Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tutorial: Dreamcatcher

You liked my previous little tutorial.. so I decided to make another one! I made it about two months ago but I didn't want to show it before our new Challenge at Art-Piaskownica won't be published! This time I would like to show you how to make an easy dreamcatcher! :)

Like earlier it a very easy DIY. I hope everything will be clear for you! :)

First collect needed stuff:
- cardboard / embroidery hoop / thick wire
- string / twine / yarn / cotton tape
- feathers, colorful fabric stripes, metal or other kind of colorful accessories

Everything is explained on the photos, but if something is not really clear please contact me and I will add more information or something like that to make it easier for you :)
STEP 1: take something perfectly round and redraw it on a very thick cardboard. Then cut out the circle - carefully! Or just take an embroidery hoop if you have a needless one :)
STEP 2: take some kind of string / twine / yarn and tie a small knot. I used a pastel green one because I didn't have what to do with it for a long time!
STEP 3: Wrap the string round the cardboard (tightly!)
Now you have a nice looking carboard circle!
STEP 4: tie a new knot wherever you want.
STEP 5: make a loop.
STEP 6: continue making loops.
Don't stop! :) You can make it as densely as you wish..
Et voila!
You have created the main dreamcatcher element! You can also put some breads etc. to make this element more colorful. I wanted to have a quite simple one :)
STEP 7: make / buy / find some feathers and join them to some fabric stripes. You can also add some other elements like the metal one I used.
STEP 8: now the most pleasant part - join fabric stripes to the main element of the dream catcher.
You decide how many stripes and other things you want :)
That was easy, wasn't it?

Tell me what you think about it ) If you like it I will make more tutorials in the future! :)

I hope your weekend was incredible! My sure was - I visited Cracow for the Crafshow, and it was really amazing! I'm so happy I met some many new bloggers who I always wanted to see in reality :) And talk with some amazing girls I already know from the show in June! One thing that I regret is that I (as always) forgot to take a camera with me..!!

Have a nice day,


  1. super!
    ale najbardziej podoba mi się to malowaane piórko, śliczne jest :3

  2. Świetny kursik! Słodki łapacz Ci wyszedł! ♥

  3. I ♥ it...I think my daughters who are 9 and 11 would like to help me make one! Thank you for your wonderful tutorial.

  4. Fajny kursik! na pewno spróbuję to zrobić :)

  5. ha! też mi chodziło ostatnio po głowie, żeby zrobić taki kursik :)

    łapacz baaardzo ładny!

  6. PS. Zapraszam Cię na konkurs do mnie

    Korzyści z pisania bloga

  7. Świetny pomysł, żal nie skorzystać. To się nazywa tworzenie klimatu...

  8. Wspaniały Twój łapacz. Uwielbiam w nim tą mnogość wszelkich tasiemek i dodatków i to Piórko. Piękne!

  9. ooo, takie coś chcę... jak już zdecyduję czy chcę wbijać gwoździe w ścianę nad łóżkiem to sobie taki sprawię :)

    dzięki za tutka :)


  10. Świetny kurs :).. rzeczywiście wygląda prosto :)

  11. świetny kurs ^^ z pewnością z niego skorzystam :)

  12. Czadzior! Szalenie mi się podoba :*

  13. How Can I get the Cardboard, or you can tell me other material?


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Świetne, spróbuję w tym tygodniu. Dziękuję za kurs :)

  16. Basia Szmydt - super! możesz podlinkować jak już skończysz! :D


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