Monday, April 30, 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that

I'm back from the countryside.. I love being there with my A. everything is so fresh, green and you feel spring everywhere! ♥ Can't wait to visit my A.'s grannys again! :)

But enough about normal life - I have something to show you from the 'craft life'!

As I mentioned in the previous post I am honored to be one of SODAlicious' designers! And of course I had to start making something from their amazing products!
 As you can see I started with decorating my blank art-journal. I have to admit the paper from the cover is amazing - very thick and works good with watercolours! :)
 I am a bit terrified but still I cant wait to start making something inside it! ;d
 Another thing I wanted to show you - pins! I started wearing pins on my blouses..! It's something weird for me, I always liked pins but never really buy any.. patterns didn't really came to my taste.. but of course SODAlicious created amazing funky pins which look great with everything! And I'm sure I'm not going to use them on scraps ;d just for my clothes!
And last thing for today - postcards. I love all kinds of postcards. But these ones stole my heart immediately! First thought - I can't loose them because they are too pretty. So.. I put them on my 'full of everything' walls ;d as you can see they look amazing in glass frames!
 They really make me smile and totally inspire me when I look at them when I wake up :)
I hope you liked this post! :) Please tell me what you think!

I hope I will have some time soon for sewing!
Have a wonderful day!

products used: art journal / papers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 / pins / postcards / tape

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Have you already heared about then new shop SODAlicious?
Well.. if you haven't - you should immediately click on the image above!
SODAlicious is mainly about art-journaling (scrapbooking etc. etc.) but as you can
see you can buy various stuff.. including one of the most beautiful postcards!!! 
Oh and of course girl's owning this shop opened a new blog for it too.
And what can you see there? A 'welcome' giveaway!
--------> Oh.. and guess who is in the DT (design-team)! ME! ;o <--------
I still can't believe that someone choose me for art-journaling works!!
Isn't this postcard just perfect? I already bought few for myself and my friend!
Thank you again girls - and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your beautiful shop!

Have a wonderful day! Full of inspiration and creativity! :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My First Baby Quilt

Something new, something different.. My first Baby Quilt!
 The only directives I had was that it has to have the newborn's name and date of birth.
 It was a lot of work for me.. I was terrified that I will spoil everything,
because I have no experience in making patchworks :)
well I tried a few times but I had no pressure - they were for me, not for clients!
 This sign was really difficult (it's my first time!).. and so freaking irritating! ;d
 I was trimming for the first time too.. and I'm quite proud how it came out! :)
 I am very sorry for bad photos - my room is too dark to make quite good photos!
And I assure you this quilt looks better in reality! The sign is very visible :)
Well.. I hope you like it on these photos! I am really happy how it looks!

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh, Deer!

Now this was a challenge! Sewing this deer was really difficult!
 It's an enormous planner! Size A5 with 400 pages and 5 separating cards.
 I really like how it looks! I hope you will have similar feelings;d
 Black elastic band for closure, a special band for a pen and a pocket inside.
 This dotty fabric is from Michael Miller's collection. I need more of it! :)
Separating cards are made from papers from ILS and

It was really a lot of work! But it was worth it! I'm really glad how it looks right now.
Have a wonderful day! I have a lot of work today! :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spiralbound Black&White Planner

I forgot to show you one of the spiralbound small planners!!
 As you can see this one is from a black and white fabric. I'm in love with this fabric, unfortunately it's almost gone! :( Simple but beautiful, isn't it? :)
 200 pages size A6 with 3 colorful separating cards
 My favourite one is the one with lighthouses! Amazing pattern!
 If someone is interested you can buy it in my etsy shop, or just contact me on e-mail.
I sewed a lot this weekend but I can't show you anything yet! Uh! :(
Can't wait to show you my new projects.. I hope I will finish them soon.

And a bit of music inspiration.. :)
Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Art journaling..

After I finished The 30 Day Journal Challenge I decided to make a special (note)book
for some journaling.. I made it from my old art journal - which I didn't use any more and it had a loooot of plain, not used pages left. I ripped them out of the cover and made a new book from them. I really need to change things quite often because I get bored easily.
Now I am more inspired and I journal more often! :)
Why have I glued the image of some nibs? Easy.. I accidentally made a big stain of glue on the front!! And I had to hide it some way.. Finally it looks quite good, doesn't it?
Now I wanted to show you just a few pages from it.. I created about 15/20 pages but I can't really show you them;p they are too private or just too ugly to show them to the world! Haha
They are quite simple.. some of them are Journaling Prompts from here.
And here journal pages from another notebook, bigger than the previous one.
I know they are not really good.. but it sometimes good to show you something different than sewing and finished noteooks, planners etc. Am I right?
I hope I will have some time on Friday for myself and my sewing machine.. I have so much to do! And I don't even have time to realise orders! I really hope that after this upcoming weekend I will have something to show you from my sewing works! :)

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the 30 day journal challenge part 6

Wow.. I haven't add any posts for a week!! It's not like me! But I needed some sew&blog free time - time which I spent only with my boyfriend.. watching films, eating delicious meals and just doing nothing! This year's Easter Holidays were really great! :)
Remember The 30 day Journal Challenge? Well I forgot to show you the last part!

Journal Prompt 27:
I make ....... well.  What is something that you do really well.  It could be that you make some type of food well, a type of art. etc .  Some of you may be like me and you make messes really well?  Whatever it is that you do well, document it today :)

Journal Prompt 28: 
What's in my bag?  This is always a fun little blog post that I see all over the internet.  I love seeing what's in other people's bags.  These are the things that are important to people and what makes them, them!  Today we are going to document it on paper instead of our blogs ok?
These last pages were quick! I don't really like them.. my favourite is 27.. only!

Journal Prompt 29:
A thank you :)  This page is to serve as a thank you to someone who has helped you out, inspired you, encouraged you, etc., specifically during this month.  Chose this page to document your thanks and express it!!!

Journal Prompt 30:
An Interview.  Take the time today to write up a short and sweet little interview in your journal and then...go interview someone.  I originally wanted the prompt to be about interviewing a stranger and then I found it really hard for myself to go up to a stranger and do that :)  So, I took the easy way out and interviewed my mom :)  Anyway, create a generic interview or an interview created specifically for the person you choose to give it to.
Oh and these two are really awful! The last one isn't finished as you can see.. I still haven't write the answers.. But I like it the way it is - empty. Everyone who takes a look into this challenge can answer on it own.. not just read my answers! :)

Here the back cover.. If you are willing to see the front cover - click here.
I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of this project and I really hope I inspired a few of you to take a try on your own!

Now back to 'real' life.. and the university.. lots and lots of work this month - not only in school.
Can't wait to start some new orders and plans!

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Simple Doodles

In my previous post I showed you my new sketchbook..
well today I decided to show you what is inside it!

Probably some of you know, that I studied in an Art School.. I admire every person who can really paint, draw and do art. But I'm personally tired of the real painting and drawing. Why? I have no idea - maybe I'm just not suitable for these kind of art.. Well I don't really care.. I just wanted you to know these doodles aren't real art - they are just simple doodles!! I don't want to be compared to real artists - who probably think that this kind of 'art' is just crap :) because it's too simple and non-creative :)

Most of these doodles are just copied from some photos or other works.
The one on the left - I was exercising calligraphy.. :)
The machine above is drawn from a photo of an old sewing machine.
 On the left.. super simple umbrella.. nothing artistic;p and on the rigt -
a simple, quick sketch from my head of a few things in my room :)
The feather on the first page is just an exercise.. I want to learn drawing feathers - I know it's a bit weird goal! ;d and the quotation on the second page is not finished yet.. I want to make it very various and colorful! :)

I hope you enjoyed this short and an bit different than usually post :)
Have a wonderful and sunny day!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Ugly Notebook? Alter It!

I'm sure all of you have at least one notebook with an awful cover - but great pages.

A long time ago I found a cheap notebook with perfect packing paper pages. The cover was plain black but I really didn't liked how it looked.. It was totally uninspiring! Today I decided to tear out all the pages and throw away this awful cover - I know I could just decorate it - but there was something about the shape of this notebook that I really didn't like..
 I decided not to change the size of it (bit bigger that A5) so I had to use my binder :)
 And as you can see on the photo above I used an elastic band for the first time with a binded notebook! And I have to admit it was very hard to attach it! Eventually I sewed it to the back cover by my sewing machine - still it wasn't easy! :)
 I will use this notebook as a sketchbook for watercolour simple doodles..
 and maybe some calligraphy.. oh I missed this little art so much.. :)
I hope this lovely cover will inspire me to carry it everywhere and draw doodles of things which surround me.. I always so full of inspiration when I look through sketchbooks of other people.. I hope one day I will inspire someone! ;d

Have a nice and warm Sunday! Here the weather is just amazingly weird.. It snows, rains and the sun is shinning.. everything changing every half an hour! ;o


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