Monday, April 26, 2010

a walk

yesterday we went for a walk.. to Rabsztyn. we didn't go inside the ruins of the castle, cuz there was really nothin to see. we were walking around the castle, walking in a beautiful.. thick.. forest :) and doing photos. after that, we went to A.'s flat and what..? We were playing a game named Killzone on Playstation2, omg you can't believie it but it was my first time on a consol like this. and omg omg omg omg i'm sooo in love!! i love playing in shutter computer games, but omg it's so much fun when you play with someone on a multiplayer splitscreen.. and especially fun with my A. ;* (except the fact he was winning all the time!! ha!!;p). Well now you can suspect.. that Playstation3 is my new dream!! ahh;d maybe some of you have one at home, and doesn't want it;p haha, yeah.. SURE!!

oh and P.S. -> can't wait the moment when i'll finish my final exams!! i'll be learning how to sew, sleep a lot and doing everything i love to do and i can't do it now - because if i'll try.. i'll probably won't stop!! what were you doing this weekend?? hope you had a great time!! :):)

oh and i wish Ann health! cuz she isn't in a very good shape lately. well Ann.. it's just our luck;p

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

some photos from today's photosession with Corinna. it was the first session like this for me.. i hope some of you like it :) and i hope that the photographed person likes it.. we were in Grodziec, walking around the old cement works..

i'm sooo tired.. after the little photosession.. and after yesterdays party.. we were soooo drunk! and after today's hangover.. i don't think i'll ever drink again!

rest.. lots and lots of rest.. bye :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

pogoria lake

whe had a little trip to Pogoria Lake in my town.. we were there about 16 months ago on our first randez-vous.. ahh :) here are some photos frm today, i know that you can see only me on them, but i didn't have a permission to upload others;p

have you a good day today? i hope so :)

ohh and i'll add photos which i did when i'll develope them.. because of course i was using my analogue camera today.. :):)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

sewing day

another day of learning how to sew, i'm happy cuz i'm gettin better and better! slowly.. but better! ;d here is another coaster.. it's a simple thing but i think it's cute.. ;p (material found about a year ago in a second hand :) - it was a pillowcase before)
and here.. my first Simple Tote!!!! i'm soooo glad! you can't imagine! it looks simple, but it isn't that simple in reality.. well for me, an amateur in sewing.. it's a good job! and again: i'm soooooooo glaaaad of myself!!!!! ;d it doesn't look very pretty, but it's the material's fault.. i have only fabrics from old pillowcases or sheets.. but anyway.. she is sooo beautiful!! i love this cind of bags. big and simple. ahh.. so happy. i hav to go somewhere to celebrate this day. i realized one of my dreams!! ahh ;d

now like i said, i'm going out.. so bye bye and have a superextra happy evening!


Friday, April 16, 2010


is it a LO? i don't really know;p anyway.. i used my self-portrait photo, and a W.Grzeszczyk's citation 'if all people suddenly took their's masks, which they wear every day, off - they would also be unrecognizable.'

little gloomy, isn't it?

p.s. i'm so happy you like the rock'n'roll tissue cover ann :):)


i'm obssesed with learning how to sew on my sewing machine! thanks to Simple Sewing book I did a simple coaster :):) i don't have any pretty fabrics, so i'm learning on linen (here) which i have left :)
and here a new case for tissues.. i named it.. a rock'n'roll red lipped miss ann's case.. haha ;d i wanted to give it to ann but it is soooo croocked!! haha;d thi black material is from my old tote bag.. which i destroyed today.. recycling old things is a good thing;d haha
good day for ya all :):)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


badge i finished a minute ago.. text is croocked.. i know;p
i never liked this bag for my camera it was so boring.. but now, with this badge (and with some other things i'll try to do in this comming days).. it will look better! maybe i'll use it finally!!

now.. sleep! :) night night everyone


i think i can add this day to a list of almost perfect days :):) why almost? few moments with my boyfriend and my friends and it would be PERRRRFECT! :)
1.lots and lots of sleep (13h?)
2.nice weather (i really like rain sometimes.. it's so fresh today)
3.quick going out to Pogoria City Center to receive a package from abroad.. with..
Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing book!! i dreamed about it for a while.. and now i have it!! (and omg couting money from euro to polish zloty is unreal!! people this book is dirt-cheap abroad, and here i paid a fortune for it!! it's just insane!! it isn't published in Poland, so it's in English, difficult but good for me, cuz i have in may a super hard exam of english, so translating it will help me a lot i think)
now continuation:
4.when i was coming back home, a funny locked guy made my mood even better home.. i started to sew!!
thanks to Moje Zielone Wzgórze's tutorial and my sewing machine I made 2 cases for tissues!
the first one is quite tight so it will be in my tote. and the second one is bigger, so it will stay on my desk :):) still learning how to use my sewing machine.. but i love it!!
6. and now, after sewing i think i'll eventually watch Twilight New Moon, i didn't saw it earlier :)
nice nice day. full of relax! wish you a full of relax day also :):)


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