Thursday, August 30, 2012

Simple Plush Elephant

 Have you heared about the project 'Słoń' (Elephant)? If not I will tell you about it in short.
Polish people can read more about it here. The thing is that you should create an elephant in a free to choose technique and then send it to a special charity foundation and then they will give these elephants to sick children! It's a great opportunity to help the little ones without sending money etc.
This charity event is also our new challenge at Art-Piaskownica.

I, of course, decided to make a plush elephant but firstly I had to draw a project of it. As you can see it's not really difficult to make a project of a plush toy :)
 The first step is to draw a more or less realistic sketch of the thing you want to sew. Secondly you just have to make this sketch super simple remembering that your plush toy can't have too much details. I decided to make a quite flat plush toy so it can be used as a little pillow too.
I'm not really good in sewing toys so my elephant had to be very very simple.. and here it is.. a plush elephant made from a lovely owly fabric! :))
Back is made of a plain violet cotton fabric..
 I really hope it looks like an elephant! I will probably make another one to send to this charity foundation but this time the front fabric will also be plain - why? Because I want to draw details on it (like ears, eyes etc.). I really really hope that the kid who will get it will see an elephant in it! :)
What do you think about this project? I think that every person should participate in this - it's not a difficult thing to do and can make a lot of good! :)

Have a wonderful day,

P.S. I'm back from my open air painting trip! It was a lot of fun.. I created two painting but they are really not good so I won't show them here probably :) But I'm really glad that I paintet something after a two years break!


  1. No ba! Jasne, że widać tu słonia :) Podoba mi się twój tok pracy :))

  2. Jak ty ładnie rysujesz! Słoń podbił moje serducho. :D

  3. Jest prześwietny ! Fajnie, że pokazałaś etapy powstawania :D.. Obdarowany będzie w siódmym niebie :)

  4. SUPER! Wiesz, że mam słabość do tych sówek! ;-) EXTRA słonik! :-)

  5. This is the cutest thing ever!

  6. Świetny. No i przegapiłam. Ale wysyłać pewno jeszcze można, tak po prostu. Od dawna chodzi za mną słoń.


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