Monday, May 31, 2010

fabrics and organise

i bought some new fabrics yesterday :) a black cotton (cuz my black linen is almost gone, and i can't imagine that i can have colorful fabrics without a black one!!), a blue fabric similar to the one i have my curtains of and a white one with nice green flowers (unfortunately it was the last piece, and so i couldn't buy more than 1m) i don't know what i'll sew from them yet, but i couldn't resist buying them!!
and i bought some tins for all my sewing stuff! i had things i use when i sew everywhere in every drawer and in every box.. now, at last i have everything organised in those lovely tins. they are very usefull and they look cute (and they were cheap!!)

and today, when i'll be back from my boy i'l probably think what to sew!

p.s the sun-rain-sun-rain weather is getting really annoying!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

new bag finished

the bag from yesterday's post, i finished it today, and made a bit better photos.. :) here it is!
the exterior (i know that the stitches on the handles are crooked but i used the backstitching.. now i know it was a bad idea :) the circles are from an old bag my boy's mom gave me to destroy;d (in my oppinion - recycle;p) they are very usefull as you can see :)now, the linning! two pockets and a keyring. pockets are perfectly measured for my iPod and my phone;d and the keyring is for.. hmm keys or my lucky teddybear;d i love this material's pattern!
and here the decorative stitch.. let's say it was an experiment! but i like it :)
i like it a lot! i'm not sure if it is resistant (wytrzymały) cuz i sewed is quite quick (quick for my abilities)
isntead the pale blue fabric i'd take (if i had..) a intensive blue, green, purple fabric.. something with an intensive colour!! oh and now, when i'll earn some money i will buy eco leather! and i'll try to make a bag similar to the one i have for about 2 years and i use it all the time!

and here's a photo of little sunflowers we bought today for tomorrow. it's the day when we receive our certificates etc. the official day when we end his school!
why sunflowers? i think that people who read this blog longer than a week know :) (except the point i love those flowers) :)
now i have to get dressed and woke up my body cuz my boys is visiting me today :)
have a nice day!

new bag

a quite big bag for.. ME! i love it! but there is one thing i would like to change in it, but i can't: instead the pale blue fabric i'd use a intensive green or blue. and it's a bit careless.. cuz i wanted to do it very quick! and it wasn't a goo idea;p next time i'll do it slowly and i'll be more careful;d it has two perfect sizes pockets for my phone and my iPod, and a hanging something for keys or a teddybear ;d can't wait tomorrow when i'll definately finish it! i can't do it now cuz it's too late to use my sewing machine and.. i'm a bit tired also :) hope you like it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

pillow for my mom :)

my parents are going for a trip next Monday/Tuesday to Italy.. and my mom said that she needs a small pillow, cus they will spend a lot of time in the coach, and she doesn't like when her head is hitting at the window;p so i sewed one today:) i finished a moment ago, and she likes it! :) it's about 30x30cm, i don't have much fabrics, i used ones i have a lot. my first patchwork something! :)and here are some stamps i borrowed today from Ann, i like them aaaa loooot already!

and now? relax? computer games or something like that;d


tote for Ann

i finished a simple tote for Ann today. first time without any books or something like that. two pockets inside. Ann picked the materials and i did everything like she wanted. it looks better in reality :)
now i have to think about a bag for myself!
p.s. i hate my neighbour from the first floor (15/37) please kill him.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

i visited a second-hand near my home on Monday, and i saw a great kinda heavy-weight fabric, perfect for a lining.. but it was too expansive for me (i borrowed so much money from my parents and my boy, and now i'm seriously broke and i need money to give them back.. i can't spend on anything). today.. i went to this second-hand again, i was crossing by.. i came in and the material was there all the time! and it's Friday today, so the shop has super low prices.. and i bought it for like 2.90zl haha;d and i got this extra big thread for free! cuz the lady who was selling knew i liked it, so she said that i can take it cuz it just takes place in the shop! haha now that was a good treasure hunt!
and now the sad part of the day: i just finished watching the final episodes of Grey's Anatomy sixth season.. the last two episodes ever.. and omg i cried for almost 2hours!! i was terrified cuz i thought that Derek will die.. and and everyone will die.. and eventually the main people, people that this serial wouldn't be so superextra great were saved and are alive! haha omg i hate myself because of my big love to Grey's Anatomy.. it's the most inteligent, funny, terryfiing.. etc. serial in the whole wide world! i'm so happy that there was (almost) a happy ending.. if it wouldn't be.. i'll probably couldn't sleep at night! haha;d ahh so happy right now. and omg i want to move out somewhere with my boy.. i think i have to play Lotto games or something.. it's the only way..
my godfather from Poznań arrived.. i'm happy cuz i like him very much but i can't sew! cuz i'm ashame! and i want to sew an apron for my mom or a new bag for myself! can't wait! ;d
hope you have a good day :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

after oral exams

i am sooooooooooooooooooo happy and excited! i'm after all my final exams! and i have soooo good results from all oral exams!! omg you can't imagine how happy i am! today's exam was great! the examinators (two super nice and cheerful ladies!) were great! and i'm soooo happy i was talking in english after a very long break! after i got out of the oral exam, and i was waiting for the result i was smilling all the time because of the super nice and funny conversation we had! ahh i'm soooo happy! now i'm just waiting for 4 results from written examinations. i hope i'll pass everything and that i'll have a good result from the written advanced english examination! omg i'm actually so excited! and my summer holidays started today after leaving the school! level of my excitation is soooo big! i don't know what can i do right now! haha!
thank you all! ;d

Thursday, May 20, 2010

after the first oral english exam

i passed the exam quite good, i'm afraid of tomorrow's exam cuz it's an advanced level.. and i really don't remember a lot of stuff!! seriously.. i'm really terrified..
after i got back from school i started translating lotta's book, the chapter with the oven mitt tutorial.. and after i finished that.. i started to do it :) few hours with one break and i have done it! it's a gift for mother's day for my mom, i gave it today cuz she saw me doing it.. just a few days before mothers day :) i realised her's little dream.. she always wanted a oven mitt :) it was a weird experience working with wool batting and doing the spiral! hope you like it :) oh and it's very comfortable!
and what now? i think i'll go to bed cuz i'm seriously really tired..
and keep your fingers crossed tomorrow! and wish me luck! it always helps :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


keep your fingers crossed tomorrow, we have an english oral exam :)

leather phone covers

today after little shopping (but not for me..) with my friend i started sewing :) my dad wanted a leather cover for his phone.. so i sewed it :) from some pieces my mom found somewhere in the closet.. i sewed two, because.. the first one is too small!! all the time i have no idea how i made it too small!! ;o now i have a break and i'm wondering what could i sew next.. hmm maybe another bag from lotta's book? it's the last bag tutorial in this book.. but i don't think i'll manage to sew it today, and i don't want to have anything to finish tomorrow, cuz after i'll be back from my boy i have to learn for my english oral exam :) and after 20th May.. THE LONGEST SUMMER HOLIDAYS IN MY SCHOOL YEARS!! ;O 4 MONTHS!! ;O

oh and i'm so sorry for people who live on the country side etc. and have problems with the rain.. floods.. here fortunately are just a lot of puddles..

Sunday, May 16, 2010


continuation of the last post. omg i am soooo tired. i'm sewing about 13/14h with short breaks. and heres what i made after that simple tote bag.. (photos are awful cuz i was too tired after finishing it to make some nice photos;p next time;p)

i'm suprised that i i sewed it that good. like you know, i'm just starting to sew! and it's my first bag with a lining! all day tote - all day sewing ;o

the exterior is from black linen, the lining is from fine cotton.. i love the pattern! everything is good.. except one thing.. this bag, because of the fine fabricks.. is too flabby. most of my bags are flabby, but they're shape is different - vertical, and this one is level (?). when you hold it in your hands everything is ok, but when you put it on a table or something it falls and you can se almost everything inside;p

on the last photo you can see a stiffen plastik board. i sewed a cover for it, cuz it goes to the interior of the tote, and it isnt so flabby!! my mom gave me the idea to find something to stiffen the bottom of the bag.. and here it is! ;d

the bag's interior is a little bit different than in Lotta's book, i made two pockets, and one is with a flap on a velcro. maybe i'll take it today with me, but i'm not shure cuz it's raining all the time!!

hope you like it.. please give me your oppinions;p

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a little accent of happines :)

ahh i love those flowers, the fragrance is beautiful.. oh and at last i made my handwriting signature on the computer :) yay!

hmm? a photo of me. i did it today. the reason why i took it is probably the fact that tomorrow i have an oral exam of polish and i even don't have a composition for it written. but as always, i'll problaby finish it today about 10p.m and i will panic tomorrow that i won't pass. i know it, and i'm still doing everything except it!! agrr! hate myself for doing every important school things in the last moment!!
and i have a stomach ache.. :(

anyway, please wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed tomorrow, it always helps :)



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