Thursday, December 27, 2012

I wasn't lazy!

OMG! I can't believe that it has been two weeks from my last post! Unbeliveable. I hate long breaks here! But I have an excuse! I wasn't lazy at all for the last 14 days. I had a lot of work at school but also, as soon as I started my Christmas holidays I started creating! :) 

I made another notebook with a notebook cover ;d
 And with a funny interior, I love this Elvis pattern fabric! Thank you Lejdi :*
And I am constantly playing with my new fabric markers, I made several things using painted fabrics but I can't show you them now unfortunately. But I can show you this little experimental tissue holder. It has the easiest pattern in the whole wide world but I like it. This severe look is quite nice.
 I need to make some tissue holders like this one for myself but with eg. some simple sketches.
Another thing I have been making - vanity bags. Two vanity bags with a typewriter application on the font. I still have no idea what to do with the bright one!
 They have identic size. And have flowery interior, but each interior is different.
 Oh and I have also been working on something you can see on the sneak peek below!
Can't wait to show you some things I was making today too, unfortunately I haven't finished them so you'll have to wait! I also hope you didn't mind this long break.. it's really rare for me to make such long brakes on my blog! For today, no more sewing because I'm going to the cinema to see Hobbit. I'm sure it it a perfect movie!

I hope you had wonderful Christmas time and that you have received your dreamed gifts!
Have a nice evening,


  1. I love the typewriter vanity pouch! :D

  2. This white vanity pouch bag is great :)

  3. Oj Marysz, tak zaniedbałaś czytelników wstyd :P

    Tak na serio, to super jest oddać się natchnieniu i tworzeniu :D fajowski jest ten Elvis, się Tobie nie dziwię. Vanity bags gordżes :D a pomysł się znajdzie na białą...ja już mam kilkanaście ^^

  4. ej jasna jeszcze na zbyciu? ja ja bardzo chetnie zgarne, kupie, zamienie, bog wie co :D

  5. chociaż widzę gurka byla pierwsza. Ojj :)

    no nic :P

    w ogole pikne prace :)

  6. Hehe, chyba całe 2 tygodnie tym postem nadrobiłaś :)))

  7. och jakie piękne kosmetyczki! <3

  8. love the elvis interior of the notebook!!

    great detail to a simple cover!

  9. cudowne! Uwielbiam tę tkaninę z maszyną! No to {Marysiu} dalej do roboty, bo cudeńka cudeńka!

  10. Mój notesik <3 I moja czarna kosmetyczka :D Moje serce się raduje!


Thank you for your comment! <3


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