Friday, June 29, 2012

Sewer's Journal and a Craft Fair!

Oh this was such a busy week! I sewed few planners, journals, tissue holders and small notebooks.. today I'm also going to sew pillow cases.. Well I hope I will make at least two!
 This journal is a special one, I only had one piece of this printed fabric.
 Vintage sewing machine and a nice sign on the front cover! :)
 It has 400 white pages A6 and is closed by an elastic band + a pen holder.
 Great thing for projects etc., don't you think?
 The interior cover is made from canvas :)
 If you like it you can buy it this Sunday in Cracow! Me, my notebooks, simple tissue holders and pillow cases will visit the First Craft Fair at Cafe Szafe! If you live in Cracow, you should really come! It's my first craft fair ever so all my products will be much cheaper there than buying by the internet! :)
Oh can't wait! I really hope we will have a great time there! :)
And another good information.. I'm going to the V National Scrapbooking Meeting!
Who is going? Can't wait to see you all! :))

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bacon Story Consequences and a Dress Makeover

Warning - a lot of photos and text!

Few days ago we visited the Bicycle Cinema in my town and we had a little picnic and a grill. The cinema was in Park Zielona ('Green Park') so after the film finished we went to our lovely lake in the middle of the night.. After some funny stories at the lake we went home few kilometres a little bit drunk and extremely exhausted. I was home about 3a.m. and of course I went to bed. I woke up the next day and took a peek into my bag.. I was really surprised to see bacon in there (without any paper around it!). Everything smelled like old bacon and was covered in it! Everything had to go the washing.. and of course I didn't have any big emergency wallets, tissue holders etc. so I had to sew everything yesterday!!

Well it was a good reason to make a new wallet and a great necessity really..
I need big wallets so I can put everything there.. seriously everything;p
 I love making wallets like this one, a lot of work but it's quite simple :)
 And ohh it has so so soooo many pockets!
 Isn't this button a perfect one? I received it from lovely Michelle (thank you again!)
 6 card slots.. but I really have about 12 cards there;p As you know I also had to sew a new tissue holder.. I decided to make a really nice one this time, not a super quick one. And I really like how it came out with the red checked edges! :)
 Ok enough about the silly Bacon Story.. now something different - really different!
About a year ago I got a beautiful dress from my cousin, but it didn't really fit me - the upper part was way too big.. And because of that I wore it only three times.. Eventually I decided to make a mini skirt from it! My first mini skirt ever.. and without a pattern!
 If you want to see how the original dress looked like you can see it for example here.
I'm really shocked that it came out quite well!! As you know I don't sew clothes and I don't really have a clue how to make them.. but one of my summer holiday goals is to sew a dress or something.. I also sewed a belt for it.. A very simple one :)
I know this skirt is really short but when it was a dress it was ever shorter!
Well, what do you think about it?? I would love to hear your opinion about this skirt!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was pretty busy! But I loved it!
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dark Starflower Quilt

I started sewing some starflower piecec few months ago.. I had no plan what to do with them so I just sewed them together.. I couldn't make more of them because I was out of needed fabrics. Today is my first sewing day just for pleasure after a long time! I decided to finish one of my earlier projects.. And the choice fell on my starflower pieces..
 I really had no idea what to add to them and how to finish this quilt..
But eventually I took some leftover fabrics stripes and started sewing! :)
 As you can see at the end it looks quite weird.. but it always turns
like this when I don't really have a plan how to finish something :)
 It has about 141x117cm and it will be my 'picnic' blanket I think.
Why? Cause I have no idea what to do with it!!! But maybe you have some suggestions?
 It's my first almost all black quilt.. And it's really weird that It's not full of flowery and pastel fabrics haha! But it's good to try new colour compositions sometimes.. 
 Ohhh and here something funny - I didn't have any fabrics which were so big,
except this pinky hexagon one.. I know it doesn't look good and it doesn't fit the
black front but I just had to finish this quilt today! No one really cares
about the back.. right? Please tell me it's true haha ;d
And last photo showing more or less the real size of this dark starflowers quilt :)
I would love to hear your opinions about it!

Have a wonderful day!
Oh! And who is going to the V National Scrapbooking Meeting in Warsaw?
I really really hope I will be there! And that I will see you all in reality! ;d

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blue Flowery Planner

Like I mentioned before I don't have time for sewing and I really shouldn't have done
this planner! I should have been learning yesterday not making a new planner!
But what can I say.. it's stronger than me! :)
 As usually it has 5 colorful separating cards - but 300 pages instead of 400 :)
 And creamy pages are back!
 Delicate flowery fabric for the cover. Closed by blue elastic band.
 Few weeks ago I ordered an amazing fabric from the UK. Now I'm waiting for my cousing who will send me it :) I really can't wait to show you it! I assure you.. you will LOVE it!
Oh nevermind ;d I will show you it when I receive it! Little hint: turquoise!

Ha! Can't wait tyll Thursday! I will come back to my lovely Janome and sew, sew.. SEW. I have so many projects in my head.. I hope that they won't disappear from my head! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scout's Songbook

My lovely Bee celebrates her 20th birthday today and she asked me to make a songbook !
 I have to admit I was terrified when she sent me symbols which she wanted on the cover..
 As you can see the front cover is incredibly complicated, and without my Janome Free Motion Quilting Foot I couldn't have done it! I spent few hours making these symbols, but as you probably noteiced I love such challenges! :))
 Back was a lot easier, but still I am not 100% satisfied - it could be better..
 Green cotton with a leaf pattern as the interior cover fabric.
 It has 300 pages size A5 - regular notebook :)
 And here is a little close-up at the front symbol.. there are still some pieces of paper visible - I didn't had time to take them out before making these photos :) hope you don't mind!
 I really really hope Bee likes it! And that she will use it for a very very long time :)
I am very sorry for my absence on your blogs lately but I am very bussy with my studies.. and I have really a lot on my head.. Women seriously think too much. I wish I was a man sometimes! Eh..

Happy Birthday Bee! I hope our friendship will be strong and always a bit mad!
Oh and keep your fingers crossed for me and Bee on tomorrow's exams!

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Planner Giveaway!

As you can see I have no time for my blog recently.. so I would like to make
a litte 'sorry' giveaway (If you know what I mean) for my handmade planner's lovers :)
 The winner will get a dreamed planner. Wat does that mean? Well, it means that she/he will choose everything (number and colour of pages, cover fabric, separating cards, size etc.) by her/himself! If you have no idea what kind of planner you would like to have.. you can look through my blog and find the one you are dreaming about deep inside! ;d
 Rules are simple, as usually:
- you have to be my follower; you can do it by google friend connect or bloglovin,
- put one of the images which are below on on your sidebar (with a link to my blog),
- leave a comment that you did so and..
- wait patiently for the winner annoucment on the 2nd July!
This giveaway is open worldwide! I really hope you will like it :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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