Friday, June 24, 2011

oh what a happy happy day!

 Why is it so happy? Well.. I had my last exam today (which I have failed, but nevermind)! And it means.. that I have holidays until September! Yay! I am smiling all day long :) I have so much energy that I have to 'put into something'! For a warmup, I baked cupcakes today.. and as you can see below, I made a little decoration :)
 The decoration is a bit crooked, but I'm too happy to worry about it haha;d I am actually glad of the photo above, I have a weird stagnation in photography, I cant make any good or pretty cute photos. I like today's ones so so much!
 Please don't look at the crooked lines;p
 Oh and here (below) you can see my new t-shirt with.. a muffin! ♥ isn't it just super cute?! (t-shirt from Reserved)
 And also today's things - two (kinda) flags or banners? Made super fast.. I have no idea how to call them :) I am thinking of putting them into the ground of my home's flowers :)
 Well.. what can I say more.. my holidays started.. so you will probably see a lot of new stuff on my blog! But not before 1st July - on Monday I am going to Wroclaw visit my friend Ann for few days!
 yes, the letters are cut be me;p - I thought I was patient in these kind of things.. but I have to tell you.. I'm not! Hehe :)

have a beautiful summer time! and don't forget to blog about everything!


I just can't believe that I have 199 followers from blogger! Eeek! I am so happy! So happy that I have to make this..
I am waiting for me special 200 follower! If you are already my follower, or you are e.g. 201 you can win one of my notebooks in my giveaway here!

Have a nice day! I have my last exam today and I am going to fail it! Haha ahh laziness, sweet laziness!
( I was experimenting with some scans today, do you like the upper image? I think it looks quite nice, glad I tried to do it!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

project 100+ bindings: project 3

new project! it is a bit modified.. well.. I just think sometimes that few projects from this book are really really weird.. and instructions are sometimes not clear enough for me.. so I decided to modifie this one a bit! :)
introducing.. project 3! (I had so much fun painting these letters;p)
I made two small books. Peper from this shop.
 the first book with the 'books' sign will be a notebook for books I read - my oppinions about them, comments and with books I would like to read :)
 these two notebooks are very simple :) I don't know if I want to decorate the covers.. I love wood grains and I don't want to hide them under any scrapbooking accesories :)
 the second book is waiting for its use.. maybe I will think of something soon
 wood grain <3 I am dreaming of a fabric just like this paper!
in reality it looks prettier - photos from my phone

hope you like it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cupcake Corner Bakery

Saturday was quite and busy and interesting day :) I have visited Kraków (Cracow) with my A. We were in the cinema watching Super 8. And I have to admit it was a really good move. I was fascinated with the special effects! Especially in the moment when the train crushed. Just beautiful!
We were walking around the town, eating, shopping and having fun.. one of the best things during our little trip was.. visiting the Cupcake Corner Bakery! As you probably know (if you are reading my blog for a while) I love cupcakes. Not love, but lovelove! I'm enchanted by that little cucpake and coffee house. I was so glad we found it! Here is a little photo relation from the Cupcake Corner Bakery (little because we weren't able to make any good photos, but I hope you will like them!)

here you can see our little order. we bought two coffees and three cupcakes and we didn't pay much! I was so happy it was cheap enough to buy a few cucpakes to taste!
 I don't remember the name of this cucpake :( but it was delicious!
  Carrot Cake (it is my favourite now. seriously it was the best cucpake I have ever eaten!)
 Peanut butter cake (I hope I didn't mix up the names!)
 the chairs were very comfortable, and I liked the climate of the place. A. and I just think the room where people eat (the second room) should be painted in a 'cupcake' colour. Not white walls. It should be more colorfull :) but beside that everything is nice!
and I am i loooove with the lamps! such a great idea! they look amazing in the second room!
I am veeery sorry for the bad photos, but we had a 'bad photo day' :)

If you visit Cracow some day, and you love cupcakes.. remember this address:
Bracka 4, 31-005 Kraków, Poland
(its almost on the main marketplace)

Friday, June 17, 2011

a little tresure

on Tuesday I have visited the biggest second-hand I have ever seen with my friend Caroline. When we got in.. we couldn't believe our eyes.. seriously it is enormous! we even took some photos in front of it, but I have to develop the film. ahh silly us! ;d

I bought a lot.. but I wanted to show you the funniest and cutes thing from my treasuries!
ta dam!
a beautiful cover for a boottle! well, I think it is for a boottle;p It's quite big, perfect for my wooden box for my brushes which I received few years ago as a souvenir from my parent's little trip. It looks soooo cute and fresh now on the shelf!

Do you like it? I just looove finding little treasuries by chance during just usual shopping!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

sewing at last!

 Hello! I'm so happy I could sew a bit today! The reason of my spontanous free time is.. that I failed yesterday's exam, and because of that I was not allowed to take the second part which was today.. free time and a stomachache keep me at home so I started sewing! :) I have sewed today twoj pillowcases for my father for father's day (23rd June - don't forget!) but I forgot to make some photos of them.. I hope I will show you them soon :)

I also sewed 5 tissue holders for free gifts for my lovely customers :) they really really look better in reality (a bit cute) but I am seriously too lazy right now to make some good photos!
after the tissue holders, I started cuttin a lot.. a lot of squares for my giant patchwork blanket. I wanted to start this project a looooong time ago but (again) I was too lazy o.O
I started sewing them together today, but I just sewed about 30.. and to finish this blanket I need 140 squares (17x17cm each) it will be giant. seriously giant (well for me it is - I haven't made anything that big earlier!)

can't wait to have some more free time for my sewing machine! I will show you tomorrow what I had found at the second hand on Tuesday! sooo cute!

have a nice evening!

Monday, June 13, 2011

clouds & felt again :)

 I was waiting today for my mother's friend to leave the home so I could go to the living room.. and play on my lovely playstation 3.. well I had to wait 3 hours so I decided to watch some of my favourite tv series and.. make a new cushion for my keys - beacuse the old one was sooo destroyed right now!
 like you can see I'm still obsessed with clouds.. I couldn't resist making a key cushion with little lovely clouds! it is really small as you can see :)
 and it's made of nice blue felt.. I really really like this shade of blue actually :)
I didn't really think much about the back, so I just made it white.. like the clouds.. It will get dirty in my bag very soon probably hehe :)

now.. some relax with inFamous! oh I bought recently a lot of books I wanted for a looong while now.. can't wait to see them and start reading!!!

Wednesday - my first, really horrifiing exam. keep you fingers crossed!
ps. don't foget about my little giveaway!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

few journal pages

i have nothing interesting happening recently so can't show you anything new.. but maybe you would like to see few of my favourite yournal pages? my journal is tiny, so there is not much space, but it's an advantage because I'm really not good in scrapbooking.. maybe some of you will like it :)
I have found this photo in the internet somewhere, have no idea of the source, but if you do know please tell me I will link it right a way!

my journal pages are usually about nothing.. no specific topic, no specific photos or plans just something that comes to my mind in that specyfic moment :)
photo from the journal page aboive also is from an unknown source, please let me know if you know it!
ikea page.. some accesories I really wanted.. few of them are actually in my room now :)
and this one above is my favourite one.. probably because the blue background! and alsooo the photo is from an unknow source - need info if you know it! I'm in love with stamps!! my father had a collection when he was my age, and now I got it. I didn't want to sell it, I just took ones which were double.. you can see some on these pages! :)

hope you like it, I have to go learn American culture for Monday's test..

Thursday, June 09, 2011

a bit of free time during exams

jewellery (shopping), felt and cupcakes = a bit of free time!!

yesterday my A. made me a nice suprice - he visited me unexpectedly! it sounds silly but we live a bit far away from each other (40km - and we don't have a car) so this visit was really really lovely! we went for a fast shopping and sat in the park and drank beer.. :) it was a really lovely evening!

I want to show you what I bought.. well not everything, just these two special treasuries! I love these earings and this ring!!! just love them! they were screaming Agnes (!) from the shelf!! I had to buy them :)
this ring is giant - the biggest I ever had! and so looong looong earings.. green earings look very nice with my red hair :)
 yesterday morning I sat and.. started making a phone cover from felt. I don't remember the last time I was doing something from felt, seriously. but I'm very happy I did it because it reminded me how relaxing it is!
maybe it isn't anything perfect or specially beautiful but I really like it. It's a bigger that my phone a bit, but I'm expecting a new one soon and it should fit it perfectly (hope so!)
 I'm in love with clouds recently as you can see from my wallet, notebooks and drawings etc. etc.!

oh and I made cupcakes today.. I think I'm doing cupcakes too often.. seriously :) I love this book I have with A LOT of recipes and I love every new one I try! :) and it's even more fun from the time I received these cupcake accesories from my cousin :) thank you Asia!
have a nice day! my free time ended.. I have to learn phonetics for tomorrow..


thank you A. for that wonderful suprise ;*
Ann! prepare for my visit at the end of the month! can't wait!!

oh! p.s. I bought my first sandals ever! ha! ;p

Monday, June 06, 2011

project 100+ bindings: project 2

hello! I didn't expect I'll make and post something this week but fortunately I passed an important test today and I don't have to take my exam on Wednesday! I had to celebrate it.. so I made a new project from 'the' book. if there is someone who doesn't know what I'm talking about go to this post and check! :)
I'm not doing these projects by the order from the book.. just which I like to do in this specific moment. today I wanted to experiment with thread&binding and here is what I created!
the size of the book is 11,2x14,4x1,8cm it's quite cute in the reality :) I just can't make any good photos lately!
there are a lot of different pages, from simple checked ones, through colorful papers from ILS and, brown paper, old pages from books etc. etc.
160 pages (counting both sides) - quite a lot! and I still have no idea what I will use this journal for! I called it a journal because it's too colorful  and odd-looking for a simple notebook!

here you can see some pages, forgot to mention that you can find here pieces of an old map too :)
the image of the typewriter is from the internet.. I have no idea of the source! So if you happen to know the artist who made this image please tell me! pretty please!
i'm not really a good scrapbooker so don't shout at me for this not very pretty cover;p
ahh! thick, colorful and weird!

do you like it?

have a nice week! I have to start studying for tomorrow.. 6 awful tests! keep your fingers crossed!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

project 100+ bindings

 a while ago I bought a book Making Handmade Books by Alisa Golden and I have to admit.. I love it! I decided to make a little blog project with this book!
 I'm not making a time limit for this project, I'll just be doing some of the books when I'll pass my exams and have some free time :) I hope it won't be one of the 'never finished' projects!

Ok. So.. PROJECT 1 from 'the' book!
 i really like this 'simple' project :) it's a book and in the same time a 'standing' card :)
 it's my quotation book from the book 'Eat Pray Love - sedcond part' :)
I'm always writing down some nice quotations from books I read.. you do the same?
 I don't know why, but the back is probably my favourite part!
now.. let's start learning business, grammar, phonetics, correspondence etc. please.. HELP!

have a nice weekend.. in contrast to mine!!!


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