Monday, February 28, 2011

ipod nano 6th generation

oh my.. after almost five years.. of using this lovely ipod.. 2nd generation.. i have changed it..

few months ago i compared my old's ipod sound to my friend's iphone sound and it was so different.. i have used it almost five years.. and i am so thankful it didn't break or anything! it's in perfect shape and i don't know what to do with it now o.O
i have changed it on the newest version of it:
 ipod nano 6th generation.. and.. its green! and i got green headphones;o
you can't imagine how happy I am! that was such a price occasion!
now, can't wait to step into the bus to school, sit and just listen to my music from my new little green friend..!

little dream come true :)

if you want an mp3/4 player, buy an ipod. immortal battery, perfect sound, magnificent appearance and its very handy :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

no sewing, no creating :(

i  really don't like my two last weekends..
 studying.. or thinking about strudying.. :(
one pleasant thing, i can learn to write on my typewriter when i make some homerwork o.O

lots and lots of words to transcript.. about 300 o.O

and now.. i have to start learning for my test from introduction to literature theory 
help o.O

can't wait to make some notebooks!!! and to sew few new things.. so many ideas and so many new fabrics which are just waiting for me ;(

ohh and i watched Sweeney Tod yesterday.. i don't really like musicals, but except this little fact, i liked it :)
and this is my favourite scene from it haha;d

oh.. and i have found my clone today when i was looking for some nice images ;o
same hair color, haircut, lenght.. and same blouse;o

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a little suprise for you all..

i opened a shop on etsy.. i sold two notebooks (thats a lot for me!) and i bought a dreamed typewriter.. perfect reasons for organising.. a.. candy!!

it's my second candy this year, earlier in January drycha won my notebook :) you can see it here!

well this candy will be similar, person who will be the winner will receive my handmade notebook.. she/he will pick the fabrics, or a specyfic pattern.. number of pages and the closing type :) or if she/he wants she will pick a notebook from my shop :)

rules, which allow you to participate in my little candy:
- copy the image below and put in in your blog with information and a link to my blog/shop :)
- leave a comment under this post
- be patient and wait tyll 20th April, this will be the day I will pick a winner (that's my name day;d)
- extra entries: if you will buy something in my shop from today to 20th April, leave another comment with an information that you bought something! :)
- i will ship wordwide! :)

hope you like it! :)


this few weeks will be difficult on my studies :(


Monday, February 21, 2011

you.. are.. soooo.. beautiful!

 ahh! in my previous post i mentioned that i am waiting for a package.. well.. i got it today! can't believe it came so quick! i thought it will be here in the end of the week!
 ahh! she is sooooo beautiful!!!!! in reality it is even more cute! the color is mat green <3
  it writes as you can see, the tape is a bit used, but i already ordered a new one! it has polish letters! and again.. the color is just perfect!
oh, and it came with a lovely suitcase! i didn't see the suitcase when i was ordering this lovely typewriter, i really knew just a bit about it.. cuz the photo of it was very poor.. but i took the risk and i bought it.. and omg how i was suprised when i saw it so perfect! typewriter from my dreams! i was looking for a perfect and not expensive one for weeks! awwwwwwwwww <3
isn't it beautiful?
you will probably call me a lunatic now.. but i really love it! ;d

and some films i recommend to you.. for those cold winter evenings.. (it's snowing here.. again!!!!)
you have heared about it probably.. black swan really great film.. and natalie portman.. great actress!
 this one below.. 'i now pronounce you chuck and larry' i almost die of laughter! adam sandler always make me cry of laughter in comedys, and when he plays with the guy on the left it is just a perfect comedy! except this one i recommend you 'grown ups' the same actors there :)
 and of course 'king's speech', you heared about it for sure.. it's worth to watch it.. very interesting :)

have a nice week! i have to start studying for tomorrow's test :( i hope it's not too late to learn this material..
keep your fingers crossed!

ohhh and as you can see, i changed my blog template.. of course i was doing it instead of learning history this morning o.O the baner is from my little ilustrationf from my journal..
im not really satisfied with the effect, but i have no time today to think about it.. it has to be like this for couple of days.. weeks.. tell me what you think about it :)


Sunday, February 20, 2011

new notebooks & first sold items

 helloooo, long time no see :) this week was quite good.. i started my second semestre at Uniwersytet Śląski and started new subjects.. not so bad.. for now.. :)

i aslo made my first transaction on etsy, a nice girl from Finland bought from me two wood grain pattern notebooks, i have sent them on Wednesday, i hope she will have them tomorrow :) i also send her a little gift because of the fact that she is my first official customer! :)
i hope my little business will run! :)

here is a experiment with coloring pages.. it is a good idea, but unfortunately it takes too muc time to colour pages separately..

and here, my new notebooks.. finished them today :) (i should have beeen larnind English history not making journals!!)

 400 pages A6
 creamy pages
 vintage button and a lace :)
 and the interior :)
 that was the first notebook, now the second one.. 

ladies and gentlemen.. polka dots! i wan't to keep all my notebooks and use them.. i just love them and it's hard for me to leave them.. like for every little artist his works.. :)
 wooden button, white lace
 creamy pages
 and lots nad lots of dots!
 interioooooor :)

ahh i hope someone will like them :) if you are interested you can buy them here: 

now i should start learning history.. cuz on Tuesday i have a test from the whole first semestre.. eeeek..
i really hate learning history.. since.. since.. the first day of school!

oh and this week i should find something in my mail.. i will show you it when it comes.. something i wanted for a long time.. ah can't wait! hope it will work! :) and the best thing about it is that I bought it thanks to the money i have earne from those two sold notebooks! ahh ;D

have a nice week! and keep your fingers crossed for my tests! it always helps;d

Monday, February 14, 2011

new notebook.. a romantic (?) one

 new notebook.. a lot of pages.. new technique for making the pages look old.. and also a bit more complicated cover.. with a patchworked flower design.. :) hope you like it! :)
 444 pages :) 
 80% recycled fabrics :)
 6h of work
 and a romantic cover..

new semestre has began.. and i even didn't pass the earlier one.. have to get mysef together and start learning! i miss my free time already..

miss you already A. ;*


Thursday, February 10, 2011

a special notebook for Drycha

about 2 weeks ago Drycha have won my candy :) her taste is different than mine.. i didn't have a good fabric for her, a fabric which fits to her personality.. but then she mentioned something about lizards.. and stipes..
and here it is! a notebook with a red lizard on the front cover, and red stripes inside!
it was a challenge to make this notebook, i didn't think i am able to sew a thing like this, it was quite complicated (for me;d)
 pages are creamy like most of the notebooks I make
 and a leather stripe to close the notebook

i hope you like it, and i hope that the new owner will love it :)

yesterday i was so excited.. i sold 2 notebooks on etsy! the ones from the previous post with wood grain pattern, it is my first transaction on etsy, hope it will be excellent! oh and i also sold the set of 8 coasters (4 small and 4 big with jug design) and a set of 8 coasters with a flowery heart, but the coasters didn't go on etsy, my friend Ann bought them, she is my best client hehe;d

yesterday i watched a beautiful film, i wanted to see it in the cinema last year but nowhere near my home it was played :( so i had to wait few months.. :)
i don't really watc romantic films very often, and if i do i am usually disapointed with the story.. but this one is really good (in my opinion)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


i have opened my own etsy shop today!

i hope someone wll be interested in my little products :)


but now photos! :)
first notebook on sale finished!

second notebook for sale also finished..

and the last notebook for today, i have to pull myself together tomorrow and finish other;d

photos aren't that good.. but i hope that they will help me sell the products..

that was a wonderfull weekend (too short!).. and thank you for your help A. ;*

oh! and i sewed 8 coasters today. 4 big ones f.e. for plates and 4 small ones for mugs :)

nice Friday!



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