Sunday, January 31, 2010


i'm working on something from today, but i'll probably finish it next weekend.. i need to develope some photos:):)
nice weekend!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

after my prom!

hello there! i had a prom yesterday! i'm so happy that my A. felt better that day. we had such a great time! we were dancing and dancing! laughing! drinking - but (now this is suprising) we weren't drunk! we looked very good (well, like most of pople who were there;p), we felt good and everything was so perfect! (- oh maybe except the fact that A. was still ill and after few hours he didn't feel very good.. and for about 2h i had an enormous headache.. - lucky, the headache dissapeared and we were continueing partying!!
today we were recollecting everything with a big smile!

hope you all had a great time this saturday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hi hi hello!

i decided this year, that i'll try to eat more healthy food. yesterday was THE day i put it into life! in stead of buying lots of sweets, i bought ONE chocolate, some LICZI and a enormous POMELO fruit. it's unbealiveably delishous!! seriously! try it if you have an opportunity to buy it somewhere near your house!
yummy and healthy - i'm proud of myself!

and here is something i started, also yesterday. a portrait of my friend Karolina. i don't really think it look similar to her.. but i'm planning to change it, and finish it some day.. hope that i'll do it in the close future;p

at least after a week not seeing eachother, my A. visited me. Only few hours, but i'm so happy because of it. ah.. love.. love.. changes people.. or maybe.. it takes from inside of us the REAL person.. love.. love..

wish you a nice, creative night!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

leve leve loff loff

here's something small i did today. i wanted to do a card from it, but it didn't look like i wanted, so i've thrown the card away.. please don't laugh;p
we had a try-out prom dance today, and we had a camera! i was dancing with Kaja, it was quite fun cuz we were doing mistakes after mistakes..
i have an alergy from wednesday on my face! hope it will dissapeare to our prom!!
now i'm going to bed.. soooooo sleepy.. goodnight everyone! :):)

Friday, January 15, 2010


few photos from 2009, photos i like looking at. i know that the third one is weird.. don't worry i'm not thinking about hanging myself;p
and a latern from stained glass, which i have done last year. i like it so much. it isn't very straight, and super artistic, but it's beautiful for me. well all handmade things are beautiful for me! especially works of girls which links are putted in the right lower corner of this site in "codziennie odwiedzane".

i can't find a cheap common calendar anywhere!! so i had to make a quick small one by myself. only for january and february. the cover is from stuff i wanted to throw away, good i didn't. it's not very pretty but i wanted to do it veryveryveryvery quick, colorfull and try to make it older - 30min. i just need a (cheap, A6, day on 1 page) calendar!!!!! :)

tomorrow my class will have a try-out dance for our prom.. with a camera! this will be funny;p

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

second cover

this time a cover for my beloved iPod, i know it isn't a masterpiece, but i like it the way it is. and i know some day i'll learn to sew quite good. for now, i'm satisfied :):)
i dunno what to do next? so many colours and i have no idea what to do. maybe something for valentines day? dunno. i should learn mathematics instead of thinking about felt!!!!
i started cutting my diploma work from stained glass today. oh it is so hard for me and i'm doing it so slowly.. wish me luck :)
saturday, sunday, shopping and my A. this was a exhausting weekend! we were in cracov and in czeladź looking for things for our prom. if you really want to buy something you can't find it or possibly you will find it but in a deep space price!!
luckly after 2 days of walking around shops, shops, shops and SHOPS i found everything i needed. maybe i'll show something after the prom.
ok, i'm going to bed now, cuz after this little sewing my eyes are soooo tired!

Saturday, January 09, 2010


did you ever saw Harry Potter film? well if yes, you probably remember this little sweets! pretty delicious beans, one colour - one taste! i dreamed about them for few years, and at least, today, i bought them!! delicious! oh except the green one. colour of a .. something from your nose.. and the taste.. like the colour;p yeek;p
today at school? quite nice day. a little laugh. but it's not the same like 2 years ago. people change - i noticed it now. everyone changed.. everyone :) but i'm not telling that we have changed on worse! well, just some of us are worse;p ha! tomorrow (probably) i'm going with my A. for shopping to Cracov (Kraków), hope i'll buy everything needed for our prom!
i'm planning to do something from felt today. probably a cover for my lovely iPod.
nice day!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

card i made today, minimalistic. made from old papers i found somewhere in my old drawings etc. i know it isn't very good.. but.. i rarely do something like this :) usually i do.. NOTHING;p
band for today: Vampire Weekend

Sunday, January 03, 2010


my NEW love from today is.. FELT! (filc)
i was in a shop with things for hobbys, and I found few colours o felt. i bought a green and a black one to try to do a cover for my mobile phone.. i had it first time in my hands and i love it already!! i wanted to do my project for tomorrow's stained glass lessons.. but it was stronger.. i started doing this cover, without measuring.. i just wanted to start sewing as soon as possible;p

and here it is. don't laugh! seriously i didn't sew since i was little and i had felt first time in my hands! so be understanding!
little crooked.. but i really love it! :)
a small pretty thing for me before TOMORROW.. before going back to school, and before starting doing my diploma work.. wish my luck!

happy hugs before tomorrow for you all!

hello in 2010 :)

i'm so happy right now, you can't even imagine :). i'm just a little bit ill right now, and i spent one of the most New Years Eve weekend ever. seriously. we didn't go to the seaside like we planned, but still it was magical! unfortunately i have no photos (usulally, if i have a veeeery good time, i forget about doing photos - quite normal i think).
why this weekend is magical? i spent it with my love. it was quite romantic (you will probably think i'm crazy, but my definition of romantism is quite weird). on the New Years Eve we spent few hours at my flat doing nothing, then we went to my friend's house, we meet there my other 2 mates and we went to the city centre to see fireworks and to see some people. talking, drinking (except me), talking....
at 00.00 the fireworks started. you won't believe how magical it was. the most beautiful fireworks a have ever seen and we were standing in the perfect spot. we thought that they will place them somewhere near the scene, but no! the louncher was 10m from us so the fireworks were perfectly above our heads!! so soo sooo soooo beautiful!!!! kissing and then watching the fireworks was perfect. i really felt the New Years Eve atmosphere. loved it. then we went to my friend's house for music, alkohol and some laugh. at 4a.m. we went to my flat to get some sleep. the next day we were doing nothing. seriously nothing. eating sweets and lazing together (so beautiful). and today. today was perfect too. we went to the cinema (last time we were together in the cinema was a year ago!!!!) to see Avatar 3D (genious, seriously genious! go and see it in 3D, NOW!! GO!! - and buy popcorn with caramel - omg soooo delicious!). After this genious movie we went to a shop with crap (love it) and to a pet shop (i'm in love with degu -koszatniczka? and with a white chinchilla, but i can only dream about them....). and we were eating icecreams and some other sweet stuff like japanese mix, bananas in joghurt and caramels. i'm probably boring you right now, but everything was soooo perfect for me. after that we went back to my flat, to my room, we were watching a genious animated movie "Wallace and Gromit - the course of the Were-Rabbit" (very funny) and we were drinking champagne. now my A. is going home. wish i could see him every day..
hope you have spent your dreamed New Year's Eve. oh and I hope you all are healthy.

hugs for my friend Krzysiu, who lost his contact lense yesterday and was sad after that :) hope you'r smiling now!


Friday, January 01, 2010

HAPPY YEAR 2010! :):)
wish you will spend your New Years Eve with ones you love, dancing, smiling, drinking, eating and having lots and lots of fun!

i'm feeling today so soooo good!!!! i hope i'll go with my A. to the city center to see some people and fireworks;p
i visited my doctor today, and she said I can start eating normal (almost) food!! i'm so happy, you can't imagine how food is important for me;p
now i'm waiting for my A., and we will start eating good things and watching films :) ahh you can't imagine how i'm happy today! so HAPPY! because i don't have to lie in bed!

Big big thanks for my parents for their support, big thanks for my A. for his love and thanks for my friends, that they are still my friends :)


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