Friday, July 30, 2010


e are going on WOODSTOCK! yay! i'm a little scared cuz it's my first time, but anyway i hope it will be fun :) keep your fingers crossed;d yay! ;d

Thursday, July 29, 2010


continuation of exercises :)

a sad story of a croocked patchwork

few days ago i started sewing together 80 little (12x12cm -> 10x10cm) squares..
i didn't want to make the back from a classic fabric, but i wanted something waterproff.. so i was looking for a cheap oilcloth (cerata). when i finished sewing together all those squares they didn't look bad. of course they were croocked, but not very bad.. i couldn't wait to finish my first big patchwork..
i wanted this to be a blanket for picnics or other little walking trips.. sometimes the grass is wet, so a waterproff back would be perfect..

yesterday i found the oilcloth.. it wasn't very expensive and it looked cheerfull :)

today i woke up.. ate breakfast.. and started sewing the oilcloth and the squares together.. now i have finished.. and it looks like this..
from a big distance like this it looks quite good, doesn't it?

from this distance you can see that the squares are sewed together not very straight..

and here you can see.. that everything gone wrong.. it's croocked.. very croocked.. i'm so disapointed! you know, someone who doesn't sew won't see it immediately.. but for us.. it's just unbeliveable!! :(

i'm sad because of this croocked patchwork!! :(

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tissue cover for Juunka

this is a 'thank you' gesture for Juunka.. for the candy i won at her blog :)
hope she will like it.. i'm not really satisfied with it, i thought it will look better when i'll finish it.. but now i don't have time to do another one..

are some of ya's goin to visit the Europe's biggest musical festival - woodstock?
if everythin will be ok.. i'm going there.. for the first time.. and i'm a little scared.. again;d


oh i forgot to show you the interior..

short note

short note.. to stay alive here :)

coffee break (photo from about a week ago:))

and exercises from calligraphy - continuation :) i hope that one day.. every page in this notebook will be full of my calligraphy excercises! :)

omg;o i just realised that i lost all photos from the restaurant i have to paint in September!! ;o omg;o what now;o;o STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID ME!! grrrr!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a short relation from Grunwald

this photo relation will be super short cuz i didn't have time to do photos.. but i'm happy because of that cuz a lot of photos means usually that i'm bored;d

our tent and stand (before)

a lot of stands (silence, tourists didn't torture us that day)

a lot of fights were organised behind our stands, but we didn't have time to watch them.. it was just a short walk to see where wverything is situated :)
our two other stands and my friend Sybilla next to her desk where she was writiing names on certyficates :) (i had more space and our bosses were always with her;d ha;d)

and my stand (after haha;d)

our half-naked neighbour;d

me, on my friend's stand. this thing on my head was just for this photo;p

and a short video i took during a little break.. you can see the knights and woman crossing by..

my little space where i was writting :) (little cuz we had here a lot of products :))

the famous Grunwald Battle (em.. from the place where i was sitting i saw only little dots, not fighting knights)

and here is something funny..

i was sleeping.. and it was great storm outside.. well i thought that it's raining about half an hour.. but omg i wasn't half an hour.. but like hmm.. 2/3hours ;o and the best part is that Artur and Sybilla were drinking coffee outside the tent and they were just watching and laughing!! haha;d (....). I woke up and saw water in our tent. few minutes later and we could swim on our mattresses!! on this photo you can see my legs (i'm wearing shoes) when i stand up and tried to safe our bags, rucksacks, clothes etc. (everything was under the water haha).

you are probably suprised why we had such great moods even when we almost loose all our things.. well this trip/work was an unbeliveable fun. i met a lot of great people. but this work was really pleasant. contact with people, drinking beer and laughing all the time. i'm not really able to write/show you how fun it was.. you have to believe in my words :)
It was really a great time.
the strangest thing is that i didn't see anyone from here..

new bag

about my trip a bit later. now i want to show you my new bag :) i bought 2 new fabrics when i was on Grunwald. i love the canvas fabric. it's super hard, resistant and it looks good with almost everything (in my oppinion :)) and i had it cheaper cuz our 'neighbours' sold them cheaper for me :)

attention: it looks a lot better in reality - i'm not in mood to think about good photos..
i was to lazy to press it when i finished sewing everything;p it's my first bag with a handle which can change lenght :)

and also, it's my first time with a zippered pocket - method of trial and error - and omg it's soooo crocked;p

size of this bag: it can fit an A4 or even few centimetres bigger books (for studies :( tomorrow i'll get the final information if the university accepted me on evening classes on my dreamed specialization.. my chances are very low.. but i still have a glimmer of hope.. anyway wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed.. cuz it always helps :))

and look what i got in the mail yesterday :)
the price i won from Juunka's candy!
a lot great and usefull stuff! i always wanted brads like those! and i'm already in love with the shains brancelet! and the sticker 'the future is analogue is just perfect! thank you so much! it was an unbeliveable luck! everything is lovely but i think it would take a lot of time to write about every object from this little chest! ;d

Monday, July 12, 2010

exercises & something yummy

some exercises from Friday (?) i really should do them more often.. but i'm soo lazy!!!!
and a quick pic of something yummy i'm eating now.. cherrys!!!!

i'm leaving town on Wednesday and i'm going to Grunwald.. hope i'll wont die there from thirst;o i'm a little scared.. hope everything will be ok.


Friday, July 09, 2010


continuation of my exercises;d

Thursday, July 08, 2010

day with ann

i met with miss ann today and we went to M1 City Center.. but before the city center we met and i gave her something i sewed for her yesterday.. it isn't super beautifull.. cuz i couldn't finish it like i wanted.. but i'm really happy that she likes it!! 

and sewing it was my first time with pins! and omg they are so easy to use and the work goes faster and easier with them.. and i was so afraid of them!! haha;d
and here it is.. i wanted it to be.. more casual on the out-side..

and more 'funny' in the inside.. but it looks how it looks.. the pocket is the best;d

After that..
we visited this market cuz i saw some boxes with a french pattern.. and she loves France.. she want's to stylizate her new room in this theme. well we went there only for this boxes and we were out of life for 4h? first a lot of clothes.. omg and one dress was soo funny. i wuld show you but you could die of laugh (like in the monthy python's film with the funnies joke;d) it had all (seriously) all trends of thiss summer.. everything on ONE dress!! but you won't imagine it probably.. it's to hard to imagine;p
i bought a lovely blouse!! i love it already!! but i bought a smaller size than in the photo.. and my lovely leggins;d they are extremaly comfortable;d (btw - nice photo ann took? didn't she?;d)

then like always hours spent in EMPIK;d and something that literally KILLED US. smashed us. broke us. kicked us and omg us;d
a magazine.. which costs 268zł!!!!
who would believe us if not the photo!!!!

next? something for miss ann. if you want to buy her a present - buy this book!
paris! paris! paris! paris!

something i got in the mail today after i came back home;d

ahh;d rotring calligraphy pens i ordered two days ago.. love them already.. i visited my granny today with my parents so i took them and did some exercises..
but of course one pen didn't work well so we tried to fix it with my mom. results..
page with my exercises? - with ugly stains
mom's bluse? - also with ugly stains
noughty pen? - fixed

;d the text i was exercising on is Leonard Cohen's poem/song i found in the internet.. i just forgot the texts i usually write so i had to find something using my dads computer:)

ok that was a long note, hope you like it. half of the things i wanted to write unfortunately escaped from my head;p now i need to eat my dinner which is waiting for me COLD on my desk;d

and tomorrow? i'm going to the cinema with my parents;d omg i persuaded my parents to go cus they didn't see a 3D film yet and the last time they were in the cinema was when i was little and we went to see the third sixth part of Star Wars;d ages ago!! ;d oh and they really like Shrek;d me too;d


Wednesday, July 07, 2010


this paper is beautiful, unfortunately those are my last pages.. :)
text for my friend. guns'n'roses's song :)

Monday, July 05, 2010

pin-cushion and other stuff

small pin-cushion similar to the one i sent to marathon1981 :) i wanted to do something today.. but i didn't know what.. so i started to play with felt.. :)
bad photos.. cuz i'm actually too lazy to think and do them right..
p.s. i looks much better in reality cuz it's tiny.. cute!! ;p


edit: 23:59

i think that this pin cushion won't be a pin cushion any more..
it's a decoration for my keys right now;p and next picture portrait of my sewing machin - Kornelia xd from felt haha and a board with my actuall project for the little girl's room.. unfortunately you can't see it;d but i'll show you when i'll finish it;d

now.. BED! ;d


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