Thursday, August 30, 2012

Simple Plush Elephant

 Have you heared about the project 'Słoń' (Elephant)? If not I will tell you about it in short.
Polish people can read more about it here. The thing is that you should create an elephant in a free to choose technique and then send it to a special charity foundation and then they will give these elephants to sick children! It's a great opportunity to help the little ones without sending money etc.
This charity event is also our new challenge at Art-Piaskownica.

I, of course, decided to make a plush elephant but firstly I had to draw a project of it. As you can see it's not really difficult to make a project of a plush toy :)
 The first step is to draw a more or less realistic sketch of the thing you want to sew. Secondly you just have to make this sketch super simple remembering that your plush toy can't have too much details. I decided to make a quite flat plush toy so it can be used as a little pillow too.
I'm not really good in sewing toys so my elephant had to be very very simple.. and here it is.. a plush elephant made from a lovely owly fabric! :))
Back is made of a plain violet cotton fabric..
 I really hope it looks like an elephant! I will probably make another one to send to this charity foundation but this time the front fabric will also be plain - why? Because I want to draw details on it (like ears, eyes etc.). I really really hope that the kid who will get it will see an elephant in it! :)
What do you think about this project? I think that every person should participate in this - it's not a difficult thing to do and can make a lot of good! :)

Have a wonderful day,

P.S. I'm back from my open air painting trip! It was a lot of fun.. I created two painting but they are really not good so I won't show them here probably :) But I'm really glad that I paintet something after a two years break!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cat Lover's Notebook

 This post is set to appear automatically - I hope everything will be ok with it! :)
I'm in Nowa Sól, Poland right now on an open-air painting trip with my friend Ann. I didn't paint for a long time but it's a good opportunity to exercise a bit, spend time with my friend and just relax! :)

Today I would like to show you a notebook for cat lovers!
I made it in June.. but didn't have a chance to show you it earlier!
As you can see the cover is grey with various images of cats :)
 It's a simple notebook size A6 with 300 white pages.
 Closed by a white elastic band and has a special place for a pen :)
 It's available in my etsy shop (well not now cuz it's closed, but it will be when I'll be back!).
I hope you spent your holidays amazingly! Mine end on the 31st August because I have to learn for my (last chance) exams the whole September.. ehh :( Keep your fingers crossed for all my exams! :)

Have a wonderful weekend,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cat Lover's Planner

Everyone loves cats, right? If yes, you should really like this planner!
I made it for Izzy - the winner of 'Tell Your Story' challenge!
 She didn't give much details about her dreamed notebook - she just wanted a flowery cat on the front cover.. so.. she has one! This cat is made of Cath Kidston's fabric :)
 The weird thing about this planner is that it is the first one with checked pages (not blank)!
 The interior of the cover is a simple white fabric with a delicate blue pattern..
What do you think? Will she like her new school planner?? I really really hope so!!

I'm leaving town tomorrow so I won't reply on e-mails to the end of the month :)
So if you want something please be patient!

I will make some automatic posts so you won't be bored here.. well.. I hope you won't be bored!

Have a wonderful wonderful day,

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eye and a simple tote bag

 I forgot to show you my work for art-piaskownica's challenge which I created :) The main topic was 'eye' - something you can interpret in many many ways!
As you can see I decided to make something different than always.. and tried to make some kind of application for my wall.. I used only various fabrics and a bit of watercolour paint!
 I have to admit it looks quite creepy on my wall when it's dark.. reminds me of a book I read when I was younger 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' by Lemony Snicket.. :)

Other thing I wanted to show you is a simple tote bag I made about a half year ago.. I just forgot to show you it earlier.. I made it thanks to V and Co. blog!
 It was quite a lot of work with it.. it seems simple but it takes time so cut and sew 20 leaves!
How are your holidays? I have to admit that mine are quite weird..!!

Have a wonderful Sunday evening,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spring Notebook

I still have some notebooks and journals which I haven's shown you! This Spring Notebook was created few weeks ago! It's a simple book without separating cards and has simple pages :)
It has 400 pages size A6. Closed by an elastic band + special band for a pen.
 Great for people who like 'fresh' and spring patterns!
 Lovely mustard yellow & white dotty fabric for the interior cover :)
 And as always a photo of the 'bottom' of the notebook.
 Oh! and I wanted to show you some photos from Władysławowo but I decided to show you only two of them.. why? Well.. my blog is a crafty blog - I don't like showing here things from my simple life and writing about what I do during the day (as you probably noticed!).
So for today only my smiling face with a weird pose ;d
And a beautiful photo which Ann took. As you can see the weather wasn't that bad.. but it was to cold to go to the beach.. so as always I am incredibly pale!!

I hope your weather is much better wherever you are!
Have a wondeful day,

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tell Your Story Summary

Time has come to sum up my little 'Tell Your Story' challenge!
I would like to thank every single person who sent me his/hers story. I am really happy that more that 10 bloggers decided to write something about themselves and helped me create this book.
It's small - size A6 with a typewriter pattern cover.
 At the first page you can see the challenge's logo :) As you can see every story is separated by a colorful page made from various scrapbooking pages (mostly ILS and SODAlicious).
 I read this little book when I was in Wladyslawowo (at the seaside). People were staring at me when they saw this colorful handmade printed something which I was reading  (for eg. in a restaurant!).
 It's quite thick as you can see. I was so happy when I printed everything and binded it together!
 Every story was unique and very interesting - it was very difficult to pick just one winner!!
 It was difficult but one story took my heart away immediately..
 Who is the winner? Who took my heart away? Well.. you can see below! :))
 Izzy! Please contact me by e-mail - so we can talk about your dreamed notebook! 
Like I said before - every story is unique, interesting and beautiful but I had to pick just one winner! I am very veeeery happy that I have organisd this type of challenge - I will organise something like this more often - I promise!! :)) Thank you so much for participation and every single word you all wrote!

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Dotty Patchwork Planner

 Hello again from Władysławowo!
Today I would like to show you one of the notebooks I made for my first Craft Fair in Cracow few weeks ago. Dots, dots and again dots! Everyone loves them :) I made a patchwork Dotty Planner.
Size A6, 400 creamy pages with 5 colorful separating cards. Elastic band for closure and a pen.
 I used all kinds of dotty fabrics, from Michael Miller, Birch Fabrics etc.
 After I will come back from my little holidays I have to sew for another craft fair on which I am probably going.. Ah so much work in August! I hope I won't forget about anything!!! :))
 Keep your fingers crossed for good weather at the seaside!
I hope your holidays are wonderful! To this day I probably finished reading all your stories for the 'Tell Your Story' challenge! I am so thankful for every single word you wrote! Thank you so so much!


Monday, August 06, 2012

Summer Fresh Planner

Hello! I'm in Władysławowo right now! This post is automatic and I hope you won't mind it! I'm relaxing on the beach right now.. (well I hope that the weather is ok where I am right now and I really am on the beach! haha - if not.. I'm probably visiting some interesting places?)

But let's change the topic! I wanted to show you a planner I make for a very nice lady.
 She wanted a fresh, summer planner. She picked a lot of fabrics.. so I decided to make a striped patchwork from them.. I have to admit I really like how it came out!
 It has 400 pages size A6 with 5 colorful separating cards! :)
 Everything as always sewed by hand.. well.. of course except the cover :)
What do you think? Do you like it??

I hope your summer holidays are full of beautiful unforgetable moments!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Photograph's Journal

 I don't remember when I made a journal with rough edges.. long long break!
It's a really long process but I have to admit.. I missed making them!
I made this one for the girl who won my last giveaway! She wanted something like the previous journal with a camera on the cover.. remember? If not, click here!
 This camera is a bit crooked..but the new owner said she liked it so I'm super happy! :)
 Oh I love staring at these rough edges.. something different.. :)
 If I remember good It has 300 pages and of course size A5! So quite big!
What do you think? Have you also missed old looking journals here on my blog?

Im still a bit sick! It's insane.. I am really rarely sick. Almost never!
Eeeeeh! I hope you all feel great! Have a wonderful day,


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