Sunday, December 26, 2010

the time has come..

to finally organise a candy!
 haha omg i was planning a candy for a long time but i had no idea what to give as a candy..
but eventually i thought that some of you maybe want something made by me..

the first and main thing that the winner will receive is a notebook made by my little hands :) such as those below. the winner will pick the fabric and he will choose the pages colour, the number of pages (max. 500 pages, but i think noone needs more;p) and of course the size of the notebook: A5 or A6 (A6 looks more cute!).
notebooks like this are worth about 25 to 40 dolars, probably because people spend a lot of time creating them. first notebook i made, about 2 months ago.. took me 6h. thats a lot. you can see some of my notebooks here. herehere. here and here.
 the second thing that the winner will receive.. are fabrics :)
 not big amounts of them.. but when i'll buy more, during the candy i'll add something for sure. those fabrics you can se on the photo above are in the candy (maybe some more..) they look better in reality (ohh why today all my digital camreas are uncharged..)

third thing? some ribbons..? tapes..? like you can see on the photos below. some of them have 2m :)

 oh and i saw on your blogs.. that some of you like tapes imitating wood.. i found some in my drawer.. so i'm adding it to this candy.. :)
 and almost new gel-pens. i didn't use them. every pen works, i checked it a moment ago.

rules are simple:
-write a comment in this post with an information that you want to participate in this candy and a link to your blog :)
-put an information about this candy on your blog (you can copy the image below and put in in your sidebar)
-only one comment per person
-i will ship wordwide, so people from every country can participate
-wait until 1st February - the day when i'll pick the winner (maybe by but i'm not sure)
-it would be nice if you would add me to your observed blogs, but it's not necessary :)

i hope i'll find a lot of interesting blogs thanks to this candy, and i hope that some of you will find my blog interesting too.. :)

i'll be adding new objects to this candy soon - i'll write an information about it :)
and maybe, if there will be a lot of people patricipating.. i'll choose two winners? :) time will tell :)


free time.. Christmas time..

i finished my calenar.. and i really like it :) it's 'fat' and small (A6)
 as you can see I used few materials for the cover..
 and I started to write inside.. :)

and here something else.. an album.. lomo album :) i don't know what happened with those photos but i asure you that the album is round o.O
i'll show you those photos when i'll scan them. i developed another lomo fisheye film on Tuesday.. when i'll get my computer back i'll have a lot of work..
 those photos are brighter in reality, my mobile phone camera isn't that good..

  i really really thing it looks good in reality. it's super simple cuz i don't have patience to scrapbooking.. but in this case, simple means good :)

and some new journal pages.. this one below is strange, i dunno why i did it;p
the second page, with one of my favourite quotations from N. Gaiman's book 'American Gods'
 that paper-clip is drawn :)
 and the third page.. also nothing special.. just two quotations and a photo.. :)
ok. now i'm finishing writing this post cuz i have to start wrtiting another one quick! :)

hope you liked my new creatures ;)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

long time no see..

i was quite busy all this month.. trying to pass few tests and trying to not be an idiot at the university. yh.. but finally.. i'm relaxing. unfortunately.. my relaxing comes with an enormous headache killing me from Tuesday. ouch.

few days ago, i decided to make 2 packing papers by myself. and here they are.. they really look good in reality. those photos are reaaaaaaally baaaaad.

painted packing paper no.1
 painted packing paper no.2
i wish those photos could be better! but i was to sleepy to thing about good photos after finishing packing :)

and here: two sets of coasters. each set has 6 coasters! i started doing this first set for my granny for Christmas, cuz my parents said i have to make them as a present for her;p but during sewing those Owly coasters my parents said that they want those coasters! so.. i said that i'll make them a set later.. after Christmas..
 but i didn't i made them also yesterday, and i'll put this tiny present udner the Christmas Tree also for my parents :)
 on the photo above, the first set is for my parents and the set below is for my granny. they really look better in reality, they look really nice..
 such small things to sew.. but it took me about 2/3h to make them. i dunno how;p

and here, except those two sets of coasters, you can see two covers for notebooks. first one, the striped one is for me.. for my callendar and the second one, the flowery one is for my cousin Asia :) she picked the fabric, and she picked the notebook with a little of red on the edges. i hope she will like it :):) when she will receive it.. i just have to sew the pages and the covers together.. but it will take probably few hours..
now i have to stop writing cuz i have to help my mom in prepares for Christmas eve.
tomorrow.. maybe.. there will be a suprise for my readers.. if not tomorrow.. for sure it will be somewhere between the 24th and 31st December.
now i really have to finish this (unfortunately) short post.
hope your Christmas will be full of joy!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

dinosaur's poop / kupa dunozaura

well.. i passes business english test on Wednesday.. and i had a pretty good result :) i'm happy because of it.. cuz i was learning  threw the weekend and the day before the test.. so i'm glad that i didn't waste that time :) tomorrow i have an important test from linguistics and i have to admit that i really don't like this subject cuz it won't be usefull in the future. bleh. i hope i'll pass tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed - it always helps :):)

and now something about the 'topic' of this post.. something about dinosaur's poop this is the name for my new.. beautiful sofa/chair.. my dad named it dinosaur's poop and i really like the name ahaha;d
and here it is:
bad photos i know

it is enormous!!!! it doesn't look that big on those photos but it really is super big (well for me)
about 50cm high and about 110cm wide. i love it!!!!!! and i'm going to spend the whole day sitting in it and.. learning -_- except the fact that i'm broke after this purchase and the fact that i'll be learning the whole day i am super happy ahaha;d

and here..
 you can see the most beautiful tights i have ever seen. of course i had to buy them. it was love from first sight. oh i can't wait to wear them! please winter go away quick!!

well now i'm going to go drink yerba mate and learn. shoi.
have a nice day!

ohh! i forgot to say that my computer is in a service, so i'll won't visit your blogs as often as usually. now i'm lucky cuz my parents went somewhere and i can use theirs' computer;d niach niach;d

miss you A.;*

Saturday, December 04, 2010

it's not a good day.. and its only 12a.m!!!!

i'm fighting with a beginning illness.. and 20 minutes ago i got a phone call from my employer that they changing the localisation of the restaurant and they don't want me to finish the paintings. fuck!
it's just not fair. they said that they will pay me for all the paintings i have finished.. but 1 more weekend and i would finish everything!
i'm not angry, i'm feeling miserable. they just swindled me! i was trying to contact with them for 4 weeks now. and every time when i was phoning they were picking up and saying that they will call me back. the weekend was passing and there wasn't any 'calling back'. and suddenly today the employer's fiancée phoned and told me everything.. ehh i just hate when people swindle me! and they are doing it more and more often! well, as we can see if you are trying to be a good person, everyone is 'fucking' you ;/..
i don't even have photos of all the finished walls.. i have just photographed those three paintings..

and here i started two new notebooks.. i have to start selling them.. cuz beacuse of that big swindle i won't have money soon.. :(
oh.. and i visited few second hands with my friend Karolina yesterday.. it was a nice time:):) and i bought a lot of crappy (oh i love them) things ;d but i'll show you when they will be clean..


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Lasse Hallström

i finished watching this film a minute ago..
another great production of Lasse Hallström's

can't wait to see another one!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

little of little art

but first.. yesterday's perfect evening.. perfect evening for myself.. :)
cocoa.. whipped cream.. and a beautiful film.. 'chocolat'
ohh myyy.. why johny deep i so handsome.. ohhhh o.O especially in this film (if you didn't see it.. do it.. NOW!!)
it happens.. ee never? - that i check the directror after watching a film.. but this one.. oh it was really a fantastic production! the director is Lasse Hallström.. i checked his productions and i'm going to watch almost all of his films.. seriously;d
next film to watch of his production is a creation from the year 1999 -> The Cider House Rules!

and now.. something i started doing yesterday during 'chocolat' <3
i finished it today morning :)
 a stitch binded new notebook!i love it already..
 it has 320 pages looking 'old' :)
 hope you like it.. i'm thinking about selling those 'beauties'.. but i dunno.. cuz i don't really think that someone from poland would want them.. we will see.. :)

and here something super croocked.. o.O
i started it today.. and i finished it in 2h. i like the fabric.. but it the most croocked thing i have ever sewed!!! ... ehh.. i looks better on this photo than in reality o.O ;(
but.. 'od czegos trzeba zaczac, nie?'
you have to start somewhere..

i have a test today, a small one but of course i felt like doing some sewing instead learning! agggr what am i doin on this university?!

yhh.. now pizza.. and at 4p.m. bus to school..


happy birthday Ann!


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