. but as most of you probably notices there is no 31st September at all!! Haha I made a mistake when I was creating the post with the giveaway haha! I'm leaving town for the weekend.. so I had to make the drawing today morning!
Congratulations mizuhanome! Please send me your address!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Romantic Set

 Lately I had a quite long break from making thick notebooks (but I have to get back and realise some private orders!) and I was making some different stuff.. Three days - a week ago - I was making wallets and purses. Why? And why so long (much!)? Well.. I will tell you later.. when I will know that everything is set and ok! :d
Now, I'm introducing the first set! The Romantic one - flowers, pink colour and lace. It is a really cute set. I really really like it and I'm thinking of making a similar one for myself ;p Photos aren't very good as you can see.. I was making them on my balcony to have some good daylight.. but I couldn't make any good ones :(
 As you can see the wallet is small - perfect for smaller bags :)
 It has a lot of pockets - the most important -> a zippered pocket for pennies!
 And few pockets for your business cards and documents :)
 The back is plain (without buttons and laces).
 And now the purse! It has two pockets (or we can say that it is just divided to have 2 parts). Why? Well.. for me it is really helpfull.. I always have my tablets on one side, and rest of my crap on the other;p it's easier to find everything;p - seriously! I sometimes have problems with finding my lipstick in my purse haha!
 I really really hope you like it. Please tell me what you think about this new set :) 

And here is a little sneak peak of what I have started making two days ago.. Ohhh I hope I will finish it soon and it will look good (oh please please look good!).
Oh Oh! And I'm leaving town for the weekend - again - we are going to visit my A.'s countryside! Ahh I love visiting that place with him! :d Hope we will have a good time.. and of course.. I hope you will have a great time on your weekend too! Some plans??

P.S. Thank you guys soooo much for supporting my Handy Notebooks! I can't believe I have sold 6 of them already! Thank you so much!!!


(again sorry for the bad photos!!)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Handy Notebooks vol.2 - continuation

New Handy Notebooks in my shop! Just 7 more - I noticed that two of them vere a bit bad quality so I didn't put them in my shop.. I'll give them to someone of my friends probably :) And one went to a new owner already! :) 
If you like them - just click on the links below to go directly to their page in my shop!
 1. 23. 4.
5. 6. 7.

Of course - if you don't want to buy through etsy - no problem! Just send me an e-mail and we will talk about the details: marysza.fotolog [at!]

This is probably the last supply of Handy Notebooks in 2/3 months.. who knows.. maybe longer! -> Academic Year starts in few days! Eeek! Keeping fingers crossed fr all my readers who study! Hope you will have very very good schedules! :D


P.S. My birthday was last Friday [23rd].. It was a wonderful dayy (and weekend!) spent with my boy just eating good stuff and playing games.. Wish every weekend was pleasant like this one! Thank you A.! ;*

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Handy Notebooks vol.2

Hi there fellow bloggers! Today something you should like - how do I know? 
Because the last time I made this I had a lot of positive opinions from you guys!
But this time I changed the name from tiny to handy.. ;p
I made about 23 handy notebooks, but 2 of them were damaged and one was sent
to one of my readers (for being my 100 watcher on fb)! 10 of them are already available
in my etsy shop! I will show you just little photos, if you want to see more details 
please just click on the links below!
 1. 2. 3. 4.
 5. 6. 7. 8.
9. 10.

What do you think, is it a good idea to sell these Handy Notebooks on etsy? And is the price good? I just want to know your opinion :) Which is your favourite?

10 more comming these week! And my birthday is in few days.. yay! Can't wait - the best gift on my birthday: my parents are going on a weekend trip and my A. is comming to stay with me for the whole weekend! Yay! Can't wait!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Musician's Journal

 A new special order for a special client! Few weeks ago Sigurbjorg asked me if I can make a notebook for her. She showed me a project of what sie would like it to look like.. and about a week ago I started it!
I have to admit it is quite complicated, and I wasm making it quite long! But it as a nice challenge :)
As you can see it's a notebook with a music motive.
It's very big and very thick. A5 - 400 creamy pages! :)
Leather strap for closure.
And a striped interior.
I'm really glad how it came out! And I just can't wait to hear Sigurbjorg's opinion about it when she will receive it (hopefully fast!).
Oh and the background is one of my new fabrics.. I had a lot of expenses lately for products for sewing like: zippers, buttons, threads etc. so little things but so expensive! But I hope it will come back to me when I will sell some of my products.. I have a lot.. really a lot of sewing after Sunday!

I'm actually out of town with my A. we are at the countryside. Comming back tomorrow.
Wish you all a lovely lovely weekend!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Leatherette Journal

New fabric - leatherette! I have used it for the first time, and the first time was of course when I was sewing a cover for a new notebook! It was an experiment, and I think it came out quite good. Why? Beacuse it's very simple. I know that some poeople like super simple patterns, so I made this notebook for a try! :)
Oh and I'm really in shock (good shock) that my sewing machine managed to make something of this material! And as usually 400 creamy pages :)
Colour of the notebook - maroon (quite dark red - something between red and brown). It has a leather brown strap for closure.
And a striped red & white interior!
It's thick - 6,5 cm(approximately 2 1/2'). I can't stop making thick journals.. Sometimes I think you all are bored of them.. but I like them so much.. that I can't stop! :)
If you are interested in buying it.. hop on to my Etsy Shop!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dreamer's Journal

Yes.. yes.. i'm still obsessed with clouds! And I have no idea when this obsession will go away haha! I received some beautiful fabrics from my partner Nerina on Tara's Scrap Swap. I was so happy when I saw this beautiful blue linen! The same day I have received it, I created a new journal.
But this time this is a super big journal. 360 creamy pages A5. It's really big. I think that the size is veeeery similar to the one I made for Ann from Moje Zielone Wzgórze.

As you can see.. this one has an innovation! Two pockets on the inside cover! I have no idea why I have made them. I just think, that some people hate carrying a lot off stuff in thei bags.. these pocket will solve the problem. Everything - pencils, cards, business cards etc. will be in one place. With no searching through the whole bag!
Ahh this blue linen looks beautiful, don't you think?
Still can't make good photos - have no idea why! I hope my next notebooks (comming at the end of September) will have better photos!

P.S. I had a very tough evening yesterday.. had some problems home.. Keep your fingers crossed! And wish me luck that everyhing will be ok! Thank you A. for help, and making my mood a lot better! ;*

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Woodgrain again!

 As a good seller's principle says: 'When an item sells, make it again. When it sells again.. make another one!' I made a new woodgrain pattern notebook! I sold already 3 with this pattern - but of course every one is different from the previous! This one is quite simple - but the notebook itself is very thick!
400 cramy pages size A6! How thick is the journal? - 8cm (approximately 3 1/4')
 It's closed by a black leather strap - 59cm (approximately 23 3/4') long! :)
 And what can I say more.. It's quite a simple pattern with no flowers :o so it can be also a good gift for a man (maybe a poet?) who knows! :)
 Some detailes photos :)
If you like it veeeery veeery much - guess what.. You can buy it haha :D Just hop on to my etsy shop and you will see it there!


P.S. Don't miss my two giveaways! First here, second here.
P.S.2. And don't miss Dom's Crafted Magazine!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

New Bag + Crafted Magazine

First: sorry for bad photos!! I have no idea why they look so awful! But lately I can't make any good photos lately! It's my anti-talent, bad light in my room or my camera is a bit broken?! Anywaaaay.. I had to make some photos of my new bag.. and here it is!
I'm not very glad of it - why? Because it is striped, and I don't really have anything what would make a good set with this bag! But I just wanted to sew a bag not using flowery fabrics! ;p
ohh gosh. I seriously need a model! making photos of me hodling my bags using a self-timer isn't a good idea! it really isn't ;p
 As my previous bag - it has a big big pocket inside for a book (I hate when my books are somewhere in the bag with other stuff which are sometimes dirty!) and a small pocket for my phone :) I really love this fabric.. and I don't have it much left! I will cry - seriously - when I will finish it, because they don't produce it any more in Ikea! Uh :(
I'm thinking of selling this bag - but just thinking :)

Oh Oh and now something more exciting! 
My blog friend Domi has been creating a Crafted Magazine for few weeks.. and now.. now it's here! The first issue was launched today morning! Yay! I have read half of it tyll now - and I have to say it.. I love it! So colorful and funny. And a lot {lot lot} inspiration there! 

And want to hear the best part?
The first issue is free! Just click here to go on Domi's blog and theg download it!

I am dreaming of holding a magazine like this in my hands in a paper edition. I wish we had in Poland some creative people who would create a magazine like this!

Domi - your brilliant! Can't wait for the second issue!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Back to School - Vintage Pencil Case

A while ago I bought a lovely vintage geometrical green fabric.
I just had to sew a pencil case from it! Perfect for my new University year!
It's quite simple - but in my eyes it's just perfect! Adorable!
Small, but the size is perfect for things I use most often!
Do you like simple pencil cases?

I have just baked some hazelnut-nutella cupcakes.. ahh heaven!
Oh and I was out of town for the weekend - I have visited my A.'s countryside again. I love spending time there. Seriously I just love it. But this time there wasn't just nature and us. There was also some paint! But I won't show you my A's graffitis. I will show you just my little thing.. first time holding sprays ever! Wish we had some colorfull cans!

Oh my goosh! It looks awful! But I will make something nicer next time (I hope) haha :D So much fun! But difficult too! I need some colorful cans! :D


Thursday, September 01, 2011

Back to School Edition + Groups + Giveaway vol.2

 Hello there! I was a busy bee on Tuesday! I made few notebooks.. and other stuff.. which I'm going to show you soon :) But first of all.. I would like to show you some stuff I sewed for myself for the beggining of the school year - well, I sewed it a bit early (I'm a student so my school year starts in October) but as I say - when you feel inspired.. DON'T waste it!! 
As you can see I have sewed a little pencil case and a lunch bag.. But I will show you more details of these things later.. this post is all about the new anchor notebook!
 I wanted to do a notebook inspired by my old anchor one a long time ago.. and at last I did it! It's of course smaller and a bit different from the previous one :)
Size is A6 - 400 pages. A thick journal with a thick leather strap for closure. My journals are getting thicker and thicker! This one is 7/8cm deep! The pages are creamy - I have no idea if the photos show good colours - something is wron with my computer and my colours are really really weird (sorry)!
 The anchor has an identic shape to the previous one - I really like the heart on the end of it.
 Like you can see the cover inside is from a red&white striped fabric. One of my favourite fabrics from Ikea - ohh a big shame because they don't produce it any more! :(
It will appear in my etsy shop today evening or maybe tomorrow if someone is interested :)

Now two very important informations for my lovely readers!
First I would love to invite you to my two new groups! One is on Etsy
and the second one is on Flickr! Just click on the links and if you want join our group! if you want to join on flickr you have to send me a message with your profile name so I can add you! To etsy there is no problem - just click 'join'! :)

And the second information is veeery good for you guys! Haha! I'm organising a giveaway at Heart Handmade UK! If you want to join just go over to Claire's blog and check how to participare! What can you win? Well.. my new laptop bag!
You liked it so I hope you will like the chance to win it!

I hope you are having a good day! I have a headache so I'm going for a short rest now.. because later.. cinema! Yay!



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