Something about me

Hello! My name is Agnes but in this beautiful and enormous blog world I'm known as Marysza! If you want to know somethig about me.. read on!
My adventure with 'art' began few year ago when I decided to continue my education in an artistic high school 'School of Arts' in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland. During these four years of education I had contact with a lot of art, mainly with painting, drawing, stained glass, calligraphy, basics of designing etc. I tried to find myself, fing the perfect kind of art for me.. the one I would really feel!
At the end of my education in this art school I accidentaly found a lot of interesting blogs - and here is the moment where everything started! Thanks to this wonderful and full of inspiration blog world I learnt to sew and now, I can't imagine what could I do without this blog, my readers and sewing! All my works are showed here - not only the ones which I make with my sewing machine, sometimes also various photos, journals, sessions, drawings, paintings, inspirations.. etc.

I'm not a professional sewer, but everything what can be created to my home, my bag or some accesories to my clothes I make myself: simple tissue holders, coasters, pillow cases, small patchworks, vanity bags, bags, wallets and of course notebooks! From time to time I sew clothes, but I'm only a beginner in this difficult craft.
Everything around me is a big inspiration, starting from nature and finishing on colorful fashion magazines. My dream is to make my handmade something more than just a hobby, I' dreaming about making it the most pleasant job, which will cover all my bills :)

Oh and enormous THANK YOU for Alan. I wouldn't have been the same person without his support, love and passion. Thank you so much. You will always be one of the most important persons in my life and heart.

Thank you for reading!


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