Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Eyeglasses Case

A week ago I started wearing glasses.. quite a shock for a person who had always a perfect sight.. but what can I say, too much sewing, books and computers.. :)

I really like the shape of my glasses but I had no money for a nice eyeglasses case..
 As a person obsessed with handmade and with little money.. I found an extremely cheap case without a pattern.. and of course I altered it! :)
 I used a very narrow tape and few nail polishes (two with a special ending).
Et voila! A nice eyeglasses case with a geometric and a bit fashionable pattern!
 It's not perfect - I'm not good at drawing really straight lines.. but I love it :) Used my favourite nail polish colours.. It took me an hour to make it (+ time to get it dry).
Nice final effect, don't you think? :)

I am very sorry for not visiting your blogs lately etc. but I really don't have time for anything lately because of my studies.. can't wait to the Christmas break.. uhh!

Have a nice week,


  1. przecież Twój wygląda super :D wolę taki niż jakby to wszystko miałoby być pod linijkę.
    super alteracja :D

  2. wow! that is amazing. I love the colors you chose and the design!

  3. Definitely nice! And I actually like that the lines aren't perfect, it gives it something extra:)


  4. mhhrrr szalona :) świetnie Ci to wyszło :*

  5. I'm sooo in lowe O_O za pomysł i wykonanie ach i och :D

  6. o kurde, niezłe, niezłe.

  7. jaaaacie genialny, taki doodlowy. aż chce się nosić okulary, żeby takie cudo mieć :)

    i żebym ja umiała rysować takie 'krzywe' linie :)

  8. Wyszło genialnie! Kolory świetne, a że linie nie są proste.. to tylko lepiej wygląda. I nikt takiego nie ma :) Pozdrawiam!

  9. świetne etui :)
    zapraszam po wyróżnienie do mnie na bloga :)

  10. Genialne :D. Aż szkoda, że przerzuciłam się na soczewki :D


Thank you for your comment! <3


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