Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey guy!

 Hello! I'm back from my little weekend trip. We have visited my A.'s grandmothers and it was so much fun! Can't wait to visit the countryside again! :) A bit of fresh air.. animals.. forests.. And just A. and me! Ahh love it! :)

But it's not what I wanted to show/tell you. Last week, my A. visited me and sketched me this little drawing, just for fun:
I don't know why, but I was in love with this little fella! I couldn't stop staring at this cute little sketch so I decided.. I will sew it! Haha oh my A. was really suprised when he saw his drawing 'alive'! Hahaha!
 I didn't know really how to sew it.. I didn't know how.. so I sewed it like this.. :)
 Of course it looks a bit weird - when I was filling this fella.. I run out of the filling! So I had to use batting!! I have to admit it made me a bit angry;p
 But I'm glad how it looks like! My A.'s drawing is now alive and is waiting for him hehe :) The photos below is to show you more or less how big it is - 38cm in the highest point :)
 I really started to like making plush things.. They are so funny and look nice when they are put on a shelf or something.. Can't wait to create a new plushie!
 Ohh and look at the details hahaha! Pockets, collar, buttons and wrinkles!
And as usually my question: DO YOU LIKE IT? Well, I hope you do hehe :) Ohh I am in a very good mood today thanks to my A. I love weekends spent with him 

Thank you for reading! And commenting!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

dreamed bag

 I needed a simple black bag for a looong while now.. and at last I have put myself together and started sewing it yesterday! It is a simple shape bag but it wasn't that easy to make.. I was making the pattern quite long! But I have to admit.. I'm very glad of this bag! It shouts Marysza when I look at it! Black, flowers, lace and lots of pockets!
As you can see on the photos below it's quite big comparing to me, but it's perfect for school days, when my bags are full of books and notebooks.. :)
 I really love this white flowery fabric.. so delicate.. and girly!
 On the front - two pockets.
 And a lot of pockets inside! Perfect! :)
Do you like it?? Well I hope you do because I'm really in love with this bag!! Oh I know it sound bad but I really really love how it looks now!

From a while I'm segregating all my patterns and tutorials in a special file binder.. so everything is easy to find.. sooo I will probably make this bag again soon.. but in different colours etc. :) If some of you are interested in this kind of bag - e-mail me! :)

P.S. Don't forget about my new giveaway! Just click here.
Have a nice day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

giveaway - a little something for my readers!

 Yes! It's this time again! But it is a bit different giveaway than usually.. This time I'm giving some things that I have but I don't use. Most of the things are new of course but I really don't need them. Maybe someone from you guys will need it more! :)
Oh and of course there wouldn't be a Marysza's giveaway without a notebook! Here you can see how it looks like :) Size - A6.
 I made it a loooong time ago. But it just lies around my room with no use.
 It's one of my first handmade notebooks - as you can see pages look a bit less olden than I make it now :) But of course, there is a flowery interior. The cover is made of canvas.
The second item is a flowery bag with a zipper.
 And one small pocket inside (also with a zipper).
Third item - a wooden house. Maybe someone who likes decoupage will make something nice from it! :) It has two hangers on the back, so you can hang it on the wall.
 You will also receive one of my tissue holders,
 a flowery sleeping blindfold,
 an address book
 and few other things which you can see on the photo below. I will probably add some new things during the giveaway time. I still think there aren't many things, but maybe someone will need some of them.
If you like to participate in this little giveaway please follow these steps:

IMPORTANT: All three points have to be completed to participate!
1. Follow my blog (by google, networked blogs, bloglovin or just have my blog in your sidebar)
2. Put the image of the giveaway on your blog (images below).
3. Leave a comment under this post saying that you completed the two steps above.

Additional entries:
1. Follow my facebook page (link under the header).
2. Make a post on your blog saying about my giveaway (with image).
3. Buy something from my Etsy store (+ 2 entries). will choose the winner on the 31st September!

And here are the images you can put on your blog (if you will click on them they will be bigger). On the left - for dark templates, and on the right - for white templates :)



P.S. I'm really thankful for all my readers. Thank you so much for visiting my blog every day, for your comments and support! I wouldn't have been the same person without you guys!

Monday, August 22, 2011

laptop bag (second one!)

About a month ago I sewed my first laptop bag, if you haven't seen it click here. And on Wednesday I decided to make another one, ver similar - but without the thick batting.
With a lovely bow on the front. I still really love bows!
This bag is in my opinion much cuter because of the pink accents and the bow.
The interior is also flovery.
And as you can see below it has two pockets at the back :)
Not very complicated.. Do you like it? If yes.. there will be a suprise soon!


Friday, August 19, 2011

project 100+ bindings: project 4

After a very long break.. the time has come for..
It's not perfectly like from the 100+ bindings book. There was also shown how to make the cover, but I decided to make a cover from an old, small book with a nice little drawing on the front cover.
I always wanted a notebook which looks like a book!
It's quite small. The measurments:
width - 9cm
height - 14,5cm
depth - 3cm

And it has just a bit olden pages - I didn't want it very thick :)
Isn't this 'drawing' interesting?
And the tittle of the book. It quite fits a notebook. The tittle is: General Overhaul /or/ Major Repairs. Quite good tittle for a journal, art journal or something like that, isn't it?
The pages are from my very old notebook. It wasn't used for ages (few years) so I decided to use the pages for something usefull;p
You probably didn't notice, but the pages are a bit purple and there are gentle purple flowers. And it's my first notebook with checkered pages!!
I bought this book few months ago in an antiquarian bookshop - just because of the cover!! I knew I will do something out of it one day!
And as usually my question: Do you like it?! :d

P.S. This book is participating in Art Piaskownica's game here:
Take a peek! ;d

Thursday, August 18, 2011

a patchwork bed cover

About a month ago I started this -neverending- project. I cut the fabric and started sewing. But then I noteiced that I didn't cut enough squares.. so I had to cut more.. 105 squares.. maybe for advanced sever it's not many.. but for me it's really a lot! And a lot of work too!
It covers my bed perfectly (maybe on photos it doesn't look very good but I just can't make any good photos :( As you can see it is for a one person bed :)
The back of the bed cover is white- made of an old stiff sheet from my granny - good it is stiff because it makes it like more resistant!
The worst (the longest) task was to sew through every joint with a double seam. Good I had a double needle - it was my first time with it :) But it made the job a lot more easy!
Do you like it? Are you a patchwork fan? Well, maybe I don't have a lot of patchworks (only 3) but I really admire people who make very difficult quilts.. and I really love to see patchworks everywhere! :)
And what a beautiful suprise I found in the mail today!
 A beautiful tag from Martyna! I always loved her tags and now I have one!
And it has a wonderful and inspiring sign on it..
Thank you Martyna so so much! I don't know why have you sent it to my.. but I am very thankful! Thank you again!


P.S. I forgot to tell you that I got a tiny suntan today - maybe for you guys it's nothing important but it means that we had sun today! And it was first sun this holidays that I experienced! ;o

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

new logo and an easy way to keep your stripes tidy!

Few weeks ago I started reading a book about handmade businesses and one of the important things about the appearence was that every shop/blog should have a logo! I liked the idea, and immediately I knew what my logo should have.. a spool with thread, a needle and it should be round! Well, today (at last!) I decided to put myself together and start making it. 

And here is how it looks like!
 I made a white and a black version. And I really like it! I'm glad it looks like I imagined it! Now question for you guys: Do you think it fits me and my blog? Do you like this simple form of a logo?

 In the photos below you can see how it looks like on photos :)


And now the second thing I wanted to write about today :) Something about my mess. Tyll today morning I had a big mess in my ribbons, tapes and leather stripes. I have to admit I hated having a mess there, because I never knew what I really had there o.O
So I decided to change it today.. I had no idea how, because I don't have any wooden spools etc. But suddenly I reminded myself that I have a lot of  wooden clips! I started to wrap every string on a wooden clip and here is how my mess looks right now!
 I love it! Stripes which I used the most often are on the top of the vintage metal tin, and the rest of the wooden clips with ribbons etc. are inside. It doesn't look messy at all! Yay! Simple way of making your mess a bit less messy! Maybe some of you will share this idea :)
 Oh and something about htreads - I have a lot of colorful thread but I don't really use them so they are always hidden in a plastic box. But I also have a little metal tin with threads which I use all the time:
It isn't anything special but It doesn't look bad.. But below.. on the image below you can see something what I'm dreaming about! A beautiful vintage hanger for a lot of threads! Beautiful and super organised - perfect!
Maybe I will find it some day at a flea market :)

P.S. On Sunday we came back from Międzyzdroje.. It was fun and romantic but the weather was awful! But more about it later, I'm planning to make a post about it :)



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