Thursday, February 10, 2011

a special notebook for Drycha

about 2 weeks ago Drycha have won my candy :) her taste is different than mine.. i didn't have a good fabric for her, a fabric which fits to her personality.. but then she mentioned something about lizards.. and stipes..
and here it is! a notebook with a red lizard on the front cover, and red stripes inside!
it was a challenge to make this notebook, i didn't think i am able to sew a thing like this, it was quite complicated (for me;d)
 pages are creamy like most of the notebooks I make
 and a leather stripe to close the notebook

i hope you like it, and i hope that the new owner will love it :)

yesterday i was so excited.. i sold 2 notebooks on etsy! the ones from the previous post with wood grain pattern, it is my first transaction on etsy, hope it will be excellent! oh and i also sold the set of 8 coasters (4 small and 4 big with jug design) and a set of 8 coasters with a flowery heart, but the coasters didn't go on etsy, my friend Ann bought them, she is my best client hehe;d

yesterday i watched a beautiful film, i wanted to see it in the cinema last year but nowhere near my home it was played :( so i had to wait few months.. :)
i don't really watc romantic films very often, and if i do i am usually disapointed with the story.. but this one is really good (in my opinion)


  1. Myślę ze koleżanka powinna być zadowolona z wygranej :) Oglądałam Listy do Julii. Dobry jest. No i jeszcze raz gratuluje! Jak tam sprawy z listem? Nie udao mi sie załatwić wizy, ale w liście dowiesz się jaką ciekawą propozycję dostałam :D

  2. fantastyczny notes! a ja myślałam, że z tego jaszczura to podkładki będą :)

  3. Notes jest booooooooski jak najbardziej :D Koleżanka zadowolona bardzo bardzo :D

    Dzisiaj (wybacz, ze dopiero teraz) pochwaliłam się nim na blogu ;)

    Skoro chwalisz, chyba obejrzę sobie te listy do Julii.


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